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Charlie Papa One-one-niner, with you flight-level two-zero-zero.
Buhc 777

Buhc during Nightmare of Culldrome

Buhc Chebb Artara "777" Adelie

Agent Snowcat
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Adelie Family
Health Excellent
Level 777
Status Flying
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Pilot, adventurer
Catchphrase "Let's do it!"
Hobbies Flying and going on Adventures
Interests Aviation, flight, spaceflight, adventure, sports
Friends Many, Adelie Family
Enemies Chub 667X
Archetype Good

Buhc "777" Chebb Artara Adelie (pronounced buck), Buhc 777, Agent Snowcat or just Buhc (Aged 18, 1995-) is an airline pilot and ice hockey player who hails from Club Penguin Island. He is known for his wealth, being the famous brother of Chub 777 and for helping him save penguins from occasional evil. He is also known for being a very skillful pilot for his age, and for being a professional hockey player. Since he is an Adelie Penguin, the numbers in his name stand for his colony number: 777. This is his theme song.


Early Years[edit]

Buhc "777" Chebb Artara Adelie was born on June 23rd, 1995 in what is now South Pole City, at the Adelie Manor. His father is Matthias Adelie and his mother is Blowey Adelie. He was born into the Adelie Family, a wealthy family with many ties to the Culldrome Isles and Mark the Warrior, a famed warrior. Buhc is the younger brother of Chub 777, an astronaut for PASA and an adventurer. Like his brother, he is an heir to a million pebble fortune, created by Matthias' time as an Abbottess and Bloweyface's time as a newspaper editor. Chub's adventurous personality inspired him to become an adventurer like him. Buhc is the youngest in his family.

Buhc shares a lot of traits with his brother. He is very clever and (unlike Chub) very organized. Buhc learned how to talk at the age of 1 and read at the age of 3. Even in his school days, Buhc's desk was neatly organized. The only thing not neat about him is his clothes, even today. In other ways, the two are very similar. They both share the same interests, favorite foods, preferred spacecraft and even the favorite meal of the day (which is breakfast, mind you).

There are also some things that are different about them. For example, Chub is more mature than Buhc and is able to make better decisions that his brother. This comes in handy for EPF missions and during their adventures.

Club Penguin[edit]

A few years after the USA was founded, in 2005, the Adelie Family moved to Club Penguin. They had wanted to have a new and quiet life, so they settled into the newly founded Club Penguin. Shortly after moving in, Buhc was fascinated at the roaring planes coming in to land at the nearby airport. This inspired him to become an airline pilot and to be an aviation enthusiast in the future. His family, disliking the noise and the expansion of Club Penguin, moved back to South Pole City in 2006. Chub and Buhc stayed at Club Penguin and have lived there ever since.

Since he was the youngest of the two Adelie brothers, Chub was responsible for him. Chub went off to find a job, while Buhc attended a small local school for education. As Chub was off looking for a job, the PSA placed him under surveillance as a possible recruit. Eventually, Chub was asked to join the PSA, which he did. Buhc also joined the secret orginisation, as he felt it was a way to get to explore the island more. The two underwent training, and both (surprisingly) excelled. They were then placed in elite training and both became high ranking PSA agents. Buhc, especially, astounded many other fellow agents due to his excellent performance at such a young age.

As he continued on in his education, he eventually graduated from primary school and reached high school in 2007. Since he had a large interest in planes and aircraft, he studied related subjects, such as science and mathematics. Like his brother, he did well in these subjects. In 2011, he graduated from high school. He began to attend Penguin University, the same one had his brother had attended, soon after. There, he mainly studied Adventuring, Science, Mathematics and Physics. Buhc performed averagely, but did well in science and math, since he had excelled before.

In 2011, a few days after his 16th birthday, he applied for a pilot license. He wanted to continue with his dream and enthusiasm with flying. After extensive studying, Buhc performed many examinations and tests. Eventually, after logging many hours of flying, he attained his own pilot license. He also applied for a job as a commercial pilot for Club Penguin AirFlights, and he soon became a well respected captain. With his large wealth (mostly from the family), he purchased a small fleet of Smearjet 45 business jets. He often uses these planes to fly as a hobby and to travel around Antarctica, often accompanied by his brother.

