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Born Bro
February 25, 1999
Unknown Location
ColonialAntarcticaFlag.png Colonial Antarctica
Died March 18, 2025 (Age 26)
Eastern Shops, Shops Island
Cause of death Execution
Body discovered January 3, 2027
Resting place Chill Island
Residence ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Bro Town, Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Bro
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shopper
Occupation Miner, Ex-President, Governor, Soldier, SIA Agent
Years active 2011 - Present
Employer Self-Employed
Shopper Government (formerly)
Shopper Armed Forces (formerly)
Home town Unknown, USA
Salary Fluctuates
Net worth 800,000 WB$
Height 4.5 feet
Weight 122 lb.
Known for Third President of Shops Island
Title TheBroMaster (Chitter handle)
Term September - November 2012 (President)
Incumbent (Governor)
Predecessor Chill57181
Successor Mario Arkay
Opponent(s) Feey1 Pie, Future-Bro
Parents Unknown
Call-sign Bro
Were you looking for General Broseph, Baron von Broseef or the user?

Bro is a penguin who lives in Shops Island, a country where he was once president. He still holds a relevant position in politics as governor of Western Shops, and is known to be a very polarizing figure across the country. He is well known for his long list of odd and often unsuccessful jobs, which include but are not limited to being president of Shops Island, a miner, a construction worker, a double agent, and a member of The KD Band.

Bro is often kept busy through this set of jobs and hobbies, as well as his infrequent encounters with his X-Antibody and (unwittingly) his own pet puffle. He is good friends with LMGT, Penquino, Chill57181, Mario Arkay and Lavender, but doesn't spend too much time with them. He has spent a lot of his time traveling across Antarctica, and has an uncanny obsession with machinery and mining.

He is quite a volatile character, known for being crass and off-the-cuff, often making remarks which get him in trouble. Sometimes he's able to crack a smart remark. His lack of optimism and general happiness is often made fun of by his friends, who tease him about it to no end.


Bro often finds it hard to keep control of his emotions.

Bro is a very dark and sad penguin. A brooding loner, he didn't like confiding with those around him, and gave most, even his companions, the cold shoulder. Bro has been relentlessly twisted by personal traumatic experiences, and those who are out to get him. Due to these faults, Penquino thinks that he is very vulnerable to the seductiveness and lure of the dark side. He is often considered extremely rude, and has a very short temper. If things don't go his way, he'll get very annoyed, and will start doing things wrong on purpose, just to annoy those around him.

He also has a very conceited and conservative outlook on things, this shows with his style of dress, which is often brought to either positive or negative attention. This makes people look upon him as mean, and that's a big part of what got him impeached from the Shops Island Government back in November 2012.

Bro also seems to hate on anything that is different or distorted from his outlook on things. He is known to hate environmentalists and/or hippies, along with anyone who is physically different or out of social norms. He loves to constantly poke fun at his friends for their quirks, too.

Arrogant to a fault, Bro would often act out against his superiors and ignore their orders and advice, instead working on his "superior instinct". His arrogance is a direct source of his renowned intolerance, conceitedness, and harshness to those who contest him. He also has a bad habit of being neglectful of his puffles and/or certain duties in his life.

Often considered socially and emotionally unstable, Bro commonly explodes in fits of anger when distraught, or upset. He often broke out in bouts of tears when in despair, nor could he control his joy when something good would happen to him. Bro remains a secluded social outcast, hoping to achieve normality someday, though it seems futile.

Bro often disregards the consequences of any situation at hand, and tends to dive into many scenarios without thinking beforehand. Bro often makes rash decisions, that are beneficial for the moment, and maybe not in the long run. Many companions consider him to be reckless, often viewed as unable to control high-stress conditions, or even being unable to control his very fate.



Bro's presidential portrait.

