Bro and the Hochstadts

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Bro and the Hochstadts
Bro makes his debut to the big computer screen!
Start January 7, 2013
End February 2, 2013
Level A lot
Location Shops Island, Castilla, Buhu Isle, Snowzerland, e.t.c...
Rewards Swiss is defeated oncemore, Shops Island gains more land with Buhu Isle given to them by Castilla, first nuclear attack from space ever.
None Calada, Eh?

Bro and the Hochstadts is the tale of Bro befriending the Hochstadt Gang, as they travel to Buhu Isle. While there, the Snoss invade the island, and the group is taken prisoner. When they escape, they must battle their way off the island, and home to safety.

Prologue: Stubbornness Hurts[edit]

It was a sunny day on Shops Island. Everyone was playing and frolicking outside after the New Year's riots had ended. Everyone that is, except Bro. He was sleeping in. Being a typical teenager, he loved to sleep. Then, someone banged on the door.

LMGT: "Let me in little Bro or I'll blow this house down!"

Bro: "Shut up I'm trying to sleep! And you're not the big bad wolf either!"

LMGT: "Aww, you just ruined it. Oh well, I warned you!"

LMGT, being the leader of the SIA, took out a rocket booster and blasted a giant whole through Bro's house. This woke him up as he almost got burned alive.

Bro: "Alright already! If I give you a donut will you get lost?"

LMGT: "DONUTS? Did you say DONUTS?!?"

Bro: "Yeah, go fetch."

Bro grabbed a jelly sprinkle donut out of his fridge, and threw it out the window. LMGT ran like some sort of demented dog, looking for the "sacred" donut of his.

Bro: "Now that he's out of the way, I can start my day properly."

He headed into his kitchen, where the newspaper was already laying. He grabbed it, and started reading it. The front headline showed the approval ratings of all of Shops' presidents, and Bro was at the bottom, only after Ben. The caption wrote: "Citizens are getting fed up with Bro's stubborn attitude and so-called hippocracy." Bro slammed the paper on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Bro: "Hypocrite, am I? Maybe I should go on another trip, that should cool my nerve... but where?"

Bro walked into his private library. There, he saw maps of Antarctica, the Ninja Archipelago, and the Asiapelago. He had already traveled all across Antarctica, and he had briefly traveled into the Asiapelago during his term as president. He turned away from the maps and sighed.

Bro: "Oh well, I might as well ride out the protests once more. You know how it goes: When in doubt, blame Bro...."

Pheonix (Bro's evil puffle) was watching the entire thing. He got out a spitball and spit at Castilla on the map.

Bro: "What are you trying to reference? I should go to the Ninja Archipelago? No way!"

Pheonix then grabbed a book out of a bookshelf. Bro hesitantly grabbed it, and skipped to the part about Jock settling into Castilla.

Bro: "Meh, I guess you're right. I could give it a try. I'll pack my bags now. Castilla, here I come!"

2 days later, Bro arrived in Metido. From there, he took a taxi to Toledo, where he'd spend his vacation time. From there, he walked to a fancy villa and bought a hotel room, overlooking the city.

Bro: "Ahhh... This is the life. Castilla isn't even half bad after all. Oh well, stubbornness hurts."

Bro, being a glutton himself, saw the complimentary snack bar. He decided to have some things to eat and drink. This made him tired. So, he went to sleep.

Bro's icePhone rang with a "BEEP BEEP BEEP!". It was his friend, Chill.

Chill: "Bro! Are you alive? Where are you?"

Bro: "Oh man. I'm fine, dude. I'm just chilling in Castilla (no pun intended)."

Chill: "Castilla? But that's in the Ninja Archipelago! I thought you said you would never..."

Before Chill could finish, Bro hung up. He was feeling queasy, and wasn't in the mood for talking. He felt like he was going to throw up. So, he ran to the bathroom where he "liquidated his assets".

Bro: "Oooh... I hate that feeling. I'm so hungry... I must have been asleep for a day or two!"

Surprisingly enough, he was. Bro then went on his laptop and searched up exotic Castillan food. He scrolled down the list until Gelato struck him.

Bro: "Gelato? Isn't that just the Spanish form of ice cream? I should go there, I'm hungry!"

Bro rushed out of his hotel room and hit the nearest Gelato Bar.

Bro: "Oh man! That really hits the spot!"

Meanwhile, Jock, Clovis, Gottfried, Piper and Leonardo were entering the same gelato bar.

Clovis: "Hey guys! Look at that penguin over there! He looks familiar, doesn't he?"

Leonardo: "Why yes, he does! It's Bro! I remember him from Operation Blackout!"

The gang walked over to Bro.

Bro: "Clovis? Leonardo? What are you doing here?"

Clovis: "We live here in Toledo. Nice to see you visiting!"

Bro: "Nice to see you too. Say, who are your friends here?"

Leonardo: "This is Jock, Piper, and Gottfried. We're all members of the Hochstadt Gang."

Bro: "Oh yes, I've heard of you before. Nice to meet you guys!"

Jock: "As to you."

The gang sat down with Bro as they ate, and had some glasses of cream soda. The group sat there for hours talking and laughing until Piper got bored.

Piper: "I'm bored... We should go do something!"

Leonardo: "Same here! We should go to Fisch's igloo and find something to do!"

Bro: "Cool. Where is it?"

Clovis: "It's on Club Penguin Island. Let's go right now!"

Bro: "I dunno... CP isn't my favorite place to be..."

Clovis: "Quit whining! Here, I'll teleport us there with my spy phone!"


Before the group knew it, they were standing at the door of Fisch's igloo. Gottfried knocked on the door, and Fisch answered.

Fisch: "Hello my friends! Nice to see you!"

Clovis: "Good to see you too, Fisch. Say, have you met Bro before?"

Fisch: "This teenager? No, I haven't..."

Leonardo: "Well, he accidentally transported into the EPF HQ, so he decided to help us defeat Herbert during Operation Blackout."

Fisch: "Ah. Nice to meet you, Bro."

Bro: "Nice to meet you too."

Piper: "We're here to find something to do! Something really interesting!"

Fisch: "Hmm... I think I have the perfect thing we can do."

Fisch walked over to his filing cabinet, and dug through it, until he found a file saying "Adventures to do". He randomly picked an adventure; It said "Go gold mining".

Bro: "Ooo! I like that idea! Let's go do it now!"

Piper: "Meh. Too boring."

Piper picked an old map of a long-lost island. It showed a thriving, yet ancient civilization. At the bottom of the map, it read "Buhu Isle". The Hochstadt Gang got excited.

Jock: "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go, folks!"

Bro: "I'm not so sure about this... Wouldn't we need an airplane, anyway?"

Clovis: "Don't be daft! This'll be fun, Bro! We'll just head back to Castilla and get an airplane there!"

The group walked outside of Fisch's igloo only to see a Time Trekker, and Gary in the distance.

Leonardo: "Hey! Gary! What's this thing here?"

Gary: "Oh this? It's a Time Trekker! It teleports penguins back in time! Wanna test it out?"

Clovis: "If it can teleport us somewhere in real time, then we'd gladly take it."

Gary: "Sorry. I can't be of assistance there, my friends."

Fisch: "Oh well. Clovis, teleport us to Castilla, now!"


Chapter One: Long-Lost Island[edit]

The gang teleported to Castilla's head Air Force base near Metido. From there, Clovis and Piper walked inside the office.

Clovis: "Excuse me, are there any aircraft we can use?"

Castillan Soldier: "Nope. Sorry."

Leonardo: "You don't know who we are, do you?"

