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Bob'opia The Movie
The official banner of the movie.
Directed by Jasen Fiddle
Produced by Cody Greens
Mark Sweets
Written by Bob Fiddle
Screenplay by Herald Smilington
Story by Bob Fiddle
Based on Bob'opia
Narrated by Narrator Bob (Jasen Fiddle)
Starring Mark Lame (Officer Bob)
Rex Sports (Parrot Bob)
Trisha Quilts (Waitress Bobet)
Music by Franky
Editing by Jasen Fiddle
Distributed by Jetguin
Release date(s) July 20th, 2007
Running time 130 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget 8 million coins
Gross revenue 100 million coins
Followed by Bob'opia The Movie 2: Trip To Mars

When a real mustache just isn't enough.
— Slogan

Bob'opia The Movie was the first movie based off of Bob'opia. It was a two hour long cartoon that starred all the characters from Bob'opia that had appeared so far. It had a budget of 8 million coins, but racked up a profit of 100 million coins. The movie was a big success, and had amazingly good ratings. It was released on July 20th, 2007, and was in theaters till August 1st. It came out on DVD on October 12th of the same year. The DVD sales racked in most of the gross profit.


In the movie, an evil scientist, who's name is Evil Dr.Bob, has been planning revenge on Bob'opia's space program for 20 years. He's been planning his revenge on them for pouring hot chocolate down his back, which stained his favorite lab coat.

Evil Dr.Bob moved down into his parents' basement, where he built a massive robot army. He's been hiding them by stuffing them all under the couch cushions, and is now ready to invade the space program's HQ. So he and his robot army sneak through the sewers, and find their way into the building.

They come up through the floor into mission control, and take all the scientist there hostage. Evil Dr.Bob asks the custodian where the missile keys are, but the custodian refuses to answer. Evil Dr.Bob threatens to jam an ice cream up the custodian's nose, unless he tells Evil Dr.Bob where the keys are finally. The custodian says there in his locker. When Evil Dr.Bob gets the keys, he puts the whole building on lock down. No one comes in, or out unless of course they're going to go get pancakes. Suddenly all the scientist leave "to get pancakes", instead they spread the word about how Evil Dr.Bob has taken over the space program.

The warning reaches Officer Bob, who's completely stunned of what happened. He finished eating his box of doughnuts, and heads out to fight. When he reaches the space program's HQ he attacks Evil Dr.Bob, only to be defeated and kicked out of the building. Officer Bob calls for backup to his friends, but they're all out for ice cream. Officer Bob must now look for someone else to help him, but the only person who can help him out is Stupid Bob. So Officer Bob must now beg to Stupid Bob for his aid, in stopping Evil Dr.Bob. Finally Stupid Bob agrees to help, and the two run over to the space program's HQ. They fight their way through the robot army to Evil Dr.Bob, but are suddenly captured.

Evil Dr.Bob now explains his entire plan to Officer and Stupid Bob, his plan to blow up the moon. He's going to use the space program's missile, and blast the moon with it. Evil Dr.Bob soon activates the count down, and Officer and Stupid Bob only have 10 minutes to defeat him before it's too late. Suddenly Evil Dr.Bob turns around to Stupid Bob, and scares him with a "boo!". Stupid Bob screams, and accidentally wets his pants. The robot, however, gets wet and sparks. Suddenly Stupid Bob is free, and then fights off the robots.

Evil Dr.Bob quickly runs out of the building, and into the woods. He watches the rocket about to launch, when his neck is suddenly grabbed by Super Bob. Super Bob flies over to the missile, which is now flying, and places Evil Dr.Bob on top of it. He tapes him down to it with duct tape, and then pushed the missile away from the moon. The missile crashes onto Mars, leaving no affect. At the end of the credits the scientist is seen at the crash site on Mars, and where he's now surrounded by green aliens. At first he's a little scared, but then he realizes the aliens are smiling at him. Evil Dr.Bob suddenly starts cackling like a crazy mad, and rubbing his flippers together in a freaky way.


The cast consisted of most of the voice actors from the TV series.

Real Name Voice Of
Samuel Turner Evil Dr.Bob
Rick Samsung Evil Robots
Seesaw Rick Stupid Bob


Bob'opia The Movie was very popular among fans of the TV series, however, viewers who hadn't seen the show didn't understand it much. Because of this the movie got half of the good ratings the producers were hoping for. Some fans of the series didn't like the movie much, because it didn't affect the storyline of the show at all.


Bob'opia The Movie was a slapstick comedy, cartoon just like the TV series. It was created the same way as the TV show, except the graphics in the movie were a little more detailed. The overall production cost Jetguin 8 million coins, which was completely paid for when the gross profit of 100 million coins was made.


Most of the music in the movie was composed by Franky. Some of the music was from the series, the rest was made especially for the movie. Franky was paid 9,00 coins to create the album of music, which was put for sale 3 weeks after the movie appeared in theaters. The music was created using a virtual composing system, and it was the first time Franky had ever composed ordered music that way. It was also the first album he ever made to have songs under a minute long.


Bob'opia The Movie: Film Score
Film score by Franky
Genre Multiple
Length 31:04 minutes
Label Jetguin
Producer Franky

No. TitleMusic Length
1. "The Thunder is Ready"  Franky 2:02
2. "A Doughnut For Me"  Franky 0:51
3. "Evil Robot Army"  Franky 2:30
4. "In The Sewers"  Franky 1:09
5. "Super Bob Da-Da-DA!"  Franky 0:16
6. "Evil Robots Vs. Good Officer"  Franky 5:45
7. "Out For Ice cream"  Franky 1:03
8. "StUpId BoB"  Franky 6:16
9. "Agreement"  Franky 0:30
10. "Breaking in. YEAH!!"  Franky 4:58
11. "I'mma Blowing Up The Moon"  Franky 5:27
12. "Run Away, Run Away"  Franky 1:08
13. "Strapped To a Launching Rocket"  Franky 0:59
14. "On Mars"  Franky 0:10


Bob'opia The Movie was heavily advertised on Jetguin, and Icey Channel. Commercials for the movie also appeared on other channels, and billboard space was bought up to advertise. Advertising cost somewhere around 1 million coins for Jetguin. The advertising was the #1 thing worked on in the whole production of the show, and was one of the main priorities of the producers.


A sequel to Bob'opia The Movie was noticeable due to the preview at the end of Bob'opia The Movie. A month after Bob'opia The Movie was released on DVD, Jetguin announced in their magazine that a sequel to the movie was already in production. They announced that the producers were hoping for it to appear in theaters on September 17th, 2008, and it did.

The sequel, like the first movie, did not affect the TV show, and also started off where the first movie left off. The sequel was named Bob'opia The Movie 2: Trip To Mars.

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