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Bucket image.png
Bucket, Making a day of his job cleaning
Title Cleaner for PengStation Head Office
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Very clean
Location PengStation Head Office

Bucket is a cleaner in the PengStation Head Office that is infamous for being in the MMK, let alone the rank of a Praiser or a Hailer.

About Bucket[edit]

Bucket in MMK uniform.
Bucket is a calm, relaxed penguin, he finds pink a relaxing sight, he wears pink but he is forced to wear black to his job as a cleaner for PengStation, he is also wonderfully adventurous and has a journal called The Adventures of Bucket, he updates is all the time and even adds small videos into it, He is 16 and just loves pink! he also enjoys mopping, cleaning and dusting. He helped design Super Sapie Bros. Brawl before working at PengStation (his previous job was at Snowtendo as game designer) and just loves to play! He even hid his own character in the game.

He is apparently in the MMK.

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