Bonny1 Pie

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Bonny1 Pie
Bonny1 Pie.JPG
Bonny1 in his ninja suit!
Title Bonny1 "Green Ninja" Pie
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Good Guy
Health Awesome
Level 798
Status Training in bamboo woods somewhere
Location Shiverpool, Club Penguin, Yow Kingdom, F Island
Birth date July 20th, 1979 (Aged 41 years)
Occupation Ninja, and video game publisher
Interests Kung-fu, Ninjas, video games
Friends The Pie Family
Enemies Many
Archetype Good Guy

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Bonny1 Pie is Feey1's older brother, and is a Ninja. He was born on July 20th, 1979 in Shiverpool. He is great friends with his younger brother, and has a job as a video game publisher. He is currently 41 years old.


Bonny1 hatched a year before Feey1 did, and was a calm chick. He obeyed his parents, and did all his chores. He got very good grades in his school, and had many friends. When he was ten he got hooked onto video games, they amazed him so much. Soon he couldn't be taken off the games, he loved them so much. His favorite game was: Ninja Cop To The Rescue! He could never stop playing the games, until Ninjas got cool to him. He started to study ninjas, and about them. Of course there was already anything to read, for ninjas weren't a big deal back then. When Zayne Pie saw Bonny's love for kung-fu, he decided to teach Bonny1. Zayne taught Bonny in the woods around his mansion, and Bonny got good really quick. Within nine months he earned his black belt, and ninja mask. Then he learned how to use the other elements: Fire, Water, and Ice. He became as good as Zayne, and used his powers for good. When he turned thirteen he started to use his abilities to show off, and beat up bullies. He had misused his abilities, and got in trouble a lot. After a long discussion with his grandpa, Bonny1 used his powers for defense only. When he turned 19, he graduated college. He got a job as a video game publisher/editor, and made a living. He moved to Yow Kingdom, which was a new nation at the time. Bonny1 left when video game publishing jobs were slim, and he moved to Castilla since he knew some Spanish. However he moved from Castilla, and went back to Shiverpool. There he got a job, and made a living.


Bonny1 is a arrogant, which means he is full of himself. He's a show off, and likes to show his moves. Despite that, he is a born leader. He is very intelligent, and knows what to do in emergencies. Therefore he is the leader of The Three Pieteers, with his two brothers.


Bonny1 is the leader of The Three Pieteers, a band of brothers that stop evil. They are assigned by King Alexander to go on missions, to collect enemy information or other things. Bonny1 has proven to be a great leader.





  • "Check this out."
  • "One for all, and all for one!"
  • "My moves are better than your moves."
  • "Check out my wavy hair, girls."
  • "You may not have my handsomeness, but your still great."



  • He is somewhat Mary Sue, but denies it. Though everyone says he is, because of his amazing moves and leadership skills.
  • He cares a lot about the environment, and helped Gary build the RDA Recycling Center. Of course it was not known as the 'RDA Recycling Center' than.
  • He is horrified at the thought of riding a train, after a major crash in 2000 that almost killed him.

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