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Bridgestadt Wide.png

Bridgestadt Flag.png
National name Bridgestadt
Country Ed Island
Capital city Bridgestadt
Largest city Bridgestadt
Formation 1791
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 1,485,137
Location Ed Island
Alliances Ed Island and her Allies
Neighbours Arlon, Waldreich,
Wellow, Sudentor

Bridgestadt, also referred to as the Reichshauptstadt Bridgestadt (English: Reich Capital Bridgestadt) is the capital city of Ed Island, as well as the state in which the city is named. Bridgestadt is located on the shore of Lake Eclipse.


The majority of Bridgestadt was demolished during the Wulfen War due to its close proximity to the shared borders between the Neumenian Reich and the Republic of Lower Ed, with only the southernmost portion of the city remaining relatively intact. After the surrender of the Wulfen and subsequent rebuilding of the nation, Bridgestadt was to be reconstructed past its former glory to be a monument to Ed Island's strength. The plan officially dubbed 'Comprehensive Construction Plan for the Ed Capital' sought out this renewal, with the construction of a grand central boulevard, central government hall (Große Halle), and reorganizing the many ministries and headquarters along the city. As requested by the First Hierarch, the new Bridgestadt was to be constructed in a paux-Penguin Empire architectural style known as Nationalist architecture. When the reconstruction of central Bridgestadt was completed in 1945 with the topping of the Große Halle's dome with a statue of the Ed Islandian phoenix, Bridgestadt had been totally rebuilt as a grand monument to Ed Island's strength.

During the 2013 occupation of Ed Island, Bridgestadt was renamed Bridgeport by the Snowinian government in an attempt to oppress Ed Islandian culture. It retained this name until the reunification of Ed Island in December of that year. During the recapture of the city, crates of demolition explosives were discovered around the Große Halle, leading many to believe Snowiny's goal was the annihilation of Ed Islandian culture. While no explicit demolition order was given by the Snowinian government, the argument has been used as recent as 2016 against the United Provinces.


Unlike the rest of Ed Island, the state of Bridgestadt is very flat with no major mountain ranges within its borders. This has proven ideal for the city, allowing it to grow to nearly the entirety of the state's borders. The city of Bridgestadt can be broken into two main locations: Central Bridgestadt and Coastal Bridgestadt.

Central Bridgestadt is based around the Große Halle, where the High and Lesser Councils convene along with the other various members of the National Party to discuss the various matters surrounding the nation. A three-kilometer long boulevard known as the Victory Boulevard runs though the city from the Große Halle to the Wulfen War memorial, lined with Ministry buildings, headquarters of the various Ed Island Military branches, and dozens of deactivated ceremonial artillery pieces. Laws in Bridgestadt forbids the construction of buildings taller than ten stories within several miles in order to preserve the view of the Große Halle.

Coastal Bridgestadt is, as the name implies, located on the coast of Lake Eclipse.

Notable Monuments[edit]

  • Khanzem War Column - A nearly 70 meter tall column dedicated to those who lost their lives during the Khanzem War.
  • Wulfen War Memorial - A 100 meter tall triumphal arch with the inscription of the name of every Ed Islandian and Neumenian killed during the Wulfen War.


  • Despite Bridgestadt being the capital city, the Imperial Palace is the home of the Hierarch, and is located in the neighboring state of Arlon.
  • Central Bridgestadt is directly inspired by Welthauptstadt Germania.