Clovis: "We're friends of King Carlos!"

The soldier was a fairly new recruit, and had come from another Castillan colony, so he was unaware of the Hochstadt Gang's position.

Soldier: "Likely story. Get lost!"

Clovis and Leonardo walked out of the building, they weren't happy.

Jock: "Well? Which of these planes are ours?"

Clovis: "None of them. That dumb soldier in there doesn't believe that we have connections to the king."

Piper: "We should head to downtown Metido and ask the king for an aircraft. We could introduce him to Bro at the same time!"

The gang headed to the nearest metro station and hopped on a train heading for the stop nearest to the Royal Palace. They got there in no time, and were on their way. They walked up to the palace; The guards recognized them immediately, and escorted them to King Carlos' throne. They bowed.

King Carlos: "Ah the Hochstadt Gang! Nice to see you again, my friends!"

Gottfried:"Nice to see you too, your highness."

King Carlos:"What have you come for, anyway?"

Leonardo: "We'd like to borrow an aircraft that could fit all of us in it. Do you have anything like that in stock, by chance?"

King Carlos: "Of course I do!"

King Carlos handed all of them an Access Pass to the Castillan Army's aircraft hangars. The group started to leave, then Carlos said "Wait!"

King Carlos: "Wait! I forgot to ask you something!"

Fisch: "Yes, your highness?"

King Carlos: "Who is this teenager that's trailing you?"

Clovis: "That's Bro. He's joining us to go on an adventure."

Bro: "It's an honor to meet you, your highness."

King Carlos: "Bro.. Hmm.... that rings a bell, but I can't figure out why..."

Bro: "I was president of Shops Island, your highness."

King Carlos: "Oh, yes! Nice to meet you, young boy."

The gang waved to their king as they exited the palace, and hopped on a train heading for Toledo.

Once they arrived in Toledo, the group ran to the air force base and barged back into the HQ.

Soldier: "What do you want now?"

Jock: "We want an airplane!"

Soldier: "Sorry. I don't give airplanes to random fools."

Everyone pulled out their access passes. The solider jumped out of his chair.

Solider: "Oh, my goodness! Follow me over here, gentlemen."

They followed the soldier to a Mega Cub. The soldier saluted them, and the gang saluted back. They then boarded the aircraft and took off.

Bro: "Woo! Are you guys sure of where we're going?"

Gottfried: "We have a pretty good estimate. Just let Clovis and Piper do the tricky stuff; They're pros."

Bro: "Ok..."

A few hours later, they saw the island on the horizon. However, they didn't recognize it; This island was civilized and modern.

Fisch: "Are you guys sure this is the right island?"

Jock: "Well, it has the exact same geographic form; It must be!"

Piper: "Uhh guys... I think that's the least of our problems right now... There's no landing strip!"

Clovis: "We don't have time to whine! We'll just-"

The island was surrounded by aircraft; Many of them engaging in dogfights. One of the planes missed their opponent and accidentally shot the Mega Cub, crippling it.


Clovis and Piper did so. They craft exploded on impact, sending the penguins flying into a forest.

Gottfried: "Oh boy... What happened?"

Bro: "Beats me. We should go find some civilization."

Finding civilization was easier than they thought. The gang walked about 100 feet then they came across a cliff. Over the cliff, they saw a town, complete with a bowling alley, fountain, marina and more.

Jock: "Wow... Just, wow."

Apparently they were being followed. Someone tapped Bro's shoulder and they all turned around to see a penguin, taller than them.

Penguin: "Hello! I see you are foreigners. Welcome to Buhu Isle! It's a lush paradise, but we call it the Eternal Sports Resort! Follow me, we can get you a nice hotel."

The gang followed the penguin. Surely enough, they were lead into a hotel overlooking the ocean.

Penguin: "Hope you enjoy! Any questions?"

Piper: "Only one. What's your name, sir?"

Penguin: "My name? My name is Victor. I must be going now... Farewell, my friends!"

The gang: "Bye, Victor!"

Jock: "Man, explosions make me tired... We should go to sleep."

Clovis: "Good idea... there's always tomorrow to explore!"

Leonardo: "There's not much to explore on a civilized island... Oh well, I guess we can see what this place has to offer."

Everyone parted, and headed to their own hotel rooms, and they all went to sleep.

Chapter Two: Sports Resort[edit]

Jock and Piper woke up to the sun rising up over the horizon. It was a beautiful day. Considering the island was a "sport's resort", the duo decided to look through their complimentary brochure and see what it had to offer.

Jock: "Cool, swordplay!"

Piper: "Look! Dogfighting!"

Jock: "Say, we should bring Bro along with us if we're going to do these. If he wants to come on our adventures, I think he needs some fighting practice."

Piper: "I agree. Let's wake him up right now!"

Bro was still fast asleep, having romantic fantasies (O_O). Piper and Jock knocked on the door and he literally jumped right out of his bed in shock. He ran to the door and slammed his beak into it. As he fell, his flipper hit the door handle, opening the door.

Jock: "Wake up, sleepyhead! We're gonna go do some fighting stuff? Wanna come?"

Bro: "Sure, I guess. What better a way to spend the day than with 2 ungrateful morons that decided to just randomly wake me up?"

Piper: "Saywhat?"

Bro: "Nevermind."

The trio headed to the aircraft base on the water. There were 2 airplanes waiting there.

Jock: "Piper, you take that airplane. I'll teach Bro how to fly."

Piper: "Don't you think Clovis would be better for this?"

Jock: "I can teach him, don't worry."

Bro and Jock hopped in 1 of the airplanes, and both of them took off.

Jock: "Now, turn around and hit Piper from behind!"

Bro did so. But when he turned, he didn't see anything. It turned out that Piper was beneath him. He opened fire, and sent Bro and Jock plummeting into the sea. This went on at least 10 other times, until Jock and Piper gave up.

Piper: "This isn't working out. How about we bring him to a sword-fight."

They did so. Soon, they were at a sword-fighting Colosseum. It was a tall steel platform where the fighters stood on and dueled. There were also a big set of bleachers that was also supported above the ground, where Jock and Piper were sitting. The duels were with fake swords, so people could fight back-to-back.

Referee: "Ready? FIGHT!"

Bro got nervous, so he just flailed his sword around, which managed to knock his opponent off the platform. He did this a few more times.

Jock and Piper: "Woo! Way to go!"

Piper: "I think our business is done here."

Jock: "Agreed."

Clovis, Gottfried, and Fisch woke up. They woke to the afternoon sun, and they didn't see Jock, Piper, or Bro in their rooms.

Clovis: "Oh well. We can have fun ourselves! I'm gonna go fly a plane over the island."

Gottfried: "I'm going to go canoeing over by the old castle."

Fisch: "Oh well, I guess it's just me. I guess I can go sport-fishing... I might be able to find some of my fish relatives." *Ba dum tss*

Jock and Piper were setting up Bro to go in a showdown with 50 other penguins. They wore protective armor, and wielded fake swords so nobody could be hurt.

Jock: "You ready?"

Bro: "Ready as I'll ever be."

Piper: "That means you aren't, doesn't it..."

This made Bro angry, so he swung his sword into piper and sent him harpooning over a cliff. Jock ran after him.

Jock: "AH! PIPER!"

There were 10 stages in the showdown. Jock and piper had managed to do it in no time, and with precision too. Now, they were going to watch Bro do it.

Referee: "FIGHT!"

Everyone charged at Bro, wearing different types of armor. Bro fended off all of them, but he was just flailing his sword. He got away with doing this throughout all of the 10 stages.