In office
September 8, 2012 – November 30, 2012
Vice President Mario Arkay
Preceded by Chill57181
Succeeded by Mario Arkay

4th Governor of Western Shops
In office
June 11, 2013 – Incumbent
President Lavender
Preceded by Brook Edward LasVegas

1st Governor of Western Shops
In office
March 11, 2012 – September 8, 2012
President Chill57181
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Welcome00

Birth and Early Life

Bro was hatched on February 25th, 1999 in the USA. He recalls that he was likely hatched somewhere on the Antarctic Peninsula, near Club Penguin Island, yet no records exist to confirm or deny these claims. As Bro rose to popularity later in his life, rumors would develop stating that he was hatched on a toilet, and that's the reason of his poor health. Bro claims that this is patently untrue, and that he was hatched in a hospital. He also claims that his health issues stem from other issues. His parents had abandoned him when he was very young, as they were likely unprepared to take care of a chick at the time. Shortly before his abandonment, Bro's parents had moved from the Antarctic Peninsula to Club Penguin Island, where they settled into a modest igloo before throwing their only chick to the curb.

Bro was hatched as a yellow penguin, though he would later be repainted red so as not to be mistaken for a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Funnily enough, one of his first memories of being on Club Penguin Island was of the time he stumbled into the Pet Shop, which was (and still is) infested with Mwa Mwa Penguins. As he was a shy chick, he decided to keep a low profile, so as to not attract attention. This worked for a while, but he was later adopted by a young Tar Tar Peng and his family. As a pleasant surprise, Bro didn't turn out to be a poser Mwa Mwa Penguin who was only in it for cheap kicks.

Tar Tar Peng's family adopted Bro and treated him as part of the family during his formative years. However, these days, he doesn't like the family and has repeatedly testified against being related to them, and they have since severed all ties since they disowned Bro. Even though the family selflessly took him in when he was most vulnerable, Bro still resents the lot of them for petty, personal reasons. Tar Tar Peng's family was not well-off, and as such Bro had to grow up in less than ideal conditions. This made him grumpy and very resentful towards his adoptive parents.

When Bro was a chick in school, he had no friends, and had few common interests with anyone else. He was also shunned by other chicks for being very unfriendly and hostile. This was before he was introduced to music, as all his parents would allow him to listen to was childrens' music, which weren't to his liking, and he thought he was "too mature" for this genre. In the fifth grade, however, he finally gained some friends as he came out of his shell a little. Quickly, his new friends introduced him to good music, and he went from a grumpy wretch, to a happy, albeit still quite unpopular penguin.

Growing up in Club Penguin

Although he was raised to be a good and respectful penguin, Bro still managed to get himself into trouble. During the first Coins for Change event hosted in Club Penguin, Bro tampered some of the donation pipes in the mine and stole approximately 250,000 coins. At the time, he kept it a secret as best he could. However, keeping tight-lipped wasn't enough to keep the EBUL and the Coins for Change Organization from thinking something was up. Such a substantial amount of donation money going unaccounted for quickly raised eyebrows in the Coins For Change organization, and they set out to find out what had happened. At the same time, Bro's adoptive parents got suspicious about Bro's recent influx of money, however never knew what really happened because Tar Tar Peng lied that he gave Bro the coins, and later scolded him when nobody was looking. It was found out in January 2008, but at that time he was only eight years old, so he couldn't be convicted as a criminal, and TTP's parents were held responsible and sentenced to jail for two years. As Bro grew up, he tried as best he could to hide this shameful part of his history. Nonetheless, his actions that day would later come back to haunt him.

According to Tar Tar Peng, Bro mysteriously "disappeared" in October 2009 for unknown reasons and without a trace. At this time, Bro was having many supposed difficulties with school, and happened to get into many fights and conflicts with his peers. He returned quietly to Club Penguin in September 2010 where he set up a residence. He lived there until 2011, when he decided to move to Shops Island.

Shops Island and the rise to power

Bro moved to Shops Island in September 2011, which at the time was a corrupt and unstable dictatorship, ruled under the iron flipper of Ben 100022. He arrived in the new country with high hopes of becoming someone important, and making lots of money on the side. Upon his arrival, Bro opened up the aptly-named Bro Mall in Shops City, which started out with poor reviews due to low-quality items and a troubled supply chain. Over the next few months, however, Bro worked hard on his business and eventually made it quite respectable. It started gaining much attention in Shops City, much to the chagrin of president Ben. On the side, Bro also applied to become an agent with the SIA, a role he would not have much to do with under a few years later. Bro had criticized the Shopper leader on many occasions, and Ben decided that this had to stop. Bro was arrested in January of 2012, though he was later released by popular demand.

