Brohailian Army

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Brohailian Army
Their insignia
Name Brohailian Army
Type Small Military
Location CP Isle
Head Future-Bro
Job Rebelling against communist nations, organizations, and dictatorships; pretty much hating on communists altogether.
Members Around 4,500
Headquarters Underground

The Brohailian Army, commonly abbreviated as the Bro Army, is an extremist and pro-fascist army run by Future-Bro. It's known and sometimes congratulated for overthrowing communist organizations. However, they are often criticized around Antarctica for their training techniques, which include starving soldiers, and even drafting innocent penguins to battle by kidnapping them.

The Brohailian Army's entrance, complete with a sleeping Pheonix.


The army was founded in 2012 by Future-Bro after he got arrested for misconduct and/or high treason. Once he got out of jail, he swore he would create an army more powerful than the USA has ever reckoned with. So, he did it. The army terrorized many of the smaller countries putting them under Future-Bro's rule, and making a large empire called the Brohailian Empire. The empire rules a tiny bit of ocean, and islands near Bakunyumoria. This has worried places like Castilla, Polaris SAD, and the USA alike, though not to much. All of Antarctica's powers have simply laughed at the small army. Nevertheless these nations have placed the Bro Army on their watch-lists, waiting for a foolish invasion. However, many military experts believe that if the Brohailian Army attempted an invasion on Bakunyumoria, they would be almost completely destroyed. They tried to assist in the Invasion of the Yow Kingdom, but couldn't, due to a budget drawback. In 2014, the Brohailian Army joined the Axis Forces in the Frosian War.


The main strategy of control for now, is to overrun the corrupt and communist organizations. They will soon turn against the poor ones, and eventually larger groups. They are only going to attempt this after reaching millions of soldiers. However there is a very high chance that they will be completely defeated in attempting this.

Pros and Cons[edit]


  • The army has a high number of soldiers.
  • They are thanked for overthrowing many communist, and dictatorship groups.
  • Lots of people agree with them.
  • They aren't much of a threat to big nations.


  • The army barely has any advanced technology.
  • Many country leaders are ready to destroy them completely.


The Launchero-3000.
The Whopper-3000.

The Brohailian Army has a wide array of weapons to choose from, but have built their roots on 3 main weapons: Missile Launchers, flamethrowers, and gas bombs. However, they also have lots of guns, some tanks, and tasers to back up.


  • USA- Horrible! The Brohailian Army especially is targeting the USA. The USA, however, isn't concerned with them and has taken little regard to the Bro Army.
  • Snowzerland- Great. Swiss Ninja funds the Brohailian Army, and gives them many weapons. There are rumors that the Snoss Army has even aided the Brohailian Army in some attacks.
  • Castilla- Horrible! Castilla does not support the Brohailian Army at all, and are worried that they might invade their colonies next.
  • Shops Island- Horrible! Shops Island is a primary target, but the Brohailian Army would be no match for Shops Island and its allies in a war.
  • Malesia - Horrible! Malesia and the Brohailian Army have been enemies, ever since its independence. The Brohailian Army had once tried to destroy one of their biggest ports.



  • Many nations like Yow, the USA and UnitedTerra aren't afraid of them.
  • They are often made fun of for their creative stupid weaponry names.
  • They have a special mini-base centered underneath Bro's house so Pheonix has easy access to Brohailian Army equipment. There's also a teleportation pod between this base and the main base on Club Penguin Island.

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