Bro: "Woo! Yeah, baby, yeah!"

Piper: "You are strong with the force, teenage one!"

Jock: "Haha, nice reference there. Anyway, we should head back to the hotel. I'm spent."

Bro: "Ok. I think we can call it a day."

So, the trio headed back to the hotel. Exhausted and satisfied with themselves, they went to dinner downstairs after getting changed.

Gottfried was over near the castle, which was nestled by the lake, which streamed into a giant waterfall. He found it very peaceful, and relaxing.

Gottfried: "Ahh... this is the life."

He saw a family of ducks swimming, heading straight for him. He backpaddled, and let them pass by.

Gottfried: "Nature... It's so spectacular."

While backpaddling, he accidentally turned around, and was now overlooking the forest where the gang arrived on the island, and the ocean where the sun was setting over that.

Gottfried: "It's so beautiful... I should take a nap."

And so he did.

Fisch was well... fishing. He was far of the coast of Buhu Isle with a bunch of other fishing activists. He usually didn't fish, but all the fishing on Buhu Isle was catch-and-release, so he was at ease with it. He found it quite relaxing.

Fisch: "Nice! I caught a grey fish!"

Fisherman: "Nice! I caught a..."

The fisherman paused, as he pulled his line out of the water. There was just a boot on the end.

Fisherman: "Aw rats! That's the fifth one today!"

The fisherman threw the worthless boot into the water, and a giant splash was heard. It couldn't have been the boot, but then he and Fisch saw another fisherman reel in a mullet.

Other Fisherman: "Jackpot! My work here is done!"

The other fisherman checked off something on a notepad, threw the mullet back in the water, then left.

Fisherman: "Those things only come around once in a while. You should go back where you came. I've yet to catch any fish."

So, Fisch left, heeding the fisherman's advice. Little did he know, the fisherman was a Snoss spy. After he left, the fisherman pulled out a phone.

Fisherman: "Yes, I've found him. Yes. Yes. Mhm. Ok. Hail Kaiser Swiss Ninja. Ok, goodbye."

The fisherman hung up, and then dove underwater. Underneath as a Snoss iBoat. It was the one releasing all the boots. The iBoat left, and headed back to Snowzerland.

Clovis was flying all around the island, having an awesome time. He liked looking down at all the little penguins on the ground, and popping balloons with little BB-guns attached to the plane.

Clovis: "BOOYA! Another balloon popped!"

He was trailing an airplane. But, he didn't notice it had slowed down, making him crash into it.



Clovis and his plane plummeted into the lake Gottfried was in. He was sleeping. But when Clovis and his plane crashed, they created a massive wave, which knocked Gottfried overboard. This woke him up.

Gottfried: "Clovis! What happened!"

Clovis: "My stupid plane crashed. We should really go back to the hotel, it's getting really late."

Gottfried: "I agree. Streetlights are coming on."

So, the duo headed back to the hotel on the other side of the island.

Bro, Jock, Piper, Leonardo, and Fisch were sitting in the downstairs restaurant, while watching the news. Suddenly, a report from Shops Island came in. It was from Warning von Brown, who was talking about the SIA's newest venture.

Von Brown: "So, ve plan to construct ze first permanent structure on ze moon. It vill be for military purposes. The rocket to bring ze supplies vill be a standard Shopscovery. Ve plan to vaunch in 5 days."

Reporter: "Thank you Mr. Von Brown for that insight. We're all very excited for the launch."

Von Brown: "My pleasure. I hope this vill put Shops Island on ze map."

Reporter: "I wouldn't be surprised."

Suddenly, Clovis and Gottfried walked in just as the news broadcast ended.

Gottfried: "Hello."

Clovis: "Hi. Did we miss anything?"

Leonardo: "Some Alemanian guy just announced something about building a permanent structure on the moon."

Bro: "More specifically, it was Warning von Brown. He's from the SIA; Shops Island's intelligence agency. I work there, and am friends with him."

Jock: "Cool. But less talking, more eating!"

Everyone else: "Agreed!"

So, they all started eating. Afterwards, they parted, and headed to bed. They were going to do more the next day.

Chapter Three: Snoss Invasion[edit]

Swiss Ninja was at his royal palace. He was waiting for some important visitors. Then, there was a knock on the door.

Swiss: "Guards, get the door!"

The guards did so, and the door opened, revealing Pheonix.

Swiss: "Nice to meet you. So, you have possible intelligence about where the Hochstadt gang is?"

Pheonix: "Yes, actually. You see, my owner, Bro went on a vacation with them."

Swiss: "Interesting. Do you know where?"

Pheonix: "The last thing I heard was Toledo."

Swiss: "Snoss spies haven't found any gang members there."

Meanwhile, the penguin that was fishing with Fisch walked into the room, and bowed down to the Kaiser.

Fisherman: "Greetings, your majesty."

Swiss: "So, where is the Hochstadt Gang? You were spying on Fisch, weren't you?"

Fisherman: "Yes, I was."

Swiss: "Well? Where are they!?"

Fisherman: "This place called Buhu Island. It's somewhere north of the Archipelago."

He pulled out a map, and showed it to Swiss.

Swiss: "Very well. Guards, this man is no longer needed. Take him away!"

The guards did so without batting an eye.

Swiss: "So, Pheonix... do you have any photos of Bro?"

Pheonix: "No, but I can search it up."

Swiss walked Pheonix into the central command center of the palace. He hopped onto a computer, and logged into Shops Island's Government's website, and showed Bro's profile to Swiss.

Swiss: "Very intriguing. If we can capture the boy, then we can get him to spill the location of the gang, and we can get them once and for all! Thank you, Pheonix, for your service."

Pheonix: "My pleasure, Kaiser."

Pheonix bowed and left. Swiss went back to his throne. He was going to talk to some of the Snoss Army's generals.

Swiss: "So, I want this Buhu Isle invaded and occupied. We can surround the Hochstadt gang, and once we kill them, I shall be unopposed!"

Generals: "Good idea, Kaiser!"

All the generals left, to start sending iBoats, ships, and aircraft to the island.

It was a gloomy day on Buhu Isle, and none of the gang woke up. It wasn't until that they heard a big BOOM! that they woke up. They all ran into the lobby.


Leonardo pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked out the window. He dropped them in utter shock. The binoculars broke as they smashed on the floor.

Leonardo: "Oh crap. It's the Snoss!"

Fisch: "Not them again! Does anyone have guns on them?"

Right then, a squadron of Snoss troopers stormed into the hotel and pointed guns at the gang.

Soldier: "You're coming with us! Surrender, or die!"

They did so, reluctantly. Soon after, they were thrown in makeshift jail cells underneath the giant volcano, Igneus Buhu.

Swiss Ninja was still sitting in his palace waiting for news on the progress of the invasion. Suddenly, a messenger ran in.

Messenger: "Kaiser! The Hochstadt gang and that boy have been caught!"

Swiss: "Excellent. Now that they're caught, I'd like to go there to meet them in person.

Messenger: "Very well. Hail Kaiser Swiss Ninja!"

The messenger saluted Swiss, then left.

King Carlos II was in a meeting, when a Castillan official barged in, holding newspapers.

Castillan: "King Carlos, your majesty! Take this news, it's really important!"

King Carlos took the newspaper, and the Castillan left, followed by guards.

King Carlos: "The Snoss have held the Hochstadt gang captive? This will not do! Guards, call in General Hermosa!"

So, the guards did. General Hermosa was there in no time flat.

General Hermosa: "What is it you're needing, your majesty?"