After his run-in with the government, Bro decided that things had to change, and as such he became a figurehead of the growing resistance against Ben. This all came to a head in late February, in which Bro helped organize a raid of the Shops City government buildings. These raids resulted in the capture and dethroning of Ben. A friend of Bro's, Chill57181 was declared as president with his then-rival Penquino as vice-president. For his efforts, Bro was given a seat on the Shops Island Council; his term started on February 25th, 2012, which just happened to be his thirteenth birthday. This move was criticized by Penquino, who stated that Bro had not done enough for the country to be appointed to such a role. Upon hearing of all the drama which had occurred in the Shopper state, many other countries such as the USA and UnitedTerra were quick to criticize the young state for being lead by so many teen-aged penguins.

Bro panning gold on his claim during the Shops Island Gold Rush.

In the middle of his rising political career came the Shops Island Gold Rush. Bro jumped at the opportunity to make a name for himself, and opened up one of the few successful claims in the Mario Mountains. He ran a small mining operation there for a few months with a handful of employees, before shuttering the operation due to his political aspirations.

Penquino was soon ousted as vice-president for political reasons, and he was replaced with Bro's good friend Brook Edward LasVegas on March 7th, 2012. In June, the state of Western Shops was officially incorporated and Bro was offered the governorship, which he gladly accepted. He resigned his seat on the Shops Island Council and turned his focus to the newly-incorporated state. As a gesture of goodwill towards the vice-president, Bro founded Brookelas Town, and Brook founded Bro Town in return, circumventing a rule prohibiting politicians from naming places after themselves.

Bro and Brook soon entered into an unofficial political alliance, as they both had goals of rising to power in Shops Island. They both had their eyes on the ultimate prize: the Shopper Presidency.

The 2012 Election

See also: Shops Island Presidential Election 2012

Brook and Bro, after much "digging", managed to uncover "damning evidence" against incumbent president Chill57181. In reality, they hadn't really uncovered anything that could hurt his presidency, but Chill was forced to resign and call an election nonetheless, in fears that the populace may actually believe their lies.

Bro believed that such an election would be an easy win for him, due to his rising popularity and political capital. These plans for an easy cruise to victory went out the window, however, when Mario Arkay, backed by Chill, joined the race and began to pose a serious threat to Bro's candidacy. Bro's problems were further compounded as he got in multiple public spats with Djf, a politician from Moon Island. In the middle of the election campaign, Bro and Brook were both trailing far behind Mario, and this trend continued all the way to election day.

Fearing the worst, Bro and Brook decided to do what any desperate politician would do; they rigged the election, casting thousands of phantom ballots for Bro and winning him the election. At the time, nobody suspected any wrongdoing, and Bro took the oath of office on September 8th, 2012, becoming the third President of Shops Island. Little did he know, Bro's multiple misdeeds from the past would later come back to haunt him and make his presidency miserable.

A picture taken of Bro shortly after he "won" the election.


One nation... under Bro!
— Bro's campaign slogan.

Bro's election victory came as a shock to many, given that he'd had limited political experience, and the fact that he'd had such a public spat with a disabled politician didn't help his case. Many international governments lambasted the election, stating that it showed a "profound disrespect for democratic values" to elect someone so young to the country's highest office, especially one that had such close ties to the previous leadership. In his inaugural address, Bro tried to put many of these rumors to rest, stating that he would be a president for all penguins, and that he would put bias aside to do what was best for his country.

At the beginning of his term, Bro devoted much of his time to popular initiatives such as improving Shopper infrastructure, increasing funding for the Shops Island Bureau of Transportation, and pushing forward measures to stimulate the Shopper economy. His actions saw a drastic deflation of the WB$, due to his initiatives to make life more affordable for the average penguin. To set an example for mall owners everywhere, he established the "Shoptastic Center" in Bro Town, which was a mall dedicated to producing high-quality, yet very cheap items. Other businesses found it quite hard to compete with this model, and as such prices for many goods were driven down across the board.

Bro also aspired to increase Shops Island's power on the international stage. Under his presidency, Shops Island joined the UAN and SATO, and Bro made a very controversial executive order, requesting that the SIA work to acquire nuclear weapons for Shops Island. After many weeks of negotiations within the SIA, some agents were able to sneak into EPF laboratories and steal pertinent documents outlining the key steps to building nuclear weapons. The Shopper military then, under Bro's instruction, constructed a handful of these weapons. They were never tested, however, and by the time they would actually have to be used, Squarium was discovered and became a suitable alternative.

