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Bro Jean

No guts, no glory!
Born Bro Melnyseph Jean
February 25, 1999
Unknown, USA
Died 2025
Shops Island
Cause of death Execution
Body discovered 2026
Resting place Chill Island
Residence Shops Island
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Bro
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Education Homeschooled
Occupation Miner, Former Government official, Soldier, SIA Agent
Years active 2011-
Employer Self-Employed, KD Band
Home town Unknown, USA
Salary Fluctuates
Net worth 800,000 WB$
Height 4.5 feet
Weight 122 lb.
Known for Former president of Shops Island
Title TheBroMaster
Term February - November 2012
Predecessor Chill57181
Successor Mario Rk
Opponent(s) Feey1 Pie, Future-Bro
Parents Unknown
Call-sign Bro
Were you looking for General Broseph, Baron von Broseef or the user?

Bro is a penguin who lives in Shops Island, a country where he was once president. He still holds a relevant position in politics and is a popular and controversial figure across the country. He is well known for his long list of odd and often unsuccessful jobs, which include but are not limited to being president of Shops Island, a miner, a construction worker, a double agent, and a member of The KD Band.

Bro is often kept busy through this set of jobs and hobbies, as well as his infrequent encounters with his X-Antibody and (unwittingly) his own pet puffle. He is good friends with LMGT, Penquino, Chill57181, Mario Rk and Lavender, but doesn't spend too much time with them. He has spent a lot of his time traveling across Antarctica, and has an uncanny obsession with machinery and mining.

He is quite a volatile character, known for being crass and off-the-cuff, often making remarks which get him in trouble. Sometimes he's able to crack a smart remark. His lack of optimism and general happiness is often made fun of by his friends, who tease him about it to no end.


Bro often finds it hard to keep control of his emotions.

Bro is a very dark and sad penguin. A brooding loner, he didn't like confiding with those around him, and gave most, even his companions, the cold shoulder. Bro has been relentlessly twisted by personal traumatic experiences, and those who are out to get him. Due to these faults, Penquino thinks that he is very vulnerable to the seductiveness and lure of the dark side. He is often considered extremely rude, and has a very short temper. If things don't go his way, he'll get very annoyed, and will start doing things wrong.

He also has a very conceited and conservative outlook on things, this shows with his style of dress, which is often brought to either positive or negative attention. This makes people look upon him as mean, and that's what got him impeached from the Shops Island Government back in November 2012.

Bro also seems to hate on anything that is different of distorted from his outlook on things. He is known to hate environmentalists and/or hippies, along with anyone who is physically different or out of social norms. He loves to constantly poke fun at his friends for their quirks, too.

Arrogant to a fault, Bro would often act out against his superiors and ignore their orders and advice, instead working on his "superior instinct". His arrogance is a direct source of his renowned intolerance, conceitedness, and harshness to those who contest him. He also has a bad habit of being neglectful of his puffles and/or certain duties in his life.

Often considered socially and emotionally unstable, Bro commonly explodes in fits of anger when distraught, or upset. He often broke out in bouts of tears when in despair, nor could he control his joy when something good would happen to him. Bro remains a secluded social outcast, hoping to achieve normality someday, though it seems futile.

Bro often disregards the consequences of any situation at hand, and tends to dive into many scenarios without thinking beforehand. Bro often makes rash decisions, that are beneficial for the moment, and maybe not in the long run. Many companions consider him to be reckless, often viewed as unable to control high-stress conditions, or even being unable to control his very fate.



Bro's portrait as of 2013.

In office
September 8, 2012 – November 30, 2012
Vice President Mario Rk
Preceded by Chill57181
Succeeded by Mario Rk

4th Governor of Western Shops
In office
June 11, 2013 – Incumbent
President Lavender
Preceded by Brook Edward LasVegas

1st Governor of Western Shops
In office
March 11, 2012 – September 8, 2012
President Chill57181
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Welcome00


Bro was hatched on Febuary 25th, 1999 in the USA.