King Carlos: "The Hochstadt gang and an innocent teenage boy have been held hostage by the Snoss! I'd like you to send a powerful military resistance to Buhu Isle immediately!"

General Hermosa: "Yes, sir!"

Swiss had planned the invasion so hastily, that he forgot about any resistance they might face. He sent only enough troops to secure the island and hold the gang hostage.

Chapter Four: Playing with Death[edit]

The gang was trapped in their cells, under constant camera surveillance.

Bro: "Man, this sucks!"

Jock: "It's nothing new, kid. Get used to it."

Just then, someone broke down the door leading into the hallway where the group was imprisoned. However, it wasn't salvation... It was the exact opposite.

Guard: "Teenage boy! Come with me!"

Bro: "Me?"

Guard: "Yes you!"

The guard opened Bro's jail cell, and dragged him into an interrogation room.

The guard and Bro entered the interrogation room. There stood Swiss Ninja and an executioner.

Swiss: "So... This is the boy, eh?"

Guard: "Yes, sir."

The guard saluted the Kaiser then left.

Swiss: "So... Bro... I'm here to ask you a few questions."

Bro: "Ok..."

Swiss: "Do you even know who I am?"

Bro: "Not really..."


Bro: "I don't pay attention to the Ninja Archipelago... Must suck to be you."

Bro obviously didn't know who he was screwing with. Swiss slapped him upside in the head.

Swiss: "Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Number One: Have you assisted the Hochstadt gang in any of their expediences?"

Bro was about to answer, but then he remembered something that Fisch had told him.

Fisch: "Bro. Whatever you do, do NOT give any information away about us. Got it?"

Bro then remembered this.

Bro: "I'll never tell."

This outraged Swiss. So, he and the executioner started beating him up for answers.

It was now lunchtime, and the guards went for their breaks. But, by accident, one of the guards turned off the cameras to their jail cells.

Piper: "Now's our time to make a run for it!"

The gang smashed through their hastily-constructed cells and ran down the hallway, when they heard a familiar voice from inside the interrogation room.


Bro: "Never! I'm loyal to Shops Island! Not you, with your fancy crown and your fancy ninja mask!"

Gottfried: "He just blew it..."

Swiss: "Well then... Prepare to die, young boy. Too bad you'll never get to know what it's actually like to LIVE."

The gang gasped.

Clovis: "Oh no! We gotta do something!"

Leonardo: "I have a plan. Jock, get your gun ready, and follow my lead..."

The executioner loaded his gun and pointed it at Bro's forehead. Swiss was counting down.

Swiss: "5...4... 3... 2... 1... SHOOT!"


A shot rang out. Bro could still hear, though. He could still feel. He couldn't feel any real pain. Then, he opened his eyes and saw the executioner laying dead in front of him, the Hochstadt gang who had broken through the door, and Swiss; Who had been tased and knocked out temporarily.

Bro: "You guys... You guys saved me!"

Fisch: "Of course we did! You're our friend, and it goes with no thanks needed."

Jock untied Bro, and he leaped out of the chair he had been tied to.

Leonardo: "Uhh guys... I don't think the biggest of our problems are over with yet."

Apparently, the Castillan forces had retreated from the island, and now the gang would have to fight their way out alone.

Gottfried: "Nothing's ever easy, is it..."

Chapter Five: Escape[edit]

Chill57181 woke up. It was a sunny and pleasant morning on Shops Island.

Chill: "I'm gonna turn on the TV to see what happened."

The news headline said Former president Bro Melnyseph Jean is dead!

Chill: "Oh... my... god..."

The station said that the Snoss had killed him. Swiss told the press that he had been successfully killed, without knowing who he really was. However, other nations did; Especially Shops Island.

Chill: "I guess this is it. He's gone... He's really, really gone."

He started sobbing a bit. He left his home, and went to arrange a funeral for him.

After they killed the executioner, and knocked Swiss Ninja unconscious, the gang was ready for their escape.

Bro: "We don't have any weapons! Are you sure we'll be alright?"

Jock: "Probably. We've all fought our many battles before."

However, the gang didn't know exactly how strong the forces outside were. The island was extremely heavily guarded; with over half of the Snoss Army there. Swiss wanted to capture and kill the Hochstadt gang once and for all.

Piper: "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go kick Snoss butt!"

So, they grabbed some swords from the interrogation room, and ran out of the cave.

Clovis: "Bro! Do you remember how to fight?"

Bro: "Not really..."

Before they got a chance to fight, the soldiers ambushed them. They were transported back to their cells immediately.

Soldier: "You'll never defeat us! In the name of the Kaiser!"

Leonardo: "Grrr..."

Gottfried: "Don't worry guys, we'll find a way out! We always do!"

Fisch: "I hope so..."

Meanwhile on Shops Island, there was a giant funeral in process for Bro.

LMGT: "We are gathered here today to honor a fallen penguin. A fellow colleague, and most of all, a great friend."

Chill: "And president!"

LMGT: "Yes... That too. Now, let us bow our heads for a moment of silence to remember our friend who is now with the higher power."

Mario Rk: "Wasn't he an Atheist?..."

The crowd went silent. The whole island practically went silent, as the funeral was being broadcast all over the island, and even in Snowzerland and Castilla.

King Carlos also saw the newscast.

King Carlos: "This has just gone too far now. It's on!"

Servant: "Oh dear. Would you like anything, sir?"

King Carlos: "No thanks. Nothing you could get, at least."

Servant: "Very well."

The gang was getting impatient in their cells, until Bro found something in his pocket. It was a spray can of Ditto A.

Bro: "Hey guys! Look at this!"

Piper: "Is that Ditto?"

Jock: "It sure is! Bro, fire it at some of those... guards..."


By the time Jock was finished his sentence, Bro had already frozen them dead in their tracks.

Clovis: "Quick, guys. Get into those uniforms!"

Everyone except Leonardo and Piper got into the suits.

Leonardo: "What will you do with us?"

Gottfried: "I have an idea! We can carry you like you're being taken prisoner!"

Fisch: "Great idea! I'll put you two on a leash right now."

And so he did. The gang walked outside. The air smelled, and the landscape was desolate.

Bro: "Eww!"

Jock: "Shh! Don't give any hints of our identity! Just be calm."

The group did exactly as Jock said. They wandered around the island to avoid suspicion, before they finally arrived at the pier, where a Snoss military ship was.

Soldier: "Who are those puffles, and where are they going?"

Fisch: "These are prisoners, and members of the Hochstadt gang, sir. They're heading to Snowzerland for further interrogation, sir!"

Soldier: "Very well; You may proceed. Heil Kaiser Swiss Ninja!"

The Gang: "Heil!"

The gang boarded the ship and headed for Snowzerland. That was only the easy part, and it had been accomplished.

Swiss Ninja woke up. he was still a little bit dizzy, but then he saw the executioner dead.

Swiss: "What is this? who killed my executioner?!?"

Swiss stormed out of the room. He pretty much froze when he saw his guards in suspended animation. He knew they had been Ditto'd.

Swiss: "You have got to be kidding me."

He ran outside, and straight to the pier. He wanted to get back to his palace.

Soldier: "Oh, hello Kaiser!"

The soldier saluted Swiss.

Swiss: "Have you seen any penguins and puffles come by here?"

Soldier: "Yes, sir. 6 penguins and 2 puffles."

Swiss: "What were the color of the puffles?"

Soldier: "Red and yellow, sir."

Swiss: "Good gracious. I must get on this next ship!"

Soldier: "Yes, kaiser."

