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Player card, prior to Evil Lake disappearance
Born Bosti Jenkins
1979 (no record)
Mattress Village, Olde Antarctica (now Trans-Antarctica, USA)
Residence 52nd Floor, East Wing, Dorkugal
Gender Male
Nationality Dorkugese
Other names Bosti the Explorer
Ethnicity King penguin
Citizenship Dorkugese
Education Up to college (halted education from 1992 - 1998)
Alma mater University of Pengu Town
Occupation Adventurer, author
Years active 1992 - 1998, 2006 - 2010 (adventuring)
2010 - (writing)
Employer None, self-employed
Home town Small town in Ice Kingdom, Olde Antarctica
Salary Unknown
Net worth 10,000 pebbles
Height 1.1m
Weight 41kg
Known for Disappearance in Evil Lake, books published in regards to disappearance
Title Explorer
Partner None
Children None
Parents Unknown
Relatives None
Awards Dorkugal's Honourary Citizen Award, 2010

Bosti Jenkins (pronounced 'boss-tee') (1979 -)is a writer and former adventurer, famously known for being held captive by Jerks while near Evil Lake. In total, he was held hostage for a total of three and a half years, only to be released in mid-2010 after the Dorkugese Secret Agency received intel. As a result, he had written a book describing the events, and the book, titled Captivity, sold thirty million copies as of 2011. Since then, he has given up adventuring and pursued writing.


Bosti Jenkins was given birth to in Mattress Village sometime in early 1979. He moved to another town at the age of 5, where he spent most of his childhood. At the age of thirteen, he leaved home and started his career of adventuring. However, the rules imposed by Colonial Antarctica restricted Bosti, who was a King Penguin, access to other colonies unless he had a special pass. The special pass could only be issued to those above the age of sixteen.

He successfully applied for the pass in 1995, and managed to reach a port where he travelled across the Sub-Antarctic. In 1998, he restated his education, and entered college in 2003, exiting with a degree in language arts in early 2006. He continued to explore the world from then on.

2007 Evil Lake Disappearance[edit]

Reports claim that in early 2007, Bosti Jenkins went out on a journey to explore Evil Lake, searching for any islands undetected by radars and satellites. Claims that he set off on his journey in February or March were dismissed when the Dorkugese Immigration Board stamped his passport on January 21st, 2007.

Within two months, he had entered Evil Lake territory. He was expected to return by August of 2007, but he never returned, according to the Immigration Board. Rumors spread that he was captured by Jerks and held captive in exchange for money. Newspapers started reporting on the issue by September, and on September the 15th, the Dorkugese government issued a search warrant in Evil Lake to "find and bring back Bosti alive".

The Dorkugese Secret Service was tasked with the mission, and seventeen operatives were sent out to the depths of Evil Lake to rescue Bosti Jenkins. The seventeen operatives combed through the entire area, including Floor Thirteen where the Jerks supposedly hid him, but to no avail. Bosti himself would later comment in his book that the Jerks "switched locations due to renovations within the facility", and that the DSS came at the "wrong place and the wrong time".

Held in Captivity[edit]

According to his book, Captivity, he was locked inside the van of Floor Thirteen, where there was a bed, a television set and some old books, all of which were in terrible condition. He later offered to spruce up the interior of the van, and even slept alongside some of his captives for a while. He tried to escape several times during the night, but would rush back to the van in case he was spotted.

Later on, he had to do chores such as clean up the cave, sweep the floor etc. In return, he was given the local produce that tasted disgustingly horrible. Sometimes, Bosti and his fellow captors would venture out to the forests in search of tastier food. He would be put on an electric collar whereby should he escape, the Jerks would sound the buzzer. He claimed he was buzzed "at most fifty times" during his stay. He claimed that the exploration for food was "exactly in line with what his original intentions of coming to Evil Lake", that is, to explore.

He would continue on for the next three years without water or electricity, until someone sighted them.


Eleanor Jacob, one of the Dorkugese Secret Service operatives had to comb Evil Lake after a tip-off that several Jerks were dealing drugs, which is a serious crime. Eleanor came across the Jerks and Bosti, and being one of the operatives sent out to search for Bosti in 2007, he immediately reported back to headquarters for the new intel. Immediately, Eleanor Jacob and sixteen others were sent off to rescue Bosti and capture the rest of the Jerks.

They pulled this off successfully as several Jerks were searching for food in the forests nearby. Although they captured several of the Jerks and saved Bosti, they did not manage to find Floor Thirteen. Bosti later commented it took "more than two hours simply to walk from the cave to where they were captured".

The exact coordinates of the location are unknown, although it was within the northern realms of the south forests.


Bosti traveled through the Evil Lake unexpectedly in Late 2007. He then disappeared, without a trace.


  • Has been held captive by Jerks many times.

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