Bluetower Castle

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Bluetower Castle
The mighty Bluetower Castle at night
Key details
Type Fortified Township
Level 150
Location Culldrome Isles
Inhabitants Penguins

Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
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Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
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Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

Bluetower Castle commonly called Bluetower or colloquially as just the castle, is a fortified township located west of Culldrome City in the Culldrome Isles. Located in the dense Mossroam Forest of Culldrome and to the north of the Mossy River, it is widely known to many for its great hospitality and cuisine. It is also known to be pacifist, meaning that the inhabitants despise violence and wars.


Hedgewall Castle[edit]

Main article: Hedgewall Castle

In 1854, the Culldrome Isles were settled upon and became a colony. Culldrome City was established as the capital city of the new colony. Life was all well. However, some penguins wanted a peaceful and quiet life in the colony. These penguins wandered down south and discovered some snowy mountains. They decided that their new settlement would be built here. A small castle named Hedgewall Castle was built in 1857.

The settlement did not last long. Ninjas from the Skulldrome Isles invaded Culldrome. As the ninjas advanced, they took control of the countryside. Soon, Hedgewall was no more, as it was destroyed by the ninjas. The inhabitants fled, leaving behind ruins.

After the occupation ended, many wanted a peaceful settlement far away from the city. Mark the Warrior worked together with the settlers and drew up plans for a new castle just like Hedgewall. The new castle was named Bluetower and it was to be built west of Culldrome City. The new castle was also to be built on the ruins of Coretier, a ninja fortress that was destroyed.


Construction on the castle began in 1890. The large castle was built by many construction workers from the city. A large amount of sandstone was needed for the castle, and so a large quarry was dug out to the north of the castle. The castle was also built next to a small dirt road. The main castle gate was built facing the road, which runs from Culldrome City. Across the road is a small ditch, that has been used tactically by many villains who wanted to take over the castle. South of the castle, a small Telenacle was built, called Nainin's Telenacle, after the main contractor of the building.

Construction was slow and uneventful. Even before Bluetower was finished, a handful of penguins had come to settle. Eventually though, after 10 long years, Bluetower Castle was finished. To celebrate the construction of Bluetower, a month long celebration was held. The celebrations started on New Years Eve of 1899 and ended on January 26, which later became Culldrome Day. During the celebrations, the national flag and anthem were revealed and played for the first time. This marked a new era in Culldrome.

Early Years[edit]

Even though the castle was built in an isolated area, it attracted many inhabitants. Penguins, puffles, terns and even Arctic polar bears began to move in; the castle was home to a multicultural society. Soon the castle grounds were congested, with many camping out on the main yards. Many expansions were built between 1904-1920. During that time, many other utilities were built including a bell tower.

To keep the castle afloat, financially, the inhabitants took part in a lot of farming. Outside the castle walls, many lots were turned into farms. The children and the young were often taken out into the nearby bushes to gather berries. A farming calendar was followed; seeds were sown in spring, produce harvested in summer and autumn and the fields were left alone in the winter. A recurring tradition was that the seasons were named after major things that occurred (eg: Summer of the Large Fish, Winter of the Warrior).

Through the Years[edit]

Castle life continued normally and peacefully throughout the years. The farms provided much food for the castle and enough to sell for financial needs. Many Abbottesses came and went, ruling the castle and keeping everything in good shape. As the years passed, the inhabitants lived their lives normally. Unfortunately, every now and then, evil villains cause havoc and annoyance. Teamwork and unity of the inhabitants usually get the better of these villains.

With the arrival of the Porcyal War in the 1990s, many rushed to Bluetower,in hope of safety and peace. Wounded soldiers were often rushed to the castle to be treated. At the end of the war, many of the new inhabitants went back to their homes and began to live normal lives again, while some stayed and lived at the castle.

Present Day[edit]

Today, many inhabitants live in the safe haven that is Bluetower Castle. Its traditional lifestyle is still used today, in an era full of technological advancements. Farming is still a core aspect of the castle. Many mysteries lurk underneath its sandstone floors, such as old castle ruins or an underground lake. Much of the Bluetower Castle, however, is still a mystery.

Charter of Bluetower[edit]

The Order of Bluetower was established in 1910, after the death of Mark the Warrior. The charter has 7 rules, which are basically the rules of the castle. The charter is:

  1. To live harmoniously with each other in the safe walls of Bluetower Castle.
  2. Not perform acts of violence or engage in acts of war.
  3. Care for all who need the Castle's help.
  4. Educate those who are in need of such.
  5. Offer help to those who need it.
  6. Live in harmony with the environment.
  7. To respect and protect everyone, only engaging in battle if the safety of the Castle is in jeopardy.

