Brandon Lukic

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Brandon Lukic
Born April 2, 1990 (1990-04-02) (age 29)
Snow Jose, Colonial Antarctica
Residence Snow Jose, Eastshield
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Ethnicity Snowinn
Citizenship Antarctican
Alma mater Snow Jose State University
Occupation Mayor of Snow Jose
Years active 2010 - present
Employer Government of Snow Jose
Home town Snow Jose, Eastshield
Title Mayor of Snow Jose
Term January 1, 2015 - present
Political party Conservative

Brandon Lukic (born April 2, 1990) is an Antarctican politician and the current Mayor of Snow Jose since 2015. He is the first elected Mayor of Snow Jose who is a member of the Conservative Party, as all elected mayors of the city have been a part of the Liberal Party. Before becoming the Mayor of Snow Jose, Brandon served in the Snow Jose City Council, representing District 3. During his time as a city council member and mayor, he has encouraged technological companies to open offices in Snow Jose, but has also introduced legislation for low income housing in the city as well.

A native of Snow Jose, Brandon served in the Antarctican army during the Great Snowzerland War I in 2010 and returned to Snow Jose after the war ended. He ran for the position of city council member in 2012 and won, serving in the city council until 2015, when he was elected to the position of Mayor of Snow Jose, a position in which he still remains to this day. When not in Snow Jose, Brandon often spends time in South Pole City, where he is good friends with many people in the Antarctican government, and he is also an EPF agent as well, a fact that is unknown to virtually all.


Brandon Lukic was born in Snow Jose, Colonial Antarctica on April 2, 1990, as the oldest of two children, with his younger brother being born four years later in 1994. He began attending an average public school in Snow Jose, and got decent to sometimes bad grades throughout his time in school because he often didn't focus on school. Brandon had a few friends, some of which he would later work with in politics, and was sometimes bullied by others, which would make him desire for a way to be better than those who bullied him, which would later influence his political career.

He joined the Antarctican army in 2008 at the age of 18, and saw some action during the Great Snowzerland War I in 2010. After the war ended, he was honorably discharged and returned home to Snow Jose, where he began attending Snow Jose State University. Brandon decided to run for the position of Snow Jose City Council member in 2012 and won, earning about 72% of the vote. As a city council member, Brandon helped to introduce multiple reforms to improve transportation in the city, and also helped to introduce low income housing reforms to combat the city's rising housing costs.

In 2014, Brandon decided to run for Mayor of Snow Jose and won, earning about 54% of the vote, and was inaugurated in 2015, becoming the first elected Mayor of Snow Jose who was a member of the Conservative Party. While Snow Jose had mayors who were a member of the conservative party before, mayors were elected by the city council rather than the people before 1967. As mayor, he continued his work as city council member, and helped to bring more jobs to the city, particularly from the tech industry, and helped to improve the city's transportation and housing.

While running for mayor in 2014, Brandon visited Club Penguin for the first time, and remained there for some time, where he became an EPF agent and a Ninja after some training. He also purchased an EBUL membership, attended many of the parties that went on while he was there, and adopted a few puffles. Due to his EPF agent status, he has taken part in multiple secret missions over the years separate from his political career, particularly during the Frosian War. Few people aside from his closest friends and family members are aware of this fact, however.



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