Bloodstone Archipelago

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United Dominion of the Bloodstone Archipelago
Bloodstone Archipelago
Autonomous State of
Ed Island

Flag Coat of arms

Capital Avalon
Languages English, German
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 -  2011 - Tekla I Savoyard
 -  2012 - EDFan12345
 -  Upper house Chamber of Deputies
Currency Thaler (৳)
Population 1,051,280
Ed Island Political Bloodstone.png
Bloodstone among Ed Islandian states, highlighted in tan.

The Bloodstone Archipelago is a set of islands near Eastshield currently in a real union with Ed Island.




Bloodstone can accurately be described as a "country within a country" in that the territory is largely self-governing with nearly all existing institutions remaining in place after annexation. Bloodstone is mostly subservient to the federal Ed Islandian government, however, and the dominion does not conduct any foreign relations.


Administrative Divisions[edit]



The economy of Bloodstone is primarily centered around fishing and related industries. Whaling makes up the majority of fishing activities due to its importance for food and energy.


Literature and Philosophy[edit]

The Abbey[edit]

The Abbey of the Mundane is an order that operates within Bloodstone opposed to any and all forms of Magic and its users. Under the rule of Bishop Savoyard, the Abbey had full authority of a civilian police force, but has since returned to a mostly cultural role.

The primary goal of the Abbey is to stand against magic users, but it is also tasked with civil matters such as officiating weddings.



Bloodstone cuisine is characterized by a heavy reliance on seafood dishes, somewhat more so than other comparable insular states. Along with the ubiquitous Fluffy Fish, local species are served and eaten either fresh or brined. Perhaps the most common food in Bloodstone is whale meat, a staple which is directly linked to the archipelago's industrialization throughout history. Another local delicacy are jellied eels, a meal which has grown in popularity across Ed Island in recent years.



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