The soldier saluted Swiss as he boarded the ship.

Swiss Ninja would have a lot of catching up to do to get the gang. They were already docking at Snowzerland, while Swiss was just leaving Buhu Isle.

Bro: "There it is!"

Gottfried: "Where will we go?"

Jock: "Remember that cottage I had in the Snoss woods? I don't recall ever selling it, so we can camp out there until we can find a way out."

Leonardo: "Great idea!"

A few minutes later, the gang docked in Zurich. After that, they headed for Jock's cottage in the woods. Once they arrived, they took their uniforms off and threw them in the fireplace, so they would keep warm.

Gottfried: "Why, this is very quaint."

Fisch: "I agree."

Clovis: "I'll head out to the market to buy some food. You guys stay here."

Jock: "Okay. Goodbye!"

King Carlos had called in some members of the Shops Island government for a briefing.

King Carlos: "So, as a political leader, I know what it's like to lose a national icon. And, as I know Swiss, he might try to exploit this as a weak point in your nation, and try to conquer it."

Chill: "Your point being..."

King Carlos: "My point is that you should build up your military!"

Mario: "No way man! We don't want any trouble."

King Carlos: "You should build up your military for defense purposes, rather than for attack purposes."

Chill and Mario: "Say what?"

King Carlos: "These people are why I can't have nice things..."

Guard: "But sir, you have a palace..."

King Carlos: "I don't recall asking you."

Guard: "Yes, sir."

King Carlos: "Anyways... You two. Get out of my palace!"

Chill and Mario did so, reluctantly.

Meanwhile in Snowzerland, Swiss Ninja had just arrived on the mainland. He was driven to his palace, and he had a plan. He was meeting with his bounty hunters.

Swiss: "Okay, men. We need to catch the Hochstadt gang and this boy trailing them."

Austin: "May I ask just who the boy is?"

Swiss: "His name is Bro. He avoided execution."

This rung a bell in one of Swiss' body guards: Ben. Ben had been overthrown by Bro, and was seeking revenge.

Ben: "Excuse me, but may I be the one to personally catch Bro? He's an enemy of mine."

Swiss: "Sorry. It's whoever gets him first."

This only motivated Ben more.

Ben: "Fine."

Clovis had just gotten back from the market with food.

Clovis: "I'm back!"

Leonardo: "Hello. Everyone else is sleeping; I'll do some cooking."

Leonardo took the food and started cooking some soup. However, it didn't take too long before they were abruptly interrupted.


This woke everyone up. They all looked out the windows, to see Swiss and his bounty hunters dropping bombs around them.


The whole gang bursted out the door and started running. They were trying to evade Swiss and the bounty hunters.

Bro: "Hey guys! There's an old mine shaft in there! Hop in!"

The did so. However, Ben saw this as an opportunity. He dove his airplane right at the shaft causing it to explode. It also caused a giant rockslide which made the gang careen down the shaft.

Ben: "This is it! Time to die, Bro!"

The gang was in shock, and it took the cock of a gun to wake them up. There was Ben. He was holding a gun in front of Bro.

Ben: "Say your final goodbyes, backstabber!"

Ben was about to shoot, but then a BANG! went out. Piper had shot him.

Piper: "Yes! He's dead!"

Bro laid his flipper on Ben's neck.

Bro: "Nope. He's just unconscious. Oh well. Let's move on. I'm pretty sure Swiss and his gang are gone."

But he was wrong. One of the bounty hunters fired a missile, blasting a hole right in front of them.

Jock: "We're not safe yet... Let's get out of here and just keep running!"

And so they did. They hopped out of the mine and ran towards the coastline. However, it would take a long time to run. Eventually, they got tired and saw a car coming across a road. Gottfried knew what they had to do.

Gottfried: "This goes against everything I stand for but, I think we should carjack that car."

Leonardo: "What that's cra-"

Bro had already broken into the car and thrown the driver out.

Bro: "Get in! We don't have time!"

All the gang got in and Bro sped away. Swiss and company were right behind them, and Bro was driving as fast as he could.

Swiss (Squadcom): "FIRE!"

Java Ghent, one of Swiss' bounty hunters, fired one of his missiles and just narrowly missed the car. Now, Bro had to evade the missiles being fired while driving as fast as he could.


Fisch: "Don't think like that! We'll make it! Just have faith!"

Bro saw the ocean in front of him. There wasn't time to get out of the car, so he did the unthinkable. He drove the car right into the ocean.


Everyone was safe. They had gotten out safely because the car blew apart at impact. However, Piper wanted to make sure they were truly safe. So, he stuck himself out of the water to see if the Snoss had left yet, No such luck.

Swiss (Squadcom): "There's no point going after them ourselves. Let's head back for today boys."

Bounty Hunters (squadcom): "Yes Kaiser."

Swiss and the bounty hunters turned around and left just as everyone else resurfaced.

Bro: "GACK! That was bad!"

Gottfried: "Let's camp out along the shore for the night. Ok guys?"

The gang: "Ok."

Everyone swam back to the shore, where they went into the woods and made a little campsite. The gang ate some berries for dinner, then went to sleep. They would depart Snowzerland the next morning.

Meanwhile on Shops Island, everyone was getting quite discouraged. At the SIA, the death of Bro was taking a major toll on employee morale. Eventually, Warning von Brown made an announcement.

Warning von Brown: "Vadies and gentlemen, I must inform you zat ze rocket program iz temporarily being shut down. Vorker morale iz at an all time low, and zit could cause problems if ve keep vorking in zis environment. Zank you."

All the scientists were unhappy, but they knew it was for the best. They left, and they were all still depressed.

It was the next morning on the coast of Snowzerland, and the gang was ready to make a break for it. Bro had found some money in his pockets, and decided to go buy some little boats in a nearby boat shop with it. He had already had the boats prepared for departure, and everyone boarded in them. Fisch controlling one boat, Clovis controlling the other.

Clovis: "What are we waiting for? Let's get out of this wretched land!"

The 2 boats cast off, and started rowing out to sea. Little did they know how far they would have to go, or what they were to encounter.

Chapter Six: The Seven Seas[edit]

Swiss and the bounty hunters were back at the Snoss military base in Geneva.

Austin: "Soo... Are we gonna get in some more fighter aircraft and shoot the gang down?"

Swiss: "Too risky. Besides, the RDA recently invented a brand new military vehicle: Der Eroberer!"

Swiss signaled the driver to roll the massive machine in. It dwarfed Swiss and the bounty hunters. So, to look bigger for the cameras, he stood far ahead of the vehicle.


The bounty hunters just stared at the anomaly. They thought it looked like a piece of junk.

Java Ghent: "Uhh... Sir? What's this supposed to do?"

Swiss: "It's an amphibious vehicle. It has a streamlined body and (retractable) wings for flying, the wings retract and it rolls on those massive tires while on the ground, and the wings stay retracted and the wheels also retract and a propeller is unveiled when we put it in water. So, it can act as an airplane, land vehicle, boat, and a submarine."

This gave the bounty hunters some satisfaction.

Johnathan Wolfhunter: "Well? What're we waiting for? Let's do this thing!"

The gang was well off to sea. Snowzerland Island was slowly disappearing over the horizon, and they were heading towards Castilla.

Fisch: "At this rate, it'll take us 2 days at the minimum to get to Castilla!"

Gottfried: "We're in the pursuit of getting away from those Snoss. It's a price we must pay."

Leonardo: "Very well. But Piper, do you have any guns on you?"

Piper: "Yes, but it doesn't have any bullets."