To this day, the rules still stand. The charter has made Bluetower Castle known for its peace and neutrality. The original copy of the charter, which is an old paper scroll, is located in the castle's gatehouse. The scroll is protected inside a chest that is kept under lock, to ensure that no-one steals it.


Main Castle[edit]

  • Ground Floor
    • Great Hall - often used for dining purposes
    • Kitchens
  • First Floor
    • Infirmary
  • Second Floor
    • Dormitories
  • Third Floor
    • More Dormitories
  • Fourth Floor
    • Library
    • Study Area
  • Fifth Floor
    • Abbottess Living Quarters
    • Guest's Quarters
    • Offices
  • Sixth Floor
    • Attic

Basements and Catacombs[edit]

  • Basement Floor 1
    • Cavern Major
    • Kitchens
    • Storage
  • Basement Floor 2
    • Cellar
  • Basement Floor 3
    • Cellar extension
    • More storage
  • Basement Floor 4
    • More storage
    • Tomb of Mark the Warrior
  • Catacombs
    • Old castle ruins
    • Underground lake
    • Portal to Adelie Manor

Castle Grounds[edit]

  • Castle Pond
  • Farms
  • Vineyard
  • Gatehouse
  • Marketplace


There can be as many as a few hundred inhabitants in Bluetower. Usually through, there are only between 100-200 permanent inhabitants. To keep everyone happy and organised, an Abbottess rules the castle. The Abbottess is the leader of the castle, and can be considered as a king or a queen. A new Abbottess is chosen by the old one, who is leaving their position.

Another high ranking member in society is the Castle Warrior. The warrior is tasked with protecting the castle during times of trouble. Unlike the Abbottess, a warrior is only ever appointed when it is needed. Since Bluetower is usually peaceful, a warrior is rarely needed.

There are also many inhabitants who are responsible for running the castle. Cellar-Keepers are in charge with maintaining the produce in the cellar. This includes food and most importantly (to the castledwellers), Cream Soda. There is also a Head Chef, who leads other cooks in the kitchens of the castle. There is also a Caretaker, who takes care of the young children who live in the castle.

Former Inhabitants[edit]

Current Inhabitants[edit]

  • Tortimort - Current Abbottess
  • Careflower
  • Quillson - Cellar Keeper


The traditional culture of Bluetower has largely been retained since the 1900s. Many inhabitants live their lives peacefully and quietly in this castle.

Farming occupies a major part of the castle culture. The year is divided into seasons. The seasons are named by the Abbottess at the beginning of it at a grand festival. The date of the feast is usually announced by the Abbottess a week or two before the festival. On the day, there are many celebrations and activities. At the end of the festivities, a grand feast is held, which everyone attends. It is there that the Abbottess announces the name of the season. Seasons are named after noteworthy events. Instead of years, seasons are used instead as a measure of time (4 seasons = 1 year).

The castle is self sustaining; there are many farms that are located near it. There is also a small pond and vineyard inside the castle, which both provide fish and fruits respectively. In Spring, nearly all of the castledwellers go out to the farms and help out with sowing seeds and preparing the farms. Then, in Summer and Autumn, the produce is grown and harvested. At the start of Winter, snow begins to fall and the fields are cleared out entirely. The cycle then repeats all over again.


The farms and vineyards of the castle provide food not only to the castle but also to others. The food is often exported into the city and the money gained is used to fund castle expenditures. The castle also exports many delicious drinks, including all kinds of Cream Soda and the widely renowned Fall Soda. Fall Soda is arguably the best soda that the castledwellers create and is loved by many, especially in the Culldrome Isles.

Many travelers often stop by the castle temporarily to rest or learn new things. Travelers, who are often tired and hungry, stop by for a night or two of rest. The castle provides temporary (or even permanent) lodging to those in need of such. While there, travelers are also entitled to partake in activities and events, ranging from meals to festivals. They can also visit the library and gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics, such as the history of the castle. The castle's library rivals many others, including the Big Fat Building O' Archives and SnellBook, in terms of the amount of information held within. In fact, the library at Bluetower is the second largest in all of Culldrome, only behind the National Library in Culldrome City.


  • Bluetower is a parody of Redwall Abbey or the Redwall book series.
    • The Charter of Bluetower is a parody of the 'Redwall Charter' in the series.
  • Many of the rooms are also parodies.
    • Cavern Major, for example, is a parody of Cavern Hole.
  • It is very similar to Redlink Abbey.
  • There is a giant tapestry of Mark the Warrior located on the walls of the Great Hall that depicts his life.
  • Despite being pacifist, there can sometimes be warriors that defend the castle.

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