Rumor says he was hatched on the toilet, and that's the reason of his poor health, even though it stems otherwise. His parents had abandoned him at a young helpless age of three days old, only for him to be colored yellow at the time, and stumble into a pet shop filled with Mwa Mwa Penguins, even though he wasn't one. Unlike the others, he didn't complain or whine, and tried to escape the wretched building, but his attempts were futile.

Tar Tar Peng's family adopted him the next day. these days, he doesn't like the family and testified against being related to them, and now they never talk ever since they disowned Bro. He says he was disowned because TTP's family claimed he was a Mwa Mwa Penguin, temporarily destroying his reputation.

Early life

When Bro was young, he had no friends, and had almost no interests. He was also shunned by other chicks for being so unfriendly and hostile. This was before he was introduced to (good) music, as all he got to listen to in school was fairy tale songs, which weren't to his liking, and he thought he was too mature for them.

In the fifth grade, however, he finally gained some friends from his newly-shown art skills and intelligence. Quickly, his new friends introduced him to good music, and he went from a grumpy wretch, to a happy, popular penguin.

The CFC Scandal

Living with TTP's parents was tough. They were poor, so he didn't get anything to his liking. This made him upset, even grumpier than he used to be.

So, during the first Coins For Change, Bro went to some of the donation pipes in the mine and stole 250,000 coins. Nobody except you (and Tar Tar Peng) knows about it until this day. Due to this, the amount of coins shared were reduced terribly, and his adopted parents got suspicious, however never knew because Tar Tar Peng lied that he gave Bro the coins, and later scolded him when nobody was looking. It was found out in January 2008, but at that time he was only eight years, so he couldn't be convicted as a criminal, and TTP's parents were held responsible and sentenced to jail for two years.


Bro mysteriously disappeared in October 2009 for unknown reasons and without a trace. He returned to Club Penguin in September 2010 where he set up a residence. He lived there until 2011 when he moved to Shops Island.

Life in Government and Presidency

Bro first went to Shops Island in September 2011, which at the time was a corrupt, and poor dictatorship. He went there hoping to turn around the economy, and make money, which he did.

In February 25 2012 (his thirteenth birthday), he was granted a position in the Shops Island Administration. This made him one of the youngest government officials in all of Antarctica. This was judged and criticized by many nations such as the USA and the UTR and they say "he [Bro] is too young to be a government official".

Many countries were even further outraged when Bro became president. They said "this must be an aristocracy to [Shops Island] let a teenager run the government!". Bro disagreed, and said he wouldn't make any stupid decisions.

During his presidency, Bro improved Shops Island's transportation infrastructure and strengthened the economy. He opened up diplomatic relations with more nations, and the military saw a slight increase in funding during his tenure. In secrecy, Bro secured the blueprints for nuclear weapons from the USA, making Shops a nuclear nation.


In November 2012, rumors of corruption became widespread throughout Bro's administration. These allegations eventually lead to a trial in the Shops Island Council, where he was also found guilty of abuse of power; these allegations eventually got him impeached from the presidency, and Mario Rk took over. He went to Polaris for a short vacation before returning and handing over his main business to Chill57181. He then settled down in his home and sank out of the public spectrum for a while.


Nowadays, Bro spends his time lounging around, casually keeping a check on his businesses, going on spending sprees, mining, quad racing with Chill, and other things he enjoys. He also just listens to music while driving to calm him down after a long day's work, or if he's bored. Bro has also taken up the self-appointed role of being a vigilante, and likes to carry a gun wherever he goes. He keeps it under his shirt or jacket when convenient.


See Shops Civil War for more information

Bro's future is uncertain. In late 2025, he would campaign for the position of Shopper vice-president, only to lose out to David Franklin, who rigged the vote in his favor. He was executed the same year under Djf and Brook's tyrannical regime. Since then, he often appeared as a ghost to help his rebel friends in their quest against Shops.


