Book of Faces

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Book of Faces is a sacred log stored in a folder classified as an UP document. It stores all the information about every single person in the entire universe even if the person is no longer alive. It is one of the the BoF's special documents that keep the universe up and running. Without it there would be no such thing as the CPFW universe.


The Book of Faces was created by a high penguin in the Early High Penguin Confederacy. This penguin used a special spell to create it. One by one everyone came to the book to write all their information in it. One day the same high penguin who created it buried it so no one else would know it existed. It was never found until one random day a BoF worker was trying to find an artifact so he can create its own article. He dug up the book and brought it where it was put in a special UP folder. It was soon found out it was magic and would actually write a person's information when born. To this day its folder has never been opened.



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