As a key tenet of his foreign policy, Bro also aspired to gain some territory for Shops Island. Knowing that Shops Island did not yet have the military prowess or the finances necessary to take a colony by force, or to purchase one, Bro outlined his own plan to gain land elsewhere: in the Arctic, on the other side of the Earth. This risky endeavor was deemed Operation: Landmass. However, it was not executed until after Bro's impeachment, and the colossal failure of the mission was pinned on Mario Arkay; he was given no choice but to go forward with the operation, due to the resources already having been allocated to such a mission. On a brighter note, Bro's presidency also saw breakthroughs in diplomacy; under his administration, official relations were secured with Polaris and many of the Ninja Archipelago nations. Existing relations with the USA were also strengthened as Bro pledged to commit more funds to paying down Shops' debt towards the USA.

Although Bro had lofty ambitions for his time in office, he had stepped on many feet and made plenty of enemies to get where he now was. He had publicly insulted Djf on multiple occasions, he had gotten into multiple spats with Penquino, and he turned his back on Brook Edward LasVegas after his election victory. Chill soon caught wind of Bro and Brook's devious plans, and even though he and Bro were friends, Chill believed that punishment was due. Bro had also led a very secretive administration, holding few press briefings and frequently harassing journalists for asking simple, innocent questions. Further, allegations of corruption and cronyism were rampant in Bro's administration. He ruled with an iron flipper, and fired many staff members and cabinet secretaries for not meeting his high standards.


A picture of a very unhappy Bro, taken in the midst of his impeachment proceedings.
When people write to me in the far corners of Antarctica and beg me to say something, I do it. Bullying, corruption, and cronyism have doomed a young and promising nation to a curse of despotism. You are unfit to rule. Now go away.
— An op-ed penned by TurtleShroom shortly before Bro's removal from office.

By November 2012, rumors of corruption and cronyism had severely dogged Bro's administration. Near the end of his term, he had alienated most people in government and on his personal staff to such a degree that nobody would work with him in any capacity. Some journalists working in Shops City eventually teamed up, using Shops Island's "Freedom of Information Act" to request access to the election records. After much detailed reading into the ballots and their results, these journalists brought forward a very damning case, showing that there was a "very good chance" that Bro, Brook, and their cronies tampered with the election to give him the victory.

These serious allegations eventually led to a trial in the Shops Island Council, where Bro was charged with "Election Fraud" and "Obstruction of Justice". In a nearly-unanimous vote, Bro was found guilty on both charges, and was officially removed from office on November 30th, 2012. Upon his impeachment, his Vice-President, Mario Arkay took the oath of office and assumed the presidency.

Post-Presidency and Present Day

After being removed from his post in disgrace, Bro went to Polaris for a short vacation before returning and handing over his main business, the Shoptastic Center, to Chill57181. He then settled down in his home and sank out of the public spectrum for a while. He would later travel to Club Penguin, only to be caught in the midst of Herbert P. Bear's devious scheme to take over the island. Given that he was already an agent of both the EPF and the SIA, Bro took it upon himself, and joined a rag-tag group of agents who ended up being crucial to overthrowing Herbert's regime. Shortly after Operation: Blackout, he would give up his role as an EPF agent so that he would no longer have to deal with missions like that.

Bro's role in saving Shops Island from a Snoss attack and his assistance during Operation: Blackout made him a slightly more sympathetic figure in the eyes of the Shopper people, who eventually forgave him for his misdeeds to a degree good enough to have him re-elected to the governorship of Western Shops in June of 2013. Since his removal from office, Bro has worked on currying favor with now-President Lavender, and has become a valuable economic advisor for the president.

In his free time, Bro spends his time lounging around, casually keeping a check on his businesses, going on spending sprees, mining, quad racing with Chill, and other things he enjoys. He also just listens to music while driving to calm him down after a long day's work, or if he's bored. Bro has also taken up the self-appointed role of being a vigilante, and likes to carry a gun wherever he goes. He keeps it under his shirt or jacket when convenient.

