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Bugzia trying to do Bugzy's pose
Title Member of the UPM
Gender Female
Race Beetle
Faction She thinks that she's Bugzy's Girlfriend
Health Good
Level 33
Status Trying to impress Bugzy
Location UPM Hideout

Bugzia is a Female Beetle and a member of the UPM. She has a crush on Bugzy and is allways trying to impress him. She's not as strong as him, but she can put up a pretty good fight.


Bugzia and Bugzy grew up nearby wach other. One day Slater tried to eat Bugzia, when Bugzy arrived to save the day. Using his cool fighting skillz, Bugzy Pwned Slater and told Bugzia to go back to where she came from. Since that day, she's had a crush on him. When Bugzy left to go to Antarctica, she followed him secretly an it wasn't until afterh e arrived on the frozen continent that he realised that she followed him. Bugzy told her that he worked alone, but she insisted on following him. Eventually though Bugzy lost her, and for a few weeks she couldn't find him.

Eventually though, she heard the news that Bugzy had joined the UPM. Wanting to see him again, she quickly applied to join. Many laughed at her saying that she was a girl, and kept telling her not to hurt herself. Suprisingly though she passed every test and became a Piccotio. Unfortunatley, instead of Bugzy, she was sent to team up with King Snowkinian. The King forced her to go out to Dinner with him and that night they ate LOTSA SPAGHETTI made by Snowkinian himself. Eventually though, when Snowkinian, Bugzy, and some others were made the new MAFIA lords, Bugzia moved up to a the Soldato rank and was then teamed up with Smuggler Gary and has been ever since. She still wants to impress Bugzy though, and tries to whenever possible.


Bugzia often gets angry whenever one of the Gangstas tell her not to hurt herself. She usually attacks them, and then says "Who said girls couldn't fight." She's not able to beat Bugzy though as he's much stronger than her.


  • She's the only member of the MAFIA who dosen't like Snoiwkinian's Spaghetti.

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