Bolsheevic Penguinsky

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Bolsheevic Penguinsky
Penguin socialist.png
The only Khanz Penguin who can equally PWN Penghis Khan.
Title Ваш собственный возраст мастер.
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin
Faction East Pengolia
Health Outstanding
Level Communist!
Status Having a party about PWNING the PWN master!
Location East Pengolia
Birth date somewhere
Occupation Leader
Interests Being a leader
Friends people who like him
Enemies Penghis Khan
Archetype Evil but not very evil

Bolsheevic Penguinsky is an infamous Khanz Penguin who formed an angry mob to chase Penghis Khan, and then proceeded to form his own nation all in one day. With an unmatched work ethic, and an obsession with workers, Bolsheevic is a force to be reckoned with. That sickle he always carries doesn't help to calm the situation down.


Bolsheevic was laid and hatched in what is now West Pengolia, during the time of Colonial Antarctica. As a youth, he despised Penghis Khan, who rose to power in his lifetime.

When he was older, he worked at a Pengolian shoe factory that supplied those fancy boots and such for Penguin Style. He loved his job and associated with his fellow employees. However, that all changed when Penghis Khan came to the factory to watch the shoes. Bolsheevic accidently knocked over a stack of shoes and recived a fish slap and subsequent yelling at by Penghis Khan. It was on that day he vowed to stop Penghis Khan and let the workers run the world instead of some stupid jewel loving illeist tyrant.

Hence, Bolsheevic wanted to leave Pengolia temporarily to take a break from the annoying Penghis Khan. In 2005, Bolsheevic was invited to stay in Parie, Frankterre, with one of his old, childhood friends who left Pengolia for Frankterre for a better, non-Penghis Khan life. Luckily enough, Penghis Khan approved his 2 month vacation, believing that he was just another stupid shoe factory worker. In Parie, Bolsheevic met his Frankterran-Khanz friend and his cousin, a penguin named Léon Tropsky. In Parie, the three went to a Café and thoroughly discussed freely how much they hated Penghis Khan. Then, they began sharing their ideas for a better government that would be ruled by the citizens, thus Bolsheevic adopted the idea of Communism after agreeable discussion with his friends in Parie. He now had a game plan.

He got his chance on May First of 2009, at a banquet organized by Penghis Khan. There, he stirred up a riot who chased Penghis Khan across the Pengolian border. It gave him enough time to break away from the Khan state, and East Pengolia was born.


He rules over East Pengolia, and is doing a surprisingly good job with it.


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