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Brant Esser X
Born June 5, 1955 (1955-06-05) (age 64)
Acadia, Province of Acadia
Residence Acadia
Gender Male
Ethnicity Alemanian
Citizenship Acadia
Years active 1980 - 2010
Employer None (retired)
Known for Being in Acadia's and Club Penguin's legislature
Children Brant Esser XI
Parents Brant Esser IX

Brant Esser X, also known as Brant10, or Brant is the son of Brant Esser IX and the father of Brant Esser XI, the current president of Acadia. He was born in June of 1955. Like Red River 2, he was on Club Penguin's legislature until returning to Acadia in 2005.



Brant10 was born in the June of 1955 in Acadia, a Puffish colony at the time. Due to his family connections with Rockhopper's family, he interacted with some Hopper family members as a child. This soon spawned his interest in sailing.


As he grew older, he decided to pursue a career in law and politics. He first became a lawyer, opening a successful law firm in Acadia, which was the start of his road to politics. Within five years, he had gained much popularity in his district, and he felt confident enough to run for a seat in Acadia's legislature, which he won.

During his time as a lawyer, he had met a Francterran penguin while on vacation in Penguin Town, now Club Penguin. He invited her to Acadia, and with consent from her parents, they married in his large family mansion 3 months later.

In 1990, Brant and his wife had a chick, which they named Brant, continuing the 250-year tradition of naming the firstborn boy Brant. Shortly after Brant11's hatching, Brant10's wife started to get homesick. Because his term was ending in a month, Brant10 agreed to return to Penguin Town.

When the family moved to Penguin Town, they immediately met the Hochstadts, who owned an igloo next to their's. The two families became good friends, with Brant often interacting with the Hochstadt children. Brant10 ran for a seat in Penguin Island's legislature, like he had done in Acadia. Coincedentially, another penguin in the Legislature was Red River 2, his neighbor.

Later Life[edit]

During the years, Penguin Town's citizens became less content with Puffish rule, as they had passed multiple acts without their consent. With many other people, Brant10 helped found the Club, which protested Puffish rule. The Club helped fuel the rebellion raising money to buy weapons and supplies, and also kept the citizens informed. In 1999, the Colonial Antarctica War started, and Brant11 went to fight in the war.

After the war, Brant continued to stay in what was now Club Penguin, helping the Club with their new expansion project for the city. He resumed his job as a lawyer. One day, he got a letter from his son. Brant11 explained how he was living in Acadia, in the old mansion where he was born and asked his father to join him. Brant10 and his wife accepted, and they joined him in Acadia. He also decided to go into a retirement. They have been living in the mansion ever since.


Brant10 is know for being a popular figure in government himself, and also known for being the father of Brant11, the popular president of Acadia, as many people say that his son inherited success and leadership from him.


  • He is Alemanian.
  • Like his son, he was a popular figure in government.