Leonardo: "Rats. Does anyone have any type of weapons?"

Jock: "For some reason, I have an empty bullet."

Bro: "I have some Ditto still. We could spray the Ditto into the bullet and then fire that; It'd freeze anything that comes by without damaging anything."

Piper: "Great idea! Maybe you actually know something about weapons after all."

Bro sprayed his Ditto into the empty bullet shell, and it was then loaded into the gun.

Piper: "Now, we just have to wait for something to fire at..."

That didn't take long. The Snoss appeared in their new craft, and started firing at them.


Piper fired the gun, freezing the engines on the craft, and causing it to crash land. This knocked Swiss and his bounty hunters out.

Fisch: "Let's raid the flying thing!"

And so they did. They opened the door after removing the frozen Ditto.

Bro: "Oh my god... It's Swiss and his Bounty Hunters! Let's kill them!"

Gottfried: "That's undignified. Let's put them in the boats."

The gang reluctantly listened to Gottfried, and threw Swiss and his bounty hunters into the boats they had been paddling in.

Gottfried: "Chivalry is of the essence."

Piper: "Blah blah blah. Let's get this thing in the air!"

Piper hopped on the controls and turned the jet engines on. However, they exploded when their driveshafts couldn't spin due to being frozen by the Ditto.

Clovis: "Hey, look at this. It has a "submarine" option."

Piper: "On it."

Piper pressed the 'submarine' button. It folded the wings in and a propeller came out the rear end. Piper operated the vehicle with the aircraft controls and submerged it, before leaving Swiss and his bounty hunters out in the middle of the ocean.

King Carlos was talking with some important officials about launching an attack on Snowzerland for killing an innocent individual, when a servant ran into the meeting room.

Servant: "Your majesty! There are some penguins on the phone!"

King Carlos: "Right now? It better be important."

It was Fisch calling from the submarine. The service was horrible, though.

King Carlos: "Hello? Who's there?"

Fisch: "King Carlos! It's *bzk* me, Fisch! *bzk*"

King Carlos: "FISCH! It's so good to hear from you!"

Fisch: "As to you, *bzk* your majesty."

King Carlos: "May I ask, what exactly happened to Bro?"

Fisch: "Bro *bzk* was *BZZZZZZZZZZZK*"

King Carlos: "BRO WAS WHAT!?"

King Carlos heard a loud 'beeeeeeeep' so he pulled the phone away from him and saw that he had lost connection.

King Carlos: "Oh dear."

Swiss woke up. He had absolutely no clue where he was. Then, he saw all of his bounty hunters sleeping in the boats he was in.

Swiss: "Lousy imbeciles."

Swiss grabbed Austin's fish, and slapped all of his bounty hunters with it. This woke them up with a jolt. It scared Ben so much he tumbled overboard.

Ben: "@?#@[email protected][email protected]#?#[email protected]@&@#&&@!!!!!!"

After Ben was done cursing, he scrambled back into the boat.

Swiss: "Men, do you have any idea where we are?"

Java Ghent: "No, but I have a GPS..."

Java pulled out his GPS and tracked his location.

Java: "We're halfway between Snowzerland and Batavia."

Swiss: "Fine. We'll contact the RDA, and find out where the Hochstadt Gang went!"

Austin: "It's actually getting quite comical as to how many times they escape."

Swiss: "Shut up; Nobody asked you."

The Hochstadt Gang was starting to experience fatigue. They had been continuously awake for over 24 hours now.

Fisch: "I'd say we're safe. Let's just stay where we are for the night and get some rest."

Leonardo: "Sounds good to me!"

The gang went to the rear of their craft, where there were sleeping quarters. There was even a queen-sized bed made specially for Swiss and Maddieworld.

Bro: "Not that I like Swiss or anything, but I'll gladly sleep in this bed."

Gottfried: "Fine. Let's get some sleep now, we have a big push ahead of us when we awake."

So, the gang went to sleep. However, this would be a bad omen for them in the not-so-distant future.

Swiss was leading an armada of aircraft to keep the Hochstadt gang from reaching Castilla.

Swiss: "This'll catch them for sure! Victory will be mine!"

However, this wasn't true. The gang had already awoken and were passing under the barricade with their submarine.

Bro: "I hear something from above."

Piper. "So do I. Let's get high enough so I can see through the periscope."

Fisch: "Bring it up!"

The submarine was brought near the surface, and Piper looked through the periscope when it exploded.


Fisch: "It's the Snoss! They're above!"

Clovis: "On it. I'm gonna go as fast as I can to the nearest island."

Clovis dove the submarine back underwater, and put it on full throttle, boosting it away from the Snoss invaders.

Austin: "I think we lost them."

Swiss: "Nope, stay here. We'll get them soon enough."

The gang surfaced, they were washed up on a beach on Lisboagal.

Bro: "Where are we?"

Leonardo: "Lisboagal. Castilla's just north of here; we can get up to the north side of the island and escape from there."

Everyone agreed with Leonardo's plan. They went into the nearest town, Portalegro, and got a taxi ride from there to Lisboa.

Piper: "What are we doing here?"

Jock: "We're gonna get on the nearest plane to Embargo."

Bro: "Why not Castilla?"

Gottfried: "I'm afraid there are no flights there soon enough. The Snoss are probably right on our tail."

The gang boarded the airplane, and they took off.

Bro: "I'm not too fond of air travel. Will someone tell that baby behind me to shut up!?!"

Clovis: "You'll just have to live with it for now. Besides, the flight is short."

Clovis was right. The plane landed, and the gang exited the airport.

Piper: "Where are we going from here?"

Fisch: "The Lisboagese military base. We're going to steal an airplane."

Gottfried: "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Swiss and his armada landed on the beach where the submarine was. Swiss was convinced that they had found the Hochstadt Gang.

Swiss: "JACKPOT!"

Swiss slammed the door open immediately, but there was nobody inside. The gang had evaded Snoss capture once more.

Swiss: "What!!? This can't be! Men, split up! We're going to search all over Lisboagal for the Hochstadts!"

The Snoss: "Yes sir."

They did so. Swiss decided to lead his sanction north, towards Castilla.

The Hochstadt gang was outside the military base.

Fisch: "Now, we just have to get in... We'll get some people's uniforms."

The gang saw a group of Lisboagese soldiers coming. Piper jumped on the opportunity and knocked them all out."

Jock: "Nice one, Piper! Quick guys, get in the uniforms and let's go into the base!"

Everyone hopped into their uniforms. They were tight, but they were still fitting them. They walked into the security clearance area of the base.

Guard: "You may proceed."

The gang walked into the base, where they raided a bomber.

Fisch: "Clovis, take off, pronto! Let's jet out of here!"

Clovis guided the plane to the runway, and took off. However, he had to wait for other aircraft to take off; He didn't want to get into trouble with Lisboagal as well.

Bro: "So long Lisboagal, hello Castilla!"

Swiss' squadron was catching up the the Hochstadt gang fast.

Swiss: "We should get them anytime soon, men! Keep searching!"

Soldier: "We've searched everywhere, sir! We should give up!"

Swiss: "Don't be blasphemous! The mighty Snoss never give up! We'll go over the sea!"

And so they did. Meanwhile, Gottfried was checking the radar, when he saw the Snoss squadron behind them.

Gottfried: "Snoss are within the vicinity!"

Leonardo (SQUADCOM): "This is Leonardo di Tremezzo. Put me on the line with King Carlos!"

Ground Soldier (SQUADCOM): "Leonardo? Leonardo from the Hochstadt Gang?!"