Bro had a small, and rather insignificant role in Club Penguin while he lived there. He used to be an agent of the EPF, and assisted them minorly in Operation Blackout. Bro is also fluent in German and somewhat fluent in French, though none of his friends care about it. Bro is the only penguin in his family tree that is known to exist; his mother and father are unaccounted for, nor are his aunts, uncles, siblings, or cousins accounted for. He is also an excellent miner. Other than mining, he has many other tradesman qualities, most notably rough carpentry and iron-working, which makes his friends call him a "Pyromaniac". This is true, as he loves playing with fire. He sometimes travels with the Hochstadt Gang and is credited for saving Shops Island from nuclear annihilation with the help of Jock and Clovis Hochstadt. During the Frosian War, Bro served as both an SIA troop and a soldier under the Frosian Warriors.

He also received SIA-certified space training, and is the youngest astronaut on the force. He sometimes gives ideas to Warning von Brown concerning the design of and the building of new rocket boosters and orbit capsules. His involvement in the SIA has dropped significantly, though.

Living Spaces

Bro owns two living spaces. His famous one is Bro Mansion on Shops Island, which he built himself. His other one is in Calada, which is a six-acre property, sealed by a barbed-wire fence which he often breaks the boundaries of. Bro doesn't often go to his Caladian home; mostly going only for a getaway from Shopper life and politics.


Bro's presidency, and the achievements made during his term in office, are often overshadowed by Bro's recklessness with his power. He would often make executive decisions without consulting others, and he was extremely arrogant toward the government and his staff. His greater accomplishments as president include upgrading Shops' transportation system, reorganizing the banks, and strengthening diplomatic relations between Shops and other countries.

Powers and Abilities

Often considered physically inept, Bro's physical capabilities are often undermined by those of his friends, such as Penquino for example, who is a Jedi Master. Bro's inability to keep up with his friends is a constant source of weakness and embarrassment for him. He often relies on machine power, rather than his own physical strength to accomplish his feats.

As shown in Bro and the Hochstadts, Bro is a poor fighter, and is incapable of effectively defending himself without the use of weaponry. He is, however, swift and nimble with a gun, when it comes to shooting. When angry, his fighting skills improve immensely. Bro's anger fuels the only physical power that resides in him. What he lacks in physical strength is compensated for, by his ability to use weapons to his advantage.


Bro is one of the many penguins infected with the Nookularix Virus. Many people claim Bro's Nookularix Virus infection was the cause of his asthma. Bro denies this, and says it impacted his cardiovascular system, and he was born with a poor respiratory system.

Aside from these disorders, he's had a miniature machine placed in his lungs, to keep his air circulating. Without it, he would die from a lack of oxygen. Sometimes, however, he can sleep without it even though it wreaks havoc on his health.




Bro has no biological family that he knows of due to his abandonment as a chick. However, he considers Tar Tar Peng and company to be family to some extent, although they have no contact. Bro has stated that he is not interested in discovering his real parents anytime soon.


Bro has three puffles. A black one named Pheonix. Pheonix is renowned for being extremely destructive and evil, and continually tries to kill Bro's friends. Bro also has a white puffle named Yoshi, who is very intelligent albeit lazy, and sleeps most of the time. His third and newest puffle is named Roebling, who is also quite smart but also has the added benefit of being able to speak with penguins.



  • He has an X-Antibody; Future-Bro.
  • He was the first known penguin to catch the Nookularix Virus.
  • Bro is adopted, and this revelation is rooted in his deep arrogance and harshness.
  • He always carries around a spray can of Ditto A for some reason.
  • Many penguins believe that he actually wants to make peace and become friends with TSP.
  • He thinks the Von Schneesturm family and Slender are annoying.
  • He plays electric guitar for the KD Band, and he also plays the trumpet.
  • He served as a soldier during the Frosian War.

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