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Brianna10111 image.PNG
Title Brianna10111
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction EPF
Health Very Good
Level 100
Status Doing stuff with the EPF
Location Club Penguin
Birth date December 3, 1999 (1999-12-03) (age 20)
Occupation EPF
Interests being a writer, being a ninja
Enemies All Evil Penguins
Archetype Good

Brianna10111 (1999-) or Brianna is an EPF agent and is one of the best.


Early life[edit]

Brianna hatched on 12-03-99. She lived with her mom, dad, and older sister. When Brianna was 2, she and her family moved to Club Penguin. When she was 3, the igloo she lived in caught on fire. She was the only one to get out alive. Her mom, dad, and sister died in the fire. Brianna was badly burned and was in the hospital for a year. Then she was put in a orphanage. She stayed there for a year. Finally, when she was 5, she was adopted. She thought she would have a loving family, but she was wrong. The penguins who adopted her did not want anything to do with her. So Brianna took care of herself.

First year in school[edit]

Brianna started school when she was 5 and she was bullied a lot because she was really short and she did not talk at all. But that all changed was a boy her age, saw a 5th grader bullying her. He went over to the kid and said, "Get away from her or else." The bully looked down at the boy and said "Or else what?" "Here's what." The boy said. Then he kicked the bully's foot very hard. "OW!" the bully screamed before walking back to his classroom. "Thank you. " Brianna said to the boy. "No problem," the boy said. He smiled and asked "What's your name?" "Brianna," she said. "I'm Josh. Want to come over my house after school?" he asked her. "Sure, I'd love to." "Cool. Who is your teacher?" he asked. "Ms. Snow," she replied. "Hey, she's my teacher too!" Josh said. "Cool!" Brianna said. They started walking to the classroom. Once they got there, Josh showed Brianna some of his friends and she made more friends. She and Josh became best friends that day and they still are.

Meeting Bethany[edit]

One day in the 1st grade, a new student came to the school. Her name was Bethany. No one talked to her because of her height. So one day, Brianna and Josh sat next to her and they became friends.

Beginning 4th grade[edit]

Brianna was having a great time at school. Every year Josh was in her class, and Bethany was too, but not in 2nd grade. That all changed in 4th grade. Josh and Bethany were not in her class, and she had the meanest teacher in the world. She thought she was going to have a bad year, until she met a girl. The girl was named Sammie. Sammie sat next to her every day at lunch. Sammie always made Brianna and everyone else in her class laugh at her jokes. Her and Sammie were good friends and they still are.

Becoming an agent[edit]

Brianna went to take the EPF test. She passed it. She went in the EPF command room. "Uh..." Brianna said. "Get back to work!" a penguin said walking in the room. "Gary!" one agent said. "We will," another one said. Then Gary walked over to Brianna. "You're the new agent?" he asked. " Yes." Brianna replied. "What's your name?" Gary asked. "Brianna," she said.



Brianna is now part of the EPF.


  • She loves pizza.
  • She is a top agent.
  • She has no puffles.
  • She loves going on PengTube.