Leonardo (SQUADCOM): "Yes. Now, connect me quick! We're being trailed by Snoss fighters!"

Ground Soldier (SQUADCOM): "Yes sir!"

The soldier connected Leonardo to King Carlos.

King Carlos: "Hello?"

Leonardo (SQUADCOM): "It's me, Leonardo, your majesty! The rest of the gang and I are coming towards Castilla, but the Snoss are following us! We need backup!"

King Carlos: "LEONARDO! It's so good to hear from you! I'll send fighters out immediately."

Leonardo (SQUADCOM): "Thank you so much!"

King Carlos: "No problem. Goodbye!"

King Carlos hung up, but then remembered how he lost connection with Fisch after he was asking about Bro.

King Carlos: "I have to check in to make sure Bro is alive or not!"

King Carlos tried to call Leonardo back, but he couldn't get connection. He was upset, and worried.

The Castillan fighters were arriving on the scene. They came in an armada 20 times larger than Swiss' squadron.

Swiss: "Oh cra-"

Before Swiss could talk, or fire a shot for that matter, he and all of his squadron was bombarded by the Castillans and all the Snoss plummeted into the sea.


Clovis (SQUADCOM): "Thanks a lot, guys!"

Soldier (SQUADCOM): "No problem! Let's head back to base, men!"

The Castillan armada and the Hochstadt gang flew back to the military base in Toledo. King Carlos was waiting there for them.

King Carlos: "Sir, is that Lisboagese plane the one of the gang's?"

Servant: "Yes, your majesty."

King Carlos: "Excellent."

The Lisboagese plane landed, and the gang was escorted off and to King Carlos.

King Carlos: "Hello, my friends! It's so good to see you!"

Bro: "Hi."

King Carlos: "Bro! You're alive!"

Bro: "Of course I am."

King Carlos: "Oh thank goodness! Now, let's go to the palace, we shall have a huge royal feast to celebrate your safe return."

All: "Yay!"

Chapter Seven: Nukes and Space[edit]

That night, King Carlos set up a grand feast just as he promised.

Leonardo: "This is quite divine. Thanks for putting it on!"

King Carlos: "My pleasure. However, I do have one question."

Fisch: "What is is, your highness?"

King Carlos: "Why'd you guys attack Lisboagese soldiers and steal one of their aircraft? They're our allies, remember!?"

Fisch: "Oh boy. We're so sorry!"

Clovis: "We were panicking, your majesty! We forgot that they were our allies. The Snoss were right on our tail!"

Piper: "There was no time to negotiate. Like Clovis said, the Snoss were right behind us."

King Carlos: "Enough! I understand your point of view, however, you might want to go somewhere else. I'll have to talk with the Lisboagese myself. They aren't very happy."

Jock: "Yes sir. We're so sorry!"

King Carlos: "It's FINE. We all make mistakes. Now, should I send you somewhere like South Pole City?"

Piper: Sounds too boring. I think everyone's been there."

Gottfried: "Except Bro. Young lad, have you been?"

Bro: "Nope, I've been there. However, I think there's somewhere else we can go."

King Carlos: "Where?"

Bro: "Shops Island. I have some unfinished business there to do anyways."

King Carlos: "Very well. Servant, book the Hochstadt Gang a flight to Shops Island for tomorrow morning!"

Servant: "Yes, sir."

Swiss was back in his castle after being defeated by Castillan forces and the Hochstadt Gang once more. His bounty hunters and their squadrons were shot down by the Lisboagese military. All of them but Ben were stuck in the hospital. 

Swiss: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? WHY!? WHY!!?!? Why did I have to lost at every possible opportunity!? Why can't I ever corner them!?"

Ben: "Maybe I should go spy on them."

Swiss: "How do you know where they'd be?"

Ben: "Intelligence tells me that they're heading for Shops Island."

Swiss: "Weren't you president there or something?"

Ben: "Yep. Bro's the person who overthrew my regime. I've been waiting to get my revenge on him anyways."

Swiss: "Very well. I'll get a flight booked for you there."

The Hochstadt Gang had just arrived in Penguin City.

Leonardo: "This place is quite different from anywhere I've been before."

Bro: "Yep. Much more industrial."

Leonardo: "Not that. It just seems so... off."

Fisch: "Anyway Bro, where are we going from here?"

Bro: "We can head north to Bro Town for the night. That's the town I semi-founded a while ago."

Clovis: "Ok."

Piper: "Man, you've really made your mark here."

Bro: "Yes, indeed."

The gang headed for Bro Town where they booked into a hotel room for the night.

Ben reached Shops Island one day behind them. He received more intelligence that they were heading for Southern Shops. However, the only way he could trail them is if he got right behind them. So, he drove from Penguin City to Bro Town.

Ben: "I'll just wait alongside the highway until they come by. This is genius!"

He waited for over 3 hours until he saw the gang pass. So, he pulled back on the highway and followed them all the way to Southern Shops. Then, he saw they were coming across the SIA's rocket launching center.

Ben: "Oh my god... This is amazing!"

Ben called Swiss. He wanted him to see this.

Ben: "Swiss! Hook onto my location!"

Swiss: "Why?"

Ben: "Because! I found something amazing!"

Swiss: "Ok... done. Anyways, what do you want me to see?"

Ben: "Just give me a sec."

Ben hung up and took a photo of the rocket launch site with his icePhone. He then sent it to Swiss.

Swiss: "Good gravy! Is that a rocket launch site?"

Ben: "Yep. It's the biggest rocket I've ever seen; Bigger than the RDA's."

Swiss: "This won't do! I must nuke them! That's the only way to eliminate the competition!"

Ben: "Why don't you just invade it, and steal their technology?"

Swiss: "The RDA doesn't need to use enemy technology. It's better to just eliminate the competition completely."

Ben: "Good idea, sir!"

Ben thought he was safe and secure. However, a security official overheard the whole conversation.

Security Official: "Oh dear! I must go tell the scientists!"

Bro and the Hochstadt Gang entered the main rocket engineering building. The SIA had just started working again 2 days earlier. They had shut down because of low worker morale after Bro's "death".

Bro: "Hello, SIA!"

Warning von Brown: "Bro? Iz zat you? Ve thought you vere dead! How did you survive?"

Bro: "Long story. It started with-"

Suddenly, the security official that was overhearing Ben's conversation barged in.

Security Official: "Bro! Mr. Von Brown! The Snoss are planning a nuclear strike on this site!"

Warning: "Oh no. Shops Island doesn't have ze military power to fight back!"

Bro: "Actually, Shops Island itself stores 4 nuclear warheads."

Fisch: "What!? Where?!"

Bro: "In the spacecraft. There are 4 nuclear warheads in the orbiting capsule. For defense purposes."

Clovis: "That only leaves us with 1 option. We have to launch the spacecraft and defend against the Snoss from space."

Warning: "Ve can't! Ze craft iz planned to vaunch today vith 3 aztronauts!"

Bro: "I have space training. I'm the only person here that knows how to fly this capsule."

Clovis: "I also know how to fly a spaceship."

Jock: "Can I come? I'm an excellent shooter!"

Warning: "Alright. You 3 can go on zis next mission. You must board ze craft now, however. It vaunches in 2 hours. Go get your spacesuits and head to ze vaunch tower."

Bro: "Yes sir."

The 3 penguins started leaving as everyone waved them off. But, Jock stopped and walked towards Warning.

Jock: "You seem familiar. Do I know you?"

Warning: "Iz your name Jock, again?"

Jock: "Yes, yes it is!"