Frosian War

See also: Frosian War

At the outbreak of the Frosian War, Bro did not think much of the conflict, and thought that he would surely be immune to any effects of the war due to his governorship and his time spent as president. Despite his predictions, Bro was involuntarily enlisted into the armed forces via a draft. In boot camp, he would meet a penguin named Slender, who would later go on to become the emperor of Magonia. The two penguins ended up getting in quite a bit of trouble in boot camp, and were thus sent into the field of battle prematurely as part of the SIA Special Forces.

During Bro and Slender's time serving Shops Island, they traveled to Malesia, served alongside EPF agent Jimmy Blond, were inducted into the Frosian Warriors for a brief period, and became troop commanders during the allied raid of Freezeland at the end of the war. Their time on the battlefield created a great mutual respect between Bro and Slender, and the two have kept in contact ever since the war ended. Bro has chosen not to indulge much upon his time in service, although he has kept a few mementos from his adventures during the war.


Bro in 2024, shortly before his untimely death.
See Shops Civil War for more information

In early 2025, Bro would campaign for the position of Shopper Vice-President following Lavender's resignation and Chill57181's promotion to president, only to lose out to his old political rival Djf, who rigged the vote in his favor. Bro made sure to make a big fuss about this injustice, claiming that the election had been "stolen" from him. He was executed on March 18th, 2025 under Djf and Brook's tyrannical regime for dissenting against the Shopper state. In death, Bro often appeared as a ghost to help his rebel friends in their quest against the evil Shopper Empire.

After the war ended, Bro was buried on Chill Island, in spite of his wishes to be buried in Bro Town. He was laid to rest on January 3rd, 2027, almost two years after he was executed. Even though his service in the Frosian War entitled him to military honors at burial, Bro politely turned down these privileges in his will. History would remember Bro as a martyr for his staunch opposition to the young Shopper Empire.


Bro had a small, and rather insignificant role in Club Penguin while he lived there. He used to be an agent of the EPF, and assisted them to a small degree in Operation Blackout. Bro is also fluent in German and somewhat fluent in French, though none of his friends care about it. Bro is the only penguin in his family tree that is known to exist; his mother and father are unaccounted for, nor are his aunts, uncles, siblings, or cousins accounted for. He is also an excellent miner. Other than mining, he has many other tradesman qualities, most notably rough carpentry and iron-working, which makes his friends call him a "Pyromaniac". This is true, as he loves playing with fire. He sometimes travels with the Hochstadt Gang and is credited for saving Shops Island from nuclear annihilation with the help of Jock and Clovis Hochstadt. During the Frosian War, Bro served as both an SIA troop and a soldier under the Frosian Warriors. Bro also helped his friend Chill in tracking down Lavender's chicks, Red and Blue, while the Shopper president was on vacation.

He has always had a keen interest in the SIA, specifically their space travel endeavors. He sometimes gives ideas to Warning von Brown concerning the design of and the building of new rocket boosters and orbit capsules, although he rarely takes these considerations seriously. His involvement with the SIA dropped considerably after his impeachment, however.

Living Spaces

Bro owns two houses; his primary residence is located just outside of Bro Town (how convenient!). When he built his house, Bro prematurely named it "Bro Mansion", in spite of the fact that it was nowhere even close to being an actual mansion. His other house is located in Lightning Harbor, Calada, which is a six-acre property, sealed by a barbed-wire fence of which he often breaks the boundaries. Bro doesn't often go to his Caladian home; mostly going only for a getaway from Shopper life and politics. When he isn't at home, he trusts his three puffles to take care of the house for him.

Presidential Legacy

Bro's presidency, and the achievements made during his term in office, are often overshadowed by Bro's recklessness with his power. He would often make executive decisions without consulting others, and he was extremely arrogant toward the government and his staff. His greater accomplishments as president include upgrading Shops' transportation system, reorganizing the banks, and strengthening diplomatic relations between Shops Island and other countries.

Hobbies and Activities

When he's not doing one of his odd jobs or getting involved in politics, Bro is often found indulging in one of his many favorite past-times.

