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Bobtropica (online game)
Developer KingH10
Publisher Bobtropica Islands, Inc.
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Additional info
Genre MMOG
Platform PC, icePhone, icePad, icePod Tap

Not to be confused with Bobtropica, an island that is ruled by Bob.

Bobtropica is an MMOG where you are a penguin on an island archipelago on duty to solve missions (No, not those EPF missions, of course) to earn virtual money for clothes and other items. It is made by KingH10 and Amgirl in 2009. Ever since the game's opening, new islands have been made frequently. Emperorlands Gaming Magazine gave it a 9/10 rating in 2010, saying it had some flaws but the graphics were amazing.

The game originated in 2009, after KingH10 decided that he wanted to make a fun, educational virtual world. Soon after, he, his wife Amgirl and Gary made the game and released it to the public. King is no longer working on the game, but he still owns Bobtropica Islands, Inc. (the company that owns the game).


Early Bobtropica[edit]

  • Story:The first settlers of Bobtropica have lost 3 of their most prized possessions, now it's up to you to find them in the modern world.
  • Final Boss: Giant Scorpion
  • Epilogue: After the Scorpion is taken down for the second and final time, you get a medallion for all your hard work. That's it.

Poultry Pyramids Island[edit]

  • Story: The residents of an Egypt-like island have raised so many chickens that they have taken over and built a hidden cloning machine. It's up to you to stop them.
  • Final Boss: Roost Totem
  • Epilogue: Turns out the Roost Totem that you trusted to give you directions was the cloning machine all along. Now it's a pile of rubble. The townsfolk have learned their lesson and decide to raise their COWS more instead. Uh oh. At least you get to enjoy your Medallion for now.

Air Ride Island[edit]

  • Story: In Air Ride Island, the big thing is flying and the machines that they use are like the surfboards of the sky. The citizens depend on them to travel, as cars and buses are a thing of the past here, but all transportation has recently come to a halt as a rowdy gang known as the "Air Bruisers" have been terrorizing the skies and grounding anybody who dares travel them. Guess you gotta stop 'em!
  • Final Boss: Air Bruisers
  • Epilogue: The Air Bruisers have been captured and contained. They are being shipped away to a prison far away from Air Ride Island, without their machines and weapons, of course. Maybe we'll visit that island in the future someday.

Tiny Island[edit]

  • Story: Everybody is tiny in Tiny Island! Actually, everything is manufactured to be bigger, but you still feel like a shrimp. The mayor, Seymour Pines has recently re-opened a classic game called giant pinball that was shut down due to a villain named "Spines" popping everybody's pinballs. Looks like it's time to have some fun, or so it seems...
  • Final Boss: S. Pines
  • Epilogue: Well, you've made a few mistakes during this adventure. Turns out the mayor, Seymour was "Spines" all along, and also his name was S. Pines. Oops. None of that matters now however, because you just became the champion and got another medallion for it! Time to really have fun now!

Vampire's Hex Island[edit]

Coming Soon!'

Other Features[edit]


Mini-missions are missions that are shorter than the island missions, and are purchasable from the shop. Some missions are related to sponsors or pop culture, while others are original.


On October 6th, 2015, Bobtropica opened up a shop. Every time a person completes an island, he/she will get 151 drecits that they can spend. There are 4 sections in the shop: Costumes; Accessories; Mini-Missions and Other Stuff. The costumes cost 50 drecits (D), Mini-missions cost 100 D, accessories cost 25 - 100 D and other stuff costs 50 - 500 D. The most popular items in each category are:

  • Costumes
  • KingH10's royal outfit
  • Accessories
  • 1 min. time freeze
  • Mini-missions
  • Ford Car and Link
  • Other Stuff
  • Auto-Completor.


  • This is an obvious parody of Poptropica.
  • It is also available on mobile devices.