Warning: "I am Warning von Brown!"

Jock: "Oh my. Now I remember you! You're my long-lost brother!"

The two hugged. It was truly heartwarming.

Bro: "No need to dampen the moment, but c'mon Jock! We have no time to lose!"

Jock caught up to Bro and Clovis. They got their spacesuits on, and were seated in the capsule. They had live camera feed to the control center.

Warning: "Are you guys vready?"

Clovis: "Ready as we'll ever be."

Warning: "Ok. I vill start ze countdown."











Warning: "LIFT OFF!"

There was a gigantic and tremendously loud blast. The spacecraft had cleared the launch pad.

Bro: "Things are going well."

Warning: "Ok. Ze first stage vill separate in 10 seconds. Brace yourselves."

The trio did so. Then, a huge blast was heard and they experienced a huge jolt. The first stage had separated.

Warning: "Vell done. Now, ze second stage vill separate in 30 seconds. Keep braced."

30 seconds later, the second stage blasted off, delivering the same effects. As they cleared Earth's orbit, the 3rd stage separated. All the extra components fell off, only leaving the capsule to orbit around Earth.

Bro: "Yes! Now, let's wait until we're over Snowzerland and we'll fire the missiles!"

The trio started to fly over the Ninja Archipelago.

Jock: "Clovis, fire the retro rockets! We need to turn in the direction of Snowzerland!"

Clovis fired the retro-rockets and the capsule rotated so the missile bay faced Snowzerland. However, the spaceship didn't slow down due to the massive momentum it had.

Bro: "Ready? FIRE!"

The missiles launched out of the missile bay and rocketed into the atmosphere towards Snowzerland.

Swiss was sitting in his castle, loathing his failure, and plotting his nuclear strike for the next day. Suddenly, a servant rushed into the room.

Servant: "KAISER! There are nuclear missiles coming toward us!"

Swiss: "Oh, is that so? I'll take care of that."

Swiss got off his throne, and walked over to a bookshelf. He pulled on a book as if it was a lever. The shelf rotated, and showed a nuclear launch station.

Swiss: "Excellent."

Swiss pressed a button that launched 4 heat-seeking nuclear missiles. They were programmed to hit any incoming missiles. So, he pressed the "FIRE" button, and the missiles fired from their bases on Nuke Island.

Clovis: "Things seem to be going well. They should hit Snowzerland in about 10 min-"


A massive blast knocked the capsule into a little higher orbit. Worst of all, they had lost connection to the ground. Jock scrambled over to the window.

Jock: "The missiles exploded!"

Bro: "Swiss must've launched counteracting missiles!"

Clovis: "That's exactly what happened."

It took less than a minute for the smoke cloud to completely cast over the Ninja Archipelago.

Bro: "Oh man. We're best to head back to Earth."

Jock: "Good idea. Clovis; Fire the retro-rockets!"

Clovis fired them. They slowed down exponentially, and dropped back into the atmosphere. The craft lit up into flames while re-entering.

Bro: "This is trippy!"

Minutes later, the spacecraft splashed off the coast of Melasia. Melasian forces were kind enough to pick up the trio and safely return them to the launch site.

Clovis: "Thank you very much for the help!"

Soldier: "My pleasure!"

The soldiers left, as the trio walked into the main control center. All the scientists and the rest of the Hochstadt Gang were watching news coverage over the gigantic monitor used to watch the spacecraft.

Fisch: "Welcome back! We're so thankful that you're safe! Come look at this!"

The newscast stated that the blast eclipsed the Archipelago.

Jock: "Oh my...."

They watched the rest of the newscast, then Warning von Brown shut it off.

Warning: "Vell done. According to intelligence, zhose vere ze missiles meant to be shot at us."

Piper: "Nice work guys!"

Gottfried: "You're all an inspiration to this great island!"

Warning: "I say ve call it a day. Zhis shift iz over!"

All the scientists went home. Warning stayed with the gang for one quick word.

Warning: "Zhank you for saving ze island! Ve are extremely grateful!"

Jock: "All in a day's work, brother."

The gang left, and headed for Vonkouver. They would spend the night there.

Bro: "Now THAT was fun!"

Leonardo: "I wouldn't be so happy if I were you. There's no telling as to how much damage that blast did..."

Chapter Eight: Unfinished Business[edit]

After successfully saving Shops Island from disaster, Bro and the Hochstadt Gang toured the island throughout the rest of the week. They awed at the architecture in Yuri102212 City, ate at fancy cafes in Vonkouver, and much more. On the second-last day of their trip, they went to Shops City to see off Mario Rk during his last hours as president.

Mario: "Bro... It's nice working alongside you. I never thought you could pull off something like nuking an enemy nation."

Bro: "'Bout time you acknowledge my-"

Gottfried elbow'd Bro. He wanted him to show manners.

Bro: "I mean, my pleasure. Thank you."

The gang saluted Mario, and he saluted back. He then walked out of the presidential office, never to return.

Leonardo: "What a great man."

Bro: "Don't let him fool you, just don't..."

The gang left it at that. Afterwards, they went to their hotel for the night.

King Carlos had just finished his negotiation with the Lisboagese. They were back on good terms.

King Carlos: "Now that that's over, I'd like to check on the Hochstadt Gang."

Servant: "Yes majesty."

The servant left, and returned with a telephone. He dialed Fisch's phone number, then handed the phone to King Carlos.

King Carlos: "Hello? Fisch?"

Fisch: "Oh, hello your majesty!"

King Carlos: "How's your trip been going? And was Shops Island safe?"

Fisch: "It's been splendid. And yes, the island was safe. No damage whatsoever."

King Carlos: "Excellent. There's a bit of sun starting to shine through here in the Ninja Archipelago... The only things that were damaged were aircraft that flew through the cloud... No injuries though."

Fisch: "Great. Well, I must go. Goodbye!"

King Carlos: "Goodbye."

The next day, the Hochstadt Gang got priority seating to watch the inauguration of the newly-elected president Lavender.

Official: "Do you, Mr. Lavender, swear to protect, defend, and preserve Shops Island until the day of your death?"

Lavender: "Yes, I do."

Official: "I hereby declare you president of Shops Island. May good luck and prosperity be with you."

The crowd roared and cheered. It was a monumental inauguration. After the event was over, Lavender approached the gang personally.

Lavender: "As president I believe it's my duty to thank you for saving the island from imminent destruction."

Jock: "No thanks needed!"

Clovis: "It was a pleasure, indeed."

Fisch: "Well guys, we must be off now. We need to catch our flight to Castilla."

Lavender: "Castilla? Why, maybe we could be flown in the presidential jet, and you can come along!"

Bro: "Great idea!"

The gang and Lavender headed to the airport directly outside of Shops City. There, they boarded the aircraft and flew to Metido. When they arrived, they were taken to King Carlos' castle to meet him. There were giant beams of sun starting to shine through the clouds now.

King Carlos: "Welcome! All of you!"

Lavender: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Goberna."

King Carlos: "As to you. Was your trip safe?"

Leonardo: "Very much so."

Piper: "It was really exciting indeed!"

King Carlos: "I think both Mr. Lavender and I can agree you're an inspiration to us all. Well done, gentlemen!"


After the clouds cleared, almost nothing was left damaged. Swiss was defeated once more, and Buhu Isle was retaken by the Castillans and given to Shops Island as a kind gesture. Shops' position in Antarctica was finally being recognized, and Bro had finally made a big mark, and made some friends. It just goes to show what can happen when you open your mind to new opportunities, new tastes, and new frontiers. Until next time...