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Robert Vincent Anthony Wood
Bobbie Wood in December 2014, falling from the sky on an inner tube.(we don't know how that turned out.)
Title Bobbie Wood
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health We are not sure about this part...
Level 10t
Status Trying to swallow an anvil
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date May 7, 2001 (2001-05-07) (age 18)
Occupation Pizza delivery guy
Salary 1000 coins a week
Friends Penstubal, Jolly Timmy
Archetype Clumsy

There is no person I will EVER miss more than my bestie, Penstubal!
— Bobbie Wood, summer 2014

Robert Vincent Anthony Wood, also known as Bobbie Wood, is a pizza delivery guy who currently works in the Pizza Parlor on Club Penguin. His best friend is Penstubal, who moved away to Wizzint a few years ago. Bobbie Wood usually visits his friend and hangs at his place for a while after he gets a large salary in the Pizza Parlor. Penstubal himself also visits his buddy. Bobbie is a pretty clumsy person, who loves action, drama and fun.

Bobbie has 2 puffles, one female yellow puffle named Kerry and the other one male red puffle named Larry. Kerry enjoys art and usually draws paintings to Bobbie. Larry likes to surf a lot and Bobbie occasionally takes him to the cove, where they both surf together.


Bobbie is an orange penguin. He rarely wears shirts, and if he does, it's usually a Coins for Change shirt or a hoodie.


Young History[edit]

Bobbie was born during the colonial times in Club Penguin, on May 7, 1998. He loved architecture and building stuff using Armo blocks. He had lots of fun when he was young and also played with Jumbo Mumbo, a 2 year old kid who lives next door. They both had happy lives and had fun.

Elementary School (2004-2013)[edit]

Bobbie was the youngest person in the class and also the clumsiest too. Most of his classmates were also clumsy and weird, and topsy-turvy, but he was special. In elementary school he met Penstubal, who was 7th grade, The two had very much fun together and both played basketball and hockey when they are free. They, in 2009, when Penstubal was in high school at the time and Bobbie was 5th grade, played on the Aqua Grabber, where they went underwater and found treasure together. They had lots of fun and they, in a hidden underwater chest, found over 50,000 coins. They went back up on Club Penguin and shared the money with entire Club Penguin and they had fun sharing the money.

Bobbie didn't have really good grades in Elementary School, except in History and Geography. He had straight A's in those two classes but other classes he always had B's or C's, except in math and physics, where he almost always had D's, barely a C and sometimes F's.

In March 2007, he got his first puffle, Kerry, which he still has. He wanted her to have a buddy and in May 2007 he got his second puffle, Larry.

Penstubal Moves to Wizzint (2014)[edit]

Bobbie was sad after his best buddy moved to Wizzint, Shops Island. He continued working as a pizza delivery guy (a job he got in late 2013). He didn't like this job that much, but it's the only one he can find. Most of his free time he used to play with his puffles and go surfing with them. He also sled raced with random folks he found on Club Penguin.

On November 15, 2014, he flew from Club Penguin to Wizzint, Shops Island to visit his friend. He wanted to surprise him. Bobbie stayed in Wizzint for 2 weeks and he had the best 2 weeks of his life with his best buddy. Before he flew to Wizzint, he had tens of thousands of coins, but he spent it all just to visit his best friend. In January 2015, Penstubal flew to Club Penguin to visit Bobbie, and they both had a lot of fun!


There is no person I will EVER miss more than my bestie, Penstubal!
— Bobbie Wood, summer 2014
Whoa, my Kerry is artsy!
— Bobbie Wood, 2007


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