Bob Johnson

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Bob Johnson
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Title The NEXT CNIC Admiral
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Good
Health 110%
Status Helping run the CNIC until Dan Beronews retires
Location His Hometown, Mattress Village, TA
Occupation CNIC Assistant Admiral, Soon to be Main Admiral
Interests Sailing, Conspiracy Theories, and most Everything Else
Friends Everyone on the side of good.
Enemies Everyone evil

Bob Johnson is a powerful politician, and the Assistant Admiral in the CNIC. He is slated to take Dan Beronews' place in the CNIC.


Bob grew up in the small town of Mattress Village, TA. He liked to play with the other neighborhood kids. He always, like Dan, wanted to go boating. He was always friendly and kind. He grew up in a tiny village, where he learned the same codes as TSP, Respect, Honesty, Dignity, and Stability is Paramount. He loved his tiny village, and always volunteered at every community service project that came up. He was Junior Deputy in the Police Department in no time. He, strangely, loved school! He went to the Mattress Village School Systems, built on the site of the original Bless School.

As an Adult[edit]

He was always a great student, and passed best of his Class with a 4.0 GPA. He was quickly hired by the CNIC, it was his dream job. He quickly had Dan establish a Mattress Village outpost. No one knows why... He soon rose the ranks to Assistant Admiral, only answering to Dan himself! He built up a reputation as a great cop and a nasty enemy. Though if you are on his good side, he is a great guy.


  • He is NOT gullible
  • He knows nothing about the Fourth Wall

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