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Brown Puffle Transparent.png
Title The Candyman
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Sweet as Pie
Health Physically: Normal
Mentally: Sweet
Level 97
Status Making Candy
Location Club Penguin
Birth date September 9, 1992
Occupation Sweets Seller
Interests Sweets
Abilities Able to make sweets in a flash
Friends McLacker
Enemies Herbert
Archetype Good Guy

Brownie is a brown puffle in Club Penguin. He likes to make sweets and owns his own shop at address 983 Iceberg Ln. He is very famous among penguins.


When born in the Brown Puffle Cave, he was warped to the Box Dimension by an unknown object. He was found by OrangeyOrange, McLacker's other puffle, and raised. When OrangeyOrange introduced Brownie to sweets, Brownie was hooked. After a while, they went to Club Penguin and were rounded up. When McLacker found them, he adopted the two puffles.


  • "Hey, want some candy?"
  • "Yes, I DO have those gummy McDoodles burgers!"

Mabel: Hello, lower life form. Do you have any WHAT?!? merchandise?

Brownie: WHAT?!? I mean, no.

Mabel: ₠Ӝஇ␀♟♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ !


  • He has banished Mabel X from his store. When inquired, he said, "Go figure."
  • He must pay franchise tax due to the fact he sells gummy McDoodles burgers.
  • This is his theme song.
    • Customers report hearing it when Brownie makes a sweet with mint or roasted sweet potatoes in it.