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Bob'opia poster.png
The official poster of the show.
Genre Child's Cartoon
Format Cartoon
Created by Bob Fiddle
Jasen Fiddle
Developed by Jetguin
Written by Bob Fiddle
Directed by Jasen Fiddle
Voices of Mark Lame (Officer Bob)
Rex Sports (Parrot Bob)
Trisha Quilts (Waitress Bobet)
Theme music composer Franky
Opening theme The Thunder is Ready
Ending theme The Thunder is Ready
Composer(s) Franky
Country of origin USA
Language(s) See Jetguin#International
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 250 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Mark Sweets
Producer(s) Cody Greens
Editor(s) Jasen Fiddle
Running time 27 minutes
Production company(s) Jetguin
Distributor Jetguin
Original channel Jetguin
First shown in April 6th, 2005
Original airing April 6th, 2005
Status Still on air.

Bob'opia is cartoon about a character named Officer Bob, who's an officer in Bob'opia. Every male character in the show was named Bob; every female character in the show was named Bobet. Officer Bob would always hold his left flipper to his beak, pretending it was a mustache. The show was full of slapstick comedy, which made it very popular. Bob'opia was the most popular cartoon of the early 21st century, and was the most popular cartoon Jetguin ever had. It had a massive fan base. Unlike the other shows on Jetguin, Bob'opia was bought by Penguin TV before Jetguin went out of business.


(In order of appearance.)

Season 1[edit]

In Season 1 the plot is basically about introducing all the different characters, and settling them into the storyline. The first season is all about Officer Bob, who goes around fighting crime as a daily life. In every other episode there are hints of the season finally, as an evil criminal hires a bunch of super villains to take over Bob'opia, of course Officer Bob doesn't realize that. In the season finally Super Bob finds out about the villains, and tells Officer Bob all about what they're doing. So Officer Bob and Super Bob team up, and defeat the super villains. After the evil villains have been defeated, Officer Bob goes away on vacation to West Pengolia. While he's gone Bob'opia turns into a panic, as evil criminals take over the city.

Season 2[edit]

In Season 2 Officer Bob returns from his vacation, to find Bob'opia a disaster. Wild puffles are everywhere, and penguins are sleeping on the streets. The first minute he gets there he suddenly finds himself in a duel against a villain, and Officer Bob defeats him with a pencil. Soon Officer Bob meets Banker Bobet, who explains the whole situation to him. Apparently the city's supply of gum had ran out, and the citizens went insane. Soon every commercial building that sold gum was burned down, and people lost their jobs, and many died. So Officer Bob goes to his house, and gets his pet, Parrot Bob, to help him out. Throughout the season Officer Bob meets new villains, and beats them. He comes closer, and closer to establishing peace to Bob'opia. In the season finally Officer Bob must battle an expert, cyborg, villain who rules Downtown. Officer Bob is giving a pillow as his only weapon to beat up the villain. When the villain is defeated he runs out of town, but shouts "I will return!".

Season 3[edit]

In Season 3 a group of bikers start terrorizing Bob'opia, as they search for a special treasure buried in the ground. While Officer Bob is trying to keep the bikers away from Bob'opia, Parrot Bob decides to searching for the treasure. Soon Parrot Bob is kidnapped by Treasure Hunter Bob, who's actually working with the bikers! Now Officer Bob must search all over Namington Island to find the bikers, and his lost bird. Along the way Officer Bob meets new people, sees new villages, and fights new criminals. In the middle of the season he joins a group called the Wooden Fighters, who are rebels with special abilities that want one thing in life: Free Blenders. In the Season Finally Officer Bob is helped by the Wooden Fighters in rescuing Parrot Bob, and defeating the terrorists.

Bob'opia The Movie[edit]

Main Article: Bob'opia The Movie.

Bob'opia The Movie was the first movie based off of Bob'opia. It was a two hour long, cartoon that starred all the characters from Bob'opia that had appeared so far. The storyline is is that an evil scientist has taken over Bob'opia's space program, and is now going to use it to build a missile that will blow up the moon. When Officer Bob hears about this, he rushes to the scene. He is defeated, and needs back up. But all his friends are out for icecream, except for Stupid Bob whom Officer Bob hates. So now Officer Bob has to beg Stupid Bob for his aid, before it's too late. When Stupid Bob agrees to help, the two are suddenly attacked by a robot troop. They are brought to the evil scientist, where they learn all about his plan. At the end of the movie the evil scientist is shot to Mars, and isn't seen again. But at the end of the credits there's a small video of him on Mars, and surrounded by little, green aliens. Then he starts cackling like a mad man.