  • Bro often likes woodworking or building things out of steel. However, there's a slight problem: Bro is terrible at measuring things, and thus is only good at building rudimentary things such as frames and basic apparatuses. He has neither the skill nor the patience to undertake projects which require more finesse.
  • Whenever he travels to Chill Island, Bro makes sure to engage in a quad race with his good friend Chill57181, as part of a proud tradition they've had going on for years now. Bro usually wins these races, as he likes to cheat and/or sabotage Chill's quad bike.
  • When he's feeling lazy, Bro can easily spend all day on the internet watching WaddleTube videos.
  • Bro has always had a keen interest in mining and heavy equipment, and as such he often likes to go to mines and construction sites to see what's going on. Sometimes, he'll sign on to a company for a while to pitch in and make some extra money when governing Western Shops doesn't take up too much of his time.
  • He loves driving, and often goes on joy rides throughout Bro Town and the surrounding area to clear his mind from any stress he might be encountering.

Stories and Adventures

Bro has been involved in many different adventures across Antarctica, including:

Powers and Abilities

Often considered physically inept, Bro's physical capabilities are often undermined by those of his friends, such as Penquino for example, who is a Jedi Master. Bro's inability to keep up with his friends is a constant source of weakness and embarrassment for him. He often relies on machine power, rather than his own physical strength to accomplish his feats.

As shown in Bro and the Hochstadts, Bro is a poor fighter, and is incapable of effectively defending himself without the use of weaponry. He is, however, swift and nimble with a gun, when it comes to shooting. When angry, his fighting skills improve immensely. Bro's anger fuels the only physical power that resides in him. What he lacks in physical strength is compensated for, by his ability to use weapons to his advantage.

To compensate for his weakness, Bro often carries around a gun and/or a Knicicle to defend himself. Luckily for him, he is never really attacked or threatened, but his paranoia encourages him to carry weapons on his person nonetheless.


Bro is one of the many penguins infected with the Nookularix Virus. Many people claim Bro's Nookularix Virus infection was the cause of his asthma. Bro denies this, and says it impacted his cardiovascular system, and he was born with a poor respiratory system.

Aside from these disorders, he's had a miniature machine placed in his lungs to keep his air circulating. Without it, doctors say that he may very well die from a lack of oxygen. Sometimes, however, he can sleep without it even though it wreaks havoc on his health.



  • LMGT - Bro and LMGT met soon after Bro arrived in Shops Island. Their relations grew even stronger when Bro rose to power, and they have remained friendly ever since LMGT became director of the SIA. As such, Bro and his other friends often ask LMGT for favors when they go on adventures.
  • Chill57181 - Although they disagreed about a great many things in politics, Bro and Chill are good friends, and often go on crazy adventures with each other. Although Bro doesn't live on Chill Island, he visits frequently to hang out with Chill and his other friends. Although Bro is much more uptight, he and Chill still bond over many silly things, such as memes and ridiculing "scrubs".
  • Mario Arkay - Mario was Bro's vice-president and his presidential successor. They didn't agree upon many things in politics, but get along quite well in their personal lives. Bro considers Mario to be a friend by extension, mostly because of mutual relations with Chill.
  • Penquino - When Bro arrived on Shops Island and started his political career, Penquino and Bro hated each other due to differing political opinions and differing approaches to governing. These tensions came to a head when Penquino was a leading figure in Bro's impeachment. Since then, they have rekindled a relationship and are now very good friends.
  • Sancho Monte Captio - Bro and Sancho fostered a good friendship during Bro's presidency, despite their stark differences in policy.
  • Hochstadt Gang - The Hochstadts and Bro formed an unlikely alliance while Bro was on vacation to Buhu Isle, and together they were able to save Shops Island from a Snoss attack.
  • Yoshi - Yoshi and Bro met soon after they both arrived in Shops Island. They got along famously as they both tried to open malls in Bro Town and Penguin City, respectively. Although Yoshi never came along on adventures with Bro and his other friends, they still keep very frequent contact.
  • Slender - Bro and Slender met during the Frosian War, and spent lots of time fighting together. They lost contact after the war, but Bro stated publicly his admiration for Slender after he was crowned emperor of Magonia.
  • Lavender - The two have very similar political views, and Lavender publicly endorsed Bro in his race for governorship of Western Shops. Bro has also advised Lavender on economic matters in multiple occasions.
  • General Broseph - Bro often hails the similarly-named general as a hero due to the multiple wars he fought in. They interacted quite briefly during the Frosian War, although they haven't conversed in any capacity. Bro was one of the few people to support General Broseph, even after he was sacked.
  • General Lorn - The two met briefly during the Frosian War. Bro admires General Lorn for his leadership and his posh attitude.
  • Baron von Broseef - Bro has met the general on a few occasions, and often praises his leadership of the military after Broseph's "untimely" removal.
  • The Ed - Ed is another one of Chill's mutual friends. They were friendly with each other for a long time, although they only went on their first adventure together in 2018. Bro doesn't have the heart to tell Ed and the others that he thinks the Meme Machine is a useless heap of scrap.
  • Red and Blue - Bro is delighted whenever he gets to meet Lavender's chicks; he thinks they're both quite funny and can't help but laugh at the trouble they get themselves in.


