Boon Tobias

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Boon Tobias
Born Boon Tobias (or by his name backwards by penguins, Noob Saibot)
May 2, 1982 (1982-05-02) (age 37)
Gender Male
Nationality Zhouese
Other names Noob, Noob Saibot, Tobias, Boon
Years active 1987-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Zhou
Height 4'02 (4 feet, 2 inches)
Weight 39kg
Known for An evil ninja, in black
Spouse(s) None
Children None

Boon Tobias, is a zhouese born ninja who specified in the arts of fighting. He is renowned for his ways of fighting and use of weapons: his shurikens. He is also capable of using a giant hammer. He is also known as being an evil ninja, betraying his colleagues, and also able to teleport to place to place.



Boon Tobias hatched in a large city, in an apartment in Zhou, at 3:18 AM, the second of May, 1982. When he hatched, all he saw was pitch black. In reality, he was in a dark room, with lights from the city, blinding the window. He soon waddled, and was just, alone. He soon waddled from the apartment and soon, a stranger lead him into a small wagon, driven by two horses, and was sent to a dojo. At a young age, he was shown nunchucks and other life-threatening weapons. At age 5, he was exposed to discipline, aggressive discipline. At age 12, that is when the real deal started to happen. At this time, it was discovered that during an injury, he was bleeding blue blood. No one knows how he got blue blood.

Teenage years[edit]

At age 13, Tobias would approve upon his ranks and would be a stealthy, and both brutal and savage ninja amongst his friends. In many pieces of training, he would kill innocent animals, as new move methods, which were decided by their trainers. In 1997, at age 15, he would murder his entire class, with the moves earned and trained from his drivers, he left their lifeless corpses, within the dojo. He was never found again. It was revealed that the trainers revealed that his parents were Zhouese, and both murdered them, reasoning for his killing spree.

Adult life[edit]

In 2017, he revealed himself to both The Evil Something and Darktan's Army. At this time he would be 35 years old, making him an adult. He was now skilled and stealthier as before and was more brutal and savage too. He showed his powers to both of the army leaders and was quickly approved of his evilness.


Boon Tobias is a king penguin, who wears a jet-black and gray ninja suit, with dark blue feathers. Like any penguin, he has a yellowish-orange beak, and feet. He contains blue blood in his veins and the rest of his body and can change his feathers to black. He can also change to purple somehow. He uses the average ninja face mask, covering most of his face, only revealing his eyes.


He is rude, untrusty, evil and basically a murder and assassin. His personality has been most of an inspiration for other young, evil ninjas, who wish to be him in the future, in other words, be part of his legacy in the future.


He is one of the Deadly Alliance's assassins and joins in their robberies and raids.


  • What do you want?
  • Stranger, I shall have to defeat you.
  • If the good guys want a beating, they must challenge the ninja!


  • He likes stinky cheese and has it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He steals it from pirates.
  • He likes to tamper with penguins.
  • He is both based and a parody of Noob Saibot.
  • His official weapon from the Deadly Alliance, is the Troll Hammer. In their "orchestra group", he plays the Trombone.