Season 4[edit]

Bob'opia is at the peak of its peacefulness, 5 hours without any disturbances. If nothing bad happens in the next hour, the town would have a new record. But right before the sixth hour dawns an evilly huge robot attacks the city, destroying all the skyscrapers. Super Bob and Officer Bob rush to the scene, and take down the robot. After that the citizens are so disappointed, and riots break out. Then the citizens start blaming Officer Bob for all of it, and ban him from the city. Officer Bob leaves the city in a hurry, and runs away in the wilderness with Parrot Bob. Out there he learns how to survive (kind of). Soon Officer Bob and Parrot Bob start going insane, and acting like wild animals. In Bob'opia chaos breaks out as angry citizens start riots, and a evil scientist sends robots to attack Bob'opia. Super Bob must now go out into the wilderness, and find Officer Bob before it's too late. Along the way Super Bob comes across other cities, and helps stop criminals in each one.

Bob'opia The Movie 2: Trip To Mars[edit]

Main Article: Bob'opia The Movie 2: Trip To Mars.

Bob'opia The Movie 2: Trip To Mars is the sequel to Bob'opia The Movie. In the movie an evil scientist has end up on Mars, and is now practical being worshiped by the aliens there. They are catering to his every need, and bowing down to him every 5 seconds. Well the scientist has decided to build up their military, and lead an assault on Bob'opia. So he calls on the aliens together, and tells them to prepare for war. So the aliens gather their weapons, hard toilet paper, and invade Bob'opia. They destroy the city, and abduct any penguins that can. Later Officer Bob, Super Bob, and Astronaut Bob team up to defeat the scientist. They fly to Mars, and confront the scientist in an epic battle. At the end of the show Officer Bob's, Astronauts Bob's, and Super Bob's memory of the whole thing is erased, and they are sent back to Earth not remembering a thing.

Season 5[edit]

In the season premiere of Season 5 Officer Bob marries Waitress Bobet, and the two move into a bigger house. Parrot Bob is very disappointed in Officer Bob for marrying Waitress Bobet, he says bad things will happen. The next day a mob of Walking Mints run into Bob'opia, shouting "the end has come!". Soon a giant mutant, dragon fish hybrid comes chasing them out of the woods. Once the mutant sees Bob'opia, he snarls and runs away. Super Bob tells Officer Bob all about it, and that Candy Forest has been destroyed by boiling soup. Soon the mutant returns, but this time to attack Bob'opia. The whole season focuses on one of the Officer Bob's biggest battles yet, against the ultimate bad guy: Evil Bob. Evil Bob is Officer Bob's evil twin brother, who turned to the dark side after he was asked to by a friend. Now an old childish rivalry begins between the two, and ultimate chaos breaks out. In the Season Finally Evil Bob, before he died, tells Officer Bob that they have another brother, and that's Super Bob.



  • Officer Bob is the best policeman in Bob'opia. He's always holding his left flipper over his beak, pretending his flipper is a mustache. He's very dramatic, and always saves the day. He's horrible at comedy, but he always acts like he's a great comedian. He eats food more than anyone else in Bob'opia, yet he's not Fat. He's in love with Waitress Bobet, who he's had a crush on since First Grade.
  • Parrot Bob is Officer Bob's pet parrot, who can talk. Parrot Bob is a great mathematician, and has a mustache of his own. He cares for his owner very much, and would do anything for him. Though he's very annoyed when Officer Bob always tells him to go down to the bakery, and bring him back a doughnut. He also used to be married to Parrot Bobet, but broke up with her after she demanded they get married.
  • Super Bob is a superpenguin, and is the local superhero of Bob'opia. He can fly, lift 2 tons, shoot lazers out of his eyes, and heal 90% faster than the normal penguin. He has many fans, and he makes Officer Bob a bit jealous. He's actually Officer Bob's brother, but neither of them know that. Super Bob is a bit of a blockhead, and has a terrible memory. He's very nice, and doesn't get angry that much.
  • Waitress Bobet is the girlfriend of Officer Bob. She works at a restaurant, Business Bob's Diner, and is in love with Officer Bob. She spends her free time at the park, eating bread with wild terns. She has a pet, black puffle who hates her, but she still loves him. She's very kind, and calm to people; she also likes to help out those in need. Not only that but she's obsessed with treasure, and has robbed a bank once before.


