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Bro Town
Bro Town at night.
Country Shops Island
Area Mario Mountains, Eastern Shops, Shops Island
Monuments Penguin Place
Mayor UK Flag 2.png Micheal Shaun
Population 5110
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Founded January 2012
– Founder Brook Edward LasVegas

Bro Town (Brostadt in German) is a small city in Eastern Shops, west of Penguin City. Bro Town acts as the financial hub of Eastern Shops, which houses Eastern Shops' bank vaults and precious material deposits. The small city is nestled in the Mario Mountains, and acts as a popular tourist destination for skiers and thrill-seekers. Bro Town is, per penguin, the richest city on Shops Island and the citizens of the city know it to be true. The city is known for its substantial German-speaking population, which makes up more than half the population.


Shops Island governors Brook Edward LasVegas and Bro Jean were best friends in late 2011/early 2012, and communicated quite often. They wanted to make towns named after themselves, but unfortunately they weren't allowed to due to Shops' law against government officials (except the president) making cities/towns named after themselves. So, they came up with the idea to create towns named after each other in the opposite states. Thus, Bro made Brookelas Town in Western Shops, and Brook made Bro Town in Eastern Shops. The town was originally inhabited by all Snoss and Alemanian immigrants, but small Puffish and Frankterran minorities moved in as well. Due to the town being a popular tourist attraction, several ski lodges and spas were built to boost the industry year round with more activities.


Bro Town's economy mainly comprises of revenue generated from the many ski hills and resorts that surround the city. Skiing and snowboarding fanatics from all over Antarctica come to Bro Town for its Germanic and Frankterran-style food, its scenery, and much more. The mining industry used to be the largest source of income for Bro Town during the Shops Island Gold Rush, but the industry has gone almost extinct ever since then. Unlike many other rich municipalities across Shops, heavy industry has not affected the town, nor has it played much of a role in the economy.

Demographics and Culture[edit]

Selected Ethnic
Origins, 2016
Ethnic origin Population
Snowzerland Flag.png Snoss 1685
Osterreach Flag.png Osterreachean 1089
UK Flag 2.png Puffish 775
Alemania Flag.png Alemanian 689
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezelandian 265
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterran 202
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Ruscan 161
Sleetden.png Sleetish 145
Minorities 99
Total 5110
Bro Town
Local Census,

Bro Town has a population of roughly 5100 penguins, most of which are made up of Ninja Archipelagoan descent. Most residents of the city originate, or have origins from the Puffish Empire, or the German States. The Snoss, Alemanians, and Osterreacheans modeled the town after their motherland, but in a much friendlier (and propaganda-free) vision. Germanic houses are constructed everywhere, along with many bakeries and eateries, which are known to make Strudel and Snoss Chocolate. In recent times, especially around the GSWVI, the Shopper government paid close attention to Bro Town due to the high concentration of Germanic penguins, just as Goberna has many native Castillan penguins.

Bro Town is extremely harsh and holds much apathy is comparison to its other cities on Shops. Bro Town residents are often viewed as unfriendly, and uncaring about those around them. Many believe this to be because of greed, pride, and seclusion from other cities due to its size and its difficulty to be reached. Their overall wealth is another factor in the cause.


The city, whose first inhabitants were Snoss and Alemanian immigrants, built the town in the respective architecture of their homelands. The town has a major Alpine feel to it as it has several wooden framed chalet homes and a large and Old World style Telenacle Meeting Hall (much to the distaste of the government) as well. The quaint architecture has attracted tourists year round since it creates a beautiful scenery with the mountains. Even though Puffish penguins are the majority of the population, Puffish architecture is rare in the city compared to the likes of those found in the German States.

Many ski resorts and chalets also decorate the mountains in old-style architecture, much in the style of those found in Snowzerland and Osterreach. Some buildings in the mountains have been viewed as reminiscent of those found in Sleetden and Penguio. Culturally-influenced architecture as such can't be found anywhere else on Shops Island; the only other city with culturally-influenced architecture as such is Goberna, which holds a distinct Castillan touch to its buildings.

Sister Cities[edit]



  • Bro Town is the ski capital of the Asiapelago.
  • Bro Town is also the most conservative community in Shops Island.

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