Braden Frazier

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Braden Frazier
Title Braden C5K
Gender Male
Race PWNguin
Faction Flywish's Army/FWA Agency
Health Fine
Level Medium
Status Probably trying to capture someone for Flywish
Location FWA Agency HQ
Occupation FWA Agent
Interests Agents
Friends Other Agents
Enemies Villains
Archetype Good

Braden Frazier is a secret agent for Flywish's Army. He has been training for 6 months. He is very sneaky and has spy tools he uses for missions.


Early Life[edit]

Braden grew up in Eastshield with his parents and his brother. He watched action movies at age 5. After a while he decided to be a PSA agent when he grew up. For years he played secret agent with his friends, visited the PSA often, and trained. After a while, he started using grapple guns and learned how to use camouflage.

Teenage Years[edit]

As a teenager, Frazier became a police officer and did a well job at it. He stopped major robberies and major crime situations like vandalism and assault charges. He even stopped innocent creatures from being deleted. He also saved puffles who were being tied up by villains. during his time on the force, he met Dennie a young police officer who later got fired from the force for attacking Darktan for no reason and vigilantism. Eventually, Braden got sick of the force and went to Club Penguin to join the PSA.

Penguin Secret Agency Years[edit]

After 6 months in training, he joined the PSA. During his time, he walked around Club Penguin Island watching penguins closely. If he saw penguins breaking the law, he would take them back to the HQ with him and would lock them up for 24 hours, 72 hours, or for all of eternity. While in the PSA, he learned about the BoF and tried to join it. But it turned out he wasn't a good writer. He completed all of his missions and almost captured Herbert P. Bear. Herbert escaped and Braden felt ashamed. G however gave him a badge. He then met a penguin named Flywish and he decided to join FWA Agency. When the PSA fell apart, he felt very ashamed. In June 2010, He quit the EPF and joined FWA Agency.

Ligurian Agency[edit]

Today, Braden Frazier now works for the Ligurian Agency. He used 12yz12ab's help to clone himself so his clone could search Liguria so that Braden could get his chance at doing something he did 8 years ago.



Braden is a helpful caring penguin in search of action and adventure. He sometimes stays up all night watching action movies. If you rob a bank, you better make sure Braden doesn't see you, or his clone. They will go after you vigorously.


  • His agent name for FWA Agency is Braden C5K.
  • He once captured WishFlyX during his PSA days.


  • "Don't move DIRTBAG!"
  • "You're going away for a long time!"
  • "Tell it to the judge CRYBABY!"

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