Bow Tieland

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Bow Tieland
Flag of
Location of
A map of Bow Tieland
Official languages English, Spanish
Demonym Bow Tielander
Government Dictatorship
 -  President Bow Tie Tom
 -  Tortugadesetas takes over Maverick. 2010 
 -  Tortuga gives the island to Bow Tie Tom, and he creates "Bow Tieland" 2010 
 -  Bow Tie War 2015 
 -  2018 estimate 6,292 
 -  2015 census 3,492 
Currency Kurts ()
Drives on the Right

Bow Tieland is a small nation in Latin Antarctica, near the island of Maverick. The island nation, led by its President Bow Tie Tom, is mainly a tourist destination, due to it being the home of Puff Flags: Great Adventure, a theme park with numerous roller coasters. For some reason, Bow Tie Tom, the country's leader, has never been overthrown despite him being a corrupt dictator. The country's economy is almost completely dependent on tourism, mostly through the theme park located in the country that is the primary attraction there.

Originally little known by most around Antarctica due to its small size, Bow Tieland first entered the international spotlight when it was invaded by Snowinian forces during the Bow Tie War, who invaded the country to set up a military base to fight terrorists in the region. The country was occupied for four months between January and May 2015, before Snowiny was forced to relinquish the territory, restoring the country's sovereignty once more. Since the invasion, Bow Tieland has entered the international spotlight, slightly boosting its tourism and population as well.


When Tortugadesetas was picked for his job as El Presidente de Maverick, or President of Maverick, in 2010, a close Turtlenator known as Bow Tie Tom wanted to tag along and invest his enormous wealth made through TSP's company in a distant land of luxury. Since a small island no more than fifty miles large was near Maverick and in its territorial control, Bow Tie Tom wanted the piece of land to rule as his own personal country. The leaders of Maverick agreed to hand it over the Bow Tie Tom, and he created his country of Bow Tieland.

Bow Tieland was invaded by Snowinian forces in January 2015, who wanted to set up a military base to fight any possible terrorists in the region. Despite heavy resistance in some parts of the island from the citizens of Bow Tieland, they were no match for the superior firepower and numbers of the Snowinian military, and the country fell within hours. Snowiny occupied Bow Tieland for four months until May 2015, after the a coalition commanded by Dorkugal forced Snowiny to give the country its independence again, restoring Bow Tieland sovereignty.

The war, which left millions of dollars worth of damage on the island, did bring Bow Tieland into the international spotlight for a while, which allowed more and more people around Antarctica to know about the small country. Due to the inexpensive price of housing and the low cost of living in the country, thousands of people moved to Bow Tieland between 2015 and 2018, doubling the population. This has also boosted the tourism, mostly to Puff Flags, and has also allowed for other sectors of the economy to open up for the first time as well as the population has increased.


Bow Tie Tom runs a corrupt, sleazy, government, and the place is an island paradise, only with the usual rigged "elections". It is really just a dictatorship in disguise. Go Figure, Benny IS the one who put Tom and Tortuga into power. On the file for this island is written, in yellow ink, "NO COUPS, BOW TIE FAMILY FOREVA!". Who would do that? Why does this island get immunity? Some weirdo started visiting here, he is ALWAYS seen by Tom's house, why? Dan, the weirdo, is known to be the head of the CNIC, a criminal investigation agency. Most people believe he is here convincing Tom to give up. Others believe he is there because he knows Tom.


Bow Tieland's economy is very small due to the country's small size and population, and is almost completely based on tourism, since there is a Puff Flags there, which is where most of the country's economy is based. Rumors are that the island gets occasional support from the income of Antarctic Inc, Dan Beronews's family company, which is a major investor in the country. Dan Beronews denies these allegations, but there has been evidence showing that he and Bow Tie Tom are in close relations and often participate in business deal's through Beronews's family company.


Since the country's founding until 2015, the security guards at Puff Flags served as both the police and defense forces for the entire country as a whole, and were effective at keeping the peace since there was little crime to begin with. However, after the invasion by Snowiny in 2015 and the subsequent occupation, Bow Tie Tom created the Bow Tieland Defense Forces, consisting of about 50 active members and another 50 reserve, to serve as the island's defense force, relieving the Puff Flags security guards of their defense obligations for the country.


  • Puff Flags: Great Adventure
  • Executive Square - serves as the island's capital
  • The Slums are where the penguins with less money live.

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