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Key details
Type Unknown
Level 1-20
Location South of CP Isle
Inhabitants See below.

Were you looking for Bobtropica, the online game?

Bobtropica is an island city of the Antarctic Peninsula. It has become famous for its "Quests", which have tourists coming far and wide to complete them. Most of the island is full, of either resident's igloos or buildings used in Quests. Due to this, the Antarctic Peninsula has been considering purchasing Servers, with each Server housing a different Quest.


Bobtropica was founded in 1989 by a young entrepreneur named Bob, who hoped to become rich and famous. He made a small settlement on the edge of the island. Penguins moved there over time, and they loved Bob as their King. It wasn't until 1993 that Bob met Bobtropica Penguin, who had lived there for a decade making "quests" in secret on the other side of the island. In 1995, the island became officially known as Bobtropica, and Bobtropica Penguin has made Quests for the island ever since (secretly).

Up until 2006, Quests could only be completed by residents of Bobtropica (a ploy to get more penguins to move there). However, the citizens voted to join the USA in 2006, so Bobtropica joined the Antarctic Peninsula. However, Bob (now the Mayor) still owned all of the quests and could build new ones- just charging admission fees now (similar to an amusement park), oh which he has to pay 10% to the Antarctic Peninsula. Since then, Bobtropica has received a ton of tourism from across Antarctica, as penguins have come to complete Bobtropica's many quests, and Bob has become rich and famous like he always wanted.


"Quests" were invented by Bobtropica Penguin in secret in the 1980s, and were revealed after King Bob hired him in 1995 to build quests for the island's residents. They are very similar to PSA Missions or EPF Field Ops, except they are completely artificial (similar to Club Penguin's Ye Knights Quests).

  • Superpenguin's Quest (1995)
  • WHAT?!?'s Quest (1996)
  • Bobby needs help! (1997)
  • Garden Cleanup (Late 1997)
  • Ernie, The Baddie (1998)
  • Garden Cleanup 2 (1998)
  • Garden Cleanup 3: Flowers! (1999)
  • Iceberg's Quest (2000)
  • Time Travelling Machine (2000)
  • 1900 AD (2000)
  • Land of Lexus (2001)
  • 1901 AD (2001)
  • Ernie, The Baddie 2 (2002)
  • 1902 AD (2002)
  • SARS (2002)
  • SARS 2 (2003)
  • 1903 AD (2003)
  • SARS 3 (2004)
  • 1904 AD (2004)
  • Ernie, The Baddie 3:Escape to Destroy (2004)
  • 1905 AD (2005)
  • 1905 AD 2 (2005)
  • S. P. Y. (2005)
  • Oppsies! I did it! (2006)
  • 1906 AD (2006)
  • Penguin Man Needs Help!!! (2007)
  • 1907 AD (2007)
  • 1908 AD (2008)
  • Bobtropica Ultimate Quest (2008)
  • Oopsies! I did it, Again! (2009)
  • 1909 AD (2009)

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See also[edit]

  • Bow Tieland- A similar place, where part of the island is a city and another part is an amusement park
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