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Bonjie Unki (born Bonnie Janette Hochstadt before her name change) is Corai's Mother, and Swiss Ninja's Aunt.

Early Life[edit]

Bonjie was born to Yilk, with her brothers Red River 2 and Jock Hochstadt. Unlike the rest of her family, Bonjie didnt like action or politics and wanted to make a life of her own that would differ from the rest of the family. She became a Pet Shop assistant when she was 16 years old after hearing about the job offer from her friends. She adored this job and became friends with the puffles and Mwa Mwa Penguins, despite having a distaste for the latter. Because of her amiability with both puffles and unsavory Mwa Mwa penguins, Bonjie was jokingly teased by her friends and family member was a "Goody Two-Shoes".

Later Life[edit]

Bonjie eventully met Eorai and they fell in love. They lived together for 10 years, and they had four chicks. But one of the eggs got stolen and sent to a island. Forai, Geysazan, and Norai lived hapoily with Eorai and Bonjie. Eorai died soon after there 5th birthday of unkown causes.


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