  • Baker Bob is a friendly Castillan baker who owns a bakery in Bob'opia. He's close friends with Officer Bob, and provides most of the city with its pastries. He has a grubble beard, and is always wearing sandals. He doesn't like chicks, and only allows kids inside his bakery if their with an adult. He lives with his wife on his parent's ranch, and likes to ride on Cheesecracker Puffles.
  • Squid Bob is a giant squid, who lives in the ocean near Bob'opia. He's very helpful, yet some think he's very dangerous. Squid Bob spends his days at the bottom of the ocean, eating little fish. He really likes to play pranks on his squid friends, and on sailors at the surface of the ocean. He eats some predators of penguins, and is always there to help save the day if it includes the ocean.
  • Caylee is the x-girlfriend of Parrot Bob. She's a lime green parrot, who likes to eat doughnuts. She doesn't eat any meat, including worms, and she loves to lick random stuff. She tends to scream a lot, usually when she's happy. Oddly enough she laughs when she's scared.
  • Dr.Bob is a scientist, who's always worrying about the end of the world. He's already calculated over 700 ways the Earth could end, and he's always preparing for "doomsday". He's a very hysterical penguin, and is always ignoring people over his studies. Sometimes he won't eat in order to finish his studies.
  • Inspector Bob was once an investigator for Bob'opia's police department, but he was fired after he was caught stealing doughnuts. Inspector Bob is the most dangerous looking character in the show, and is adored by many fans of the show. He likes to get revenge, and gets angry easily.
  • Farmer Bob is a Redneck who runs a farm on the outskirts of Bob'opia. He's always telling stories of he's seen aliens, and some think he's half crazy. He has buck teeth, which makes it hard for anyone to understand what he's saying. Farmer Bob also excepts everyone to do everything right, so when someone messes up he throws a temper tantrum.
  • King Bob is an evil monarch who lives in an old medieval town. He wishes to conquer Bob'opia for his own, and be the most powerful penguin alive. He likes to whack people over the head with ice cream cones when he gets mad, and he tends to cackle a lot.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Pirate Bob was voiced by Rockhopper in episode 13 and 14 of Bob'opia. Pirate Bob was an infamous pirate, who was banished from Bob'opia for 500 years, and when he returns he attacks Bob'opia at full force. He was later eaten by Squid Bob. Like Officer Bob, Pirate Bob used his left flipper as a fake mustache over his beak.
  • First Bob was voiced by Sensei. First Bob was the very first citizen in Bob'opia, and he had a ton of children. He named all his offspring Bob or Bobet, and that tradition is carried on to this day in Bob'opia. After eating a radio active fish he became immortal, and now lives in the Secret City.
  • Mac-Or Chi-Zeese was voiced by John Yú. Mac-Or Chi-Zeese was the first character to be based off an actual penguin Huòbì de shǒuwàng zhě-a famous criminal that roamed the Asiapelago. Mac-Or Chi-Zeese is a robber that likes stealing cheese-based foods, especially macaroni-and-cheese. After stealing from Officer Bob, Mac-Or accidentally kills a penguin by popping a balloon. After that, Mac-Or was captured by Officer Bob, trialed for murder, and then banished to a nearby atoll.


Main Article: Bob'opia/Episodes.
Season Start Date End Date Num. Episodes
Season 1 April 6th, 2005 December 7th, 2005 33
Season 2 April 6th, 2006 December 7th, 2006 33
Season 3 April 6th, 2007 December 7th, 2007 28
Season 4 April 6th, 2008 December 7th, 2008 29
Season 5 April 6th, 2009 December 7th, 2009 33


Picture Name Nearest Season Description
OBCS.png Officer Bob's Christmas Spectacular! Season 1 Officer Bob holds a Christmas special with his friends, but when they start wanting to do their own things he kicks them all out of it. But everything goes wrong when Officer Bob is the camera man, actor, director, everything. He messes up his lines, and the set literally starts falling over. Officer Bob quickly goes to his friends to get help, but they refuse to since he was being a jerk. So to make up with his friends Officer Bob buys each one of his friends a Christmas ham, and gets them back onto the set. Everything goes smoothly there after, and Officer Bob learns to treat his friends with respect or else he'll have to spend a lot of money on hams for them.
Farmer Bob's Halloween Season 2 Farmer Bob is enjoying his day off on his couch, watching TV when the doorbell rings. He answers it he finds a bunch of trick-or-treaters, who want candy. Farmer Bob freaks out, because he forgot it was Halloween. Farmer bob quickly races to the grocery store to get candy, but when he gets there the store is all dark inside. There are cobwebs all over, and an odd, green, faint light shining out the windows. Farmer Bob goes inside, and it turns out the grocery store has become a haunted store! Farmer Bob must now race through the haunted store, searching for the candy selection.


Bob'opia has gained very good reception from viewers. Chick TV Awards gave the show 4.9 stars, Penguin TV Reviewers gave it 5 stars. However, the show has been accused of being a bad example to younger viewers. It's also been disliked for the lack of moral lessons, and many mistakes in the episodes. It has been loved for its storyline and animation fortunately.






Most of the storyline in the show takes place in Bob'opia, a coastal town on the island Namington. Namington is a fictional island located a thousand miles off the coast of West Pengolia. Not many tourists visit Namington, and if any do they visit Bob'opia. Bob'opia is the biggest city on Namington, it has several skyscrapers and malls. It's best known for its parks, restaurants, and of course their police force. Other towns on Namington include Jerryshay'ton, Park Ville, and Lemme. Jerryshay'ton is an old mining village, which is partially abandoned. The only people living there are literally mindless penguins, who eat nothing but pancakes. Park Ville is a small town well known for its lush parks, and many residents. The population is made up of Cheesecracker Puffles, Terns, and Vampenguins. And the citizens always scream their words. Lemme is a town made up of RocketSnails, who haven't connected with the outside world in centuries. They live in wooden cabins, and obey an illegal monarchy. The RocketSnails like to pull pranks of visitors, and scare each other with bad wigs.


  • Caylee is the only character in the entire series that doesn't have Bob or Bobet included in the name.
  • The show was voted #1 Slapstick Comedy Cartoon of 2008, a major award for cartoons.

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