Hockey Days[edit]

Buhc enjoys to play sports and, unlike his brother, is very good at them. His favorite past time became playing hockey at the local ice rink. He was so good, in fact, that at the age of 14, he was asked to join the Green Lumberjacks, or Club Penguin Green Team Lumberjacks, of the Major Hockey League, a professional hockey team that was known around the USA and the island as a big failure. Buhc accepted the invite. His first major win was when he scored a goal when the timer was at 5 seconds. This resulted in the team winning. He earned lots of money from his new job and is now very famous around the continent.

As of August 2012, Buhc has played in 11 games - in which 7 of those have resulted in a victory. Buhc wears the number "77" on his uniform and plays as goaltender. This means that Buhc defends the opposing team from scoring. On some occasions, however, Buhc plays as a winger, meaning that he usually attacks the opposing team. Buhc has a cabinet in his igloo containing all of his medals and trophies. Today, although he is very good at hockey, he isn't a regular player for the team, and only plays sometimes as a special guest.

The Epic Adelie Story[edit]

See Involvement


Today, Buhc is quite well known, especially around Club Penguin. His fame mostly comes from his time as a hockey player, although he is sometimes recognised as the brother of Chub. Due to this, Buhc is often overshadowed by his brother. In terms of hockey, he has scored many major wins but has sometimes lost. He is also a commercial pilot for Club Penguin AirFlights, but also flies outside of his profession as a hobby. Buhc also has an adventurous personality and accompanies his brother throughout their many journeys, but is frequently overshadowed by his more prominant brother. He is also a top ranking EPF Agent, who goes on many missions.


See also: Chub 777: Involvement

Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis[edit]

When Buhc's brother, Chub, sneezed out an X-Virus called Chub 667X, the antibody started attacking Club Penguin. The Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis occurred in 2010 and was an attempt to take over South Pole City using the SUP-R LAZ-R, a collaborative invention between Herbert, Klutzy and a few other antibodies. Their mission was to destroy the capital remotely and from far away. Buhc and Chub went out, along with the EPF, and eventually foiled the plan and saving the day. Unfortunately, the villains escaped, leaving behind the broken skeleton of the SUP-R LAZ-R.

Nightmare of Culldrome[edit]

During this second attack, nicknamed Nightmare of Culldrome, Chub 667X enlists the help of the ninjas from Skulldrome and even the famed Swiss Ninja from Snowzerland. They all plan to attack the Culldrome Isles on the 10th anniversary of the Porcyal War. Their mission - find Porcyals and take over the world. Buhc and Chub then travel around the continent searching for information during the lead up to the attack. The two then travel to the Culldrome Isles aided by Sonic Boom, an agent of the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. The trio successfully foil the evil plot, thanks to luck and Porcyals.

Winter's Tide[edit]

Chub and Buhc both decide to go on a holiday to the Ninja Archipelago; Castilla in particular. The two go on a cruise, which is then overrun by pirates, lead by Cutlass. They eventually arrive in Castilla and meet up with the Hochstadt Gang. They all stumble upon Daniel Highwater and Duncan Mistrol, two puffles who have escaped from the pirates. They are quickly captured again, but are followed by the Adelie brothers and Hochstadt Gang, hoping to stop the pirates and rescue the puffles. After many pirate battles on the seas, and after being captured, Buhc, along with Chub and the rest of the gang rescue the puffles, but the pirates escape. Duncan eventually chooses to become Buhc's pet puffle, with Dan becoming Chub's pet.

Battle of Culldrome[edit]

Buhc, Chub, Careflower, Dan and Duncan set off on their first quest together, looking for the mysterious swords of the Twin Heroes, the sons of Mark the Warrior. Hoping to complete the trio of the fabled swords, they travel across Culldrome and meet Joseph Andreev, a strong Ruscan miner in the Mossroam Forest. As this happens, the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome is formed and a civil war breaks out in the country. The group get embroiled in the political and military battles and find themselves delivering a powerful Porcyal bomb to Culldrome City. After dropping it they manage to stop a large scale Confederate mainland invasion but end up destroying half the city. Their bomber crashes and the group are captured by Chub 667X and Gravity as the Culldrom government is forced into exile and a ceasefire is put into place.