  • Violet - Bro and Violet have met on a few occasions due to political business. Although they disagree strongly on political matters, they have kept things cordial.
  • Penstubal - The two have never met. Even so, Bro has referred to Penstubal as a scrub, and has called him "a terrible author".


  • Ben 100022 - Bro was one of Ben's most vocal critics during his dictatorship. This resulted in Bro being imprisoned on a few occasions, albeit quite briefly, as a show of Ben's power. Bro is also credited with spearheading the effort to get Ben kicked out of office and exiled in early 2012. Bro has been trying to convince his other friends to go to Slumolia and hunt for Ben, but this hasn't gone over too well.
  • TurtleShroom - They have never met, although Bro has frequently criticized TurtleShroom over his moralistic behavior and his bent for censorship. TSP, in turn, also sponsored attack ads against Bro when he was president.
  • Feey1 Pie - Although Bro was not directly involved in Feey's fall from power, the two have a great animosity for each other that seemingly came out of nowhere. Bro was very vocal in support of the Great Yowien War.
  • Future-Bro - It's quite obvious that a penguin and his X-Antibody would fight frequently. Future-Bro (and his secret henchman) have spent years trying (and failing) to kill his host, and Bro has had to evade many of these attempts.
  • David Franklin - Bro has often made fun of Djf for his disability, which has directed much criticism towards Bro and has made him an unpopular figure in Moon Island, where Djf is governor. Bro always thought that Djf was incredibly sketchy, and this view would be confirmed in the future.
  • Brook Edward LasVegas - Bro and Brook used to be very good friends, and hung out all the time, much to the chagrin of Chill, Mario, and Bro's other cohort of his friends. They even went as far as naming towns after each other to circumvent the rule forbidding politicians from naming cities after themselves. This fond relationship came to an end, however, when Brook kidnapped Bro and sent him to Slumolia during the 2013 election.


Bro has no biological family that he knows of due to his abandonment as a chick. However, he considers Tar Tar Peng and company to be family to some extent, although they have no contact. Bro has stated that he is not interested in discovering his real parents anytime soon.


Bro has three puffles.

  • Yoshi is a white puffle; he is the first pet adopted by Bro, in 2011. He is known for being quite intelligent, although he is also lazy. He doesn't get into trouble, so Bro generally lets him do his own thing. Yoshi is the only puffle in Bro's family who cannot speak.
  • Pheonix II is a black puffle, whom Bro adopted in 2012. For some reason, Bro believes him to be of Japalandese descent, even if it clearly isn't true. Pheonix, however, is evil. Bro does not know this, even though Pheonix teams up frequently with his X-Antibody to try and take him down. Unbeknownst to Bro, Pheonix can speak, but he keeps this ability a secret from his owner.
  • Roebling is a brown puffle adopted by Bro in 2017. He is quite intelligent, much like Yoshi, but is also industrious. He's the only puffle who converses with Bro and his friends on a regular basis.



  • Bro always carries around a spray can of Ditto A for some reason.
  • He thinks the Von Schneesturm family and Slender are annoying.
  • He used to play electric guitar for the KD Band, and he also plays the trumpet.
  • He served as a soldier during the Frosian War.
    • Bro keeps a Knicicle that he was gifted during the war on him at all times.
  • Although he doesn't like the taste of Orange Juice, he frequently buys it as a sign of reverence for Kermit.
  • Even though he gave up his role as an EPF agent in 2012, he still carries his badge and is willing to flash it to get into restricted areas.
  • Bro keeps a flag of Achadia in his bedroom. He also wishes to get an autographed CHAD THUNDERBEAK Electric Shocktopi jersey, but has thus far been unsuccessful.

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