Shadow of Culldrome[edit]

Buhc and his friends are forced to be pitted against each other in a battle to the death for the entertainment of the Confederacy but are soon rescued by Sonic Boom and several others, ending the ceasefire between Culldrome and the Confederacy. Buhc, Chub, Careflower, Dan, Duncan, Joseph and Sonic are placed into a top secret group, named the Super Seven, and embark on a series of heists and missions to turn the tide of the war. Their adventure culminates in a battle with Gravity, Chairman Dux, Solir Ryne'n, Chub 667X and Dr. Blowhole at the console of a Confederate mind control superweapon. After his brother defeats Gravity, the war soon ends and peace is brought once more to the country.


Buhc's iconic appearance has him wearing a pilot's jacket, a vinyl messenger bag (which carries most of Buhc's possessions) and a red baseball cap. Buhc's natural feather color is black but he can be seen in different colors (painted on, of course). Buhc has some hair growing on his head but not as much as his brother. Buhc's pilot jacket has many badges sown on including his Captain badge and USA flag badge among others. Buhc has two Captain badges - one of them is attached with velcro and can be taken off and attached to his hat while flying.


Buhc has a large amount of items in his inventory. The most important ones (listed below), are usually kept in Buhc's pockets.

  • IcePhone
  • Fruit Blaster
  • Wallet
    • ID Cards (drivers license, aircraft license, creative license, etc.)
    • Money
    • A small map of Antarctica
  • Fold-able, telescopic hockey stick



Buhc is a pilot and so he knows a lot (if not, all) of things aviation. Buhc flies as a commercial pilot for Club Penguin AirFlights and has logged more than 2,000 hours of simulated and real-life flying. This high accumulation of hours has earned him the rank of Captain, and is the youngest to do so.


Buhc performs well as a pilot, flying and aviation in general. It is perhaps the thing he is most best as. He is even respected and commended by veteran pilots for his exceptional skill and knowledge, especially for his age. If Buhc is ever caught off-guard in a mid-air accident, he can respond swiftly and safely, saving many lives and very expensive equipment. Since he is good at this, Buhc is also good at inspecting weather charts and calculating fuel consumption during the flight. With his extensive intellect, he his more cognitively adept and smarter than his brother.

Surprisingly, Buhc is more fit and sporty than his brother. This brings many good things, including the ability to run faster and be all round stronger. This can be a good aid in EPF missions and as he accompanies Chub on his adventures. This is often attributed to Buhc playing and training for hockey. Being fit also helps Buhc win games for his team. The only disadvantage to this, is that Buhc is best built for speed, rather than endurance.


Even through extensive situational training via the EPF, Buhc does not always think "outside the box". Since he is usually teamed up with his brother on EPF missions, Buhc relies on him a lot in missions, making him do the thinking, planning and discussions with the ones they need to confront. If Buhc is left to his own devices, cannot fully complete a mission. Due to this, Buhc is paired with Chub, essentially re-starting the loop. He is also less serious than his older brother and occasionally goofs around. Buhc is known for being immature and less-serious than his brother.


One Liners[edit]

  • YES! I scored! I scored!
  • AWW! I lost!
  • Good game, everybody.
  • This is Buhc, coming in to land.
  • WHAT?!? NOOOO!!!
  • What in the name of snowballs, blizzards and snow happened?


  • Buhc is about to show Chub something
Buhc: Now, I'm proud to present...TEH HOCKEY STICK 1000!
Chub: ...it's a stick...
Buhc: Not just any stick, bro, it is...TEH...HOCKEY...STICK...1000!
Chub: So...umm...what is it supposed to do?
Buhc: You use it to play hockey of course!
Chub: And in what does does this differ from the average hockey stick.
Buhc: Well, for starters, its teh hockey stick and it's got 1000 on the end of it.
Chub: So other than that...it's the same?
Buhc: Why of course it's the same!
Chub: ...so umm...want to grab a coffee?
Buhc: Don't you want to try my invention?
Chub: Ah...no thanks...and I'll take that as a yes.



  • This is Buhc 777's Theme song.
  • "Buhc" is pronounced buck.
  • "Buhc" is actually "Chub" backwards.
  • Buhc is a Type 4 Fourth Wall breaker.
  • Buhc plays as number 77 during hockey games.
  • He is the youngest player on the Green Lumberjacks.
  • Buhc owns several Smearjet 45s, and constantly uses them to fly to destinations.
    • Each jet is also fitted with many special gadgets, such as harpoons and skis.
  • In addition to piloting, Buhc is also skilled at jetpack flying.
  • He has dual citizenship, between the USA and the Culldrome Isles.

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