Buhu Isle

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Country Colony of Shops Island
Monuments Igneous Buhu
Mayor Mario Arkay (Governor)
Population 500-600
Inhabited species Penguins
General information
Native name Buhu
Foreign name Sports Resort
Demonym Buian (Boo - Ian)
Founded 1997

Buhu Isle, or known foreignly as the Sports Resort, is located north of the Ninja Archipelago. The official name is derived from the native penguin tribes from the island, the "Buhus", which still live there in small numbers. It was known by a different name during the Puffish occupation.


The flag of Buhu Isle before it was changed by the Shoppers.

Buhu Isle was discovered hundreds of years ago by ambitious Puffish explorers. The island was colonized and became a small Puffish crown territory in 1783. They built formidable architecture and monuments across the island. However, it never had much cultural or strategic importance to the Puffish, and it was abandoned in favor of putting more resources into Colonial Antarctica. Buhu Isle became an unincorporated territory under nobody's occupation, until the island was rediscovered in 1997 by a penguin of unknown identity and his wife. They restarted the little village, which is now the town square, and his wife gave birth to many chicks. Word got out to athletes of the terrain and soon became a sporting town, but it never was taken in by other nations, and was ignored for many years until some penguins rediscovered them. After those penguins came, the Snoss tracked them down and occupied the island. This caused Castilla to step in and take the island for themselves, who they later handed to Shops Island.


The island is very loosely governed by Shops Island. The city has a record low amount of crime due to most citizens knowing each other and being friendly. The island only has a small police force to stop criminals. A prime example of how little Shops Island cares about the territory is its local government- former president Mario Arkay is still the island's official governor and representative, even though he "died" in 2013.

Due to the lack of interaction with Shops Island, the citizens of Buhu Isle simply govern themselves, with the "Mayor" being the colony's leader.


Buhu Island's economy is mostly barter and trade. There is no official form of currency, even under Shops Island, whose currency is WB$. Before going under the occupation of bigger nations, the island got all its outer resources from Rockhopper, who promised not to spread word about the island. He brought resources like iron, brick, fiberglass, and others. After joining Shops Island's government, the island only relies on Shops Island for things like food. Ever since Shops took over the island, a bustling tourism industry has erupted on the island; it has become a popular location for those who are sport fanatics.


A map of Buhu Isle. The main island is in dark green with outlying islands in light green.

Buhu Isle is known for its many popular locations and hotspots around the small island.

  • Town Square - The Town Square is the only place on the island with buildings, aside from another little string of huts just north of the town. This is where all of Buhu Isle's inhabitants live on a normal basis.
    • Marina - Tourist vessels and civilian boats launch and dock at the marina. It is at the east end of the town square.
  • Igneous Buhu - This massive and dormant volcano is in the heart of the island, and everything, including the landscape, seems to build up to it. The center of the volcano is completely hollow, which allows tourists to go inside under controlled circumstances.
  • The Lighthouse - Buhu Isle's lighthouse teeters over a precarious cliff on the far west side of the island. It's white and twice the size of Club Penguin's lighthouse.
  • High Lake - A serene lake on the west side of Igneous Buhu. It's popular for sightseers and canoes.
    • Queen's Castle - A quaint castle nestled between High Lake and Igneous Buhu. It was created hundreds of years ago when Buhu Isle was first inhabited. It is now no more than a monument.
    • Sandstone Falls - Over seven tons of water fall over this waterfall every second. The waterfall connects high lake to a lake below the falls, which then flows to the ocean. The falls are a key landmark on the island.
  • Loco Cabana - A small lodge in the northern tip of the island, it is nestled around a rock face. It has a beautiful beach front and Polynesian-style houses.
  • Coconut Hotel - A five-star hotel located next to Star Beach, it's the main place for visitors to Buhu Isle to stay overnight.
  • Star Beach - A peninsula branching out through the southern part of the island, the beach is known for its great surfing conditions and lots of tanning room.

Lobster Rock Island[edit]

Lobster Rock Island's layout.

Lobster Rock Island is a smaller island located about five miles southwest of Buhu Isle. It's a popular location for golfers and rock-climbing enthusiasts. There aren't as many things to do on Lobster Rock Island as there are on the mainland, but there are still things for tourists to do. It's sometimes referred to as a separate entity because it's farther away from Buhu Isle and larger than other surrounding islands.

  • Golf Courses - There are three different golf courses on the island, each one containing six holes. This means if one was to play every course, they would have completed a standard 18-hole game.
  • Hole-in-One Hotel - A small and quaint hotel located in the middle of the island, this building provides a place for golfers to sleep overnight, provided they would not rather travel back to the main island.
  • Lobster Rock - Lobster Rock is a giant rock formation on the island that looks like two lobsters' claws emerging from the ground. The formation is popular with tourists and rock-climbing enthusiasts alike.
  • Lobster Rock Island Marina - The Marina is a place where boats can dock. There is also a beach nearby. The Marina is also the on and offloading place for the ferry that transfers between Buhu Isle and Lobster Rock Island tree times daily.


As stated above, the island is popular for sports fanatics. Some things you can do here are:

  • Swordfighting- The island's re-discoverer organized swordfighting competitions on Star Beach and in the Town Square. However, in 2003, Rockhopper had a coliseum built over the water (he thought it would be cool if people got knocked into the water) and the townspeople will also organize showdowns where you fight several of them. Chopping contests are still held in the town square.
  • Basketball- The Puffish built a court here in the 1940's, and it was renovated in 1998. 3-point contests are held every night (fireworks go off whenever someone makes a basket) and many people have pickup games.
  • Bowling - This alley was built in the 1890's and has been renovated several times. Its lanes can be realigned for standard games or 100-pin games.
  • Wakeboarding- Puffish settlers erected buoys to mark off a wakeboarding area (another group is used to mark off the airplane launch area). This is a popular water sport, the second behind power cruising. Wakeboarding boats are kept at the town marina.
  • Golf- All golfing is done on Lobster Rock Island. There are three courses. It was originally done on the mainland until the 1990's when the island filled up with areas for other sports, so it had to be done there.
  • Cycling- The island's athlete-founders have established several cycling routes. Guides are provided for the cyclists.
  • Power Cruising- Power cruisers are kept in the marina and there is a holding area for power cruisers on the island's east side. You rent them from the island's power cruising club.
  • Frisbee Puffle- Held on Star Beach, you throw frisbees out and a puffle will catch it. The goal is to have it caught closest to a marker.
  • Table Tennis- By the pool of the Coconut Hotel. There is no real tennis, according to locals, because the puffles ran away with the tennis balls. It is unknown why Rockhopper has not sold any new ones to the island since this happened.
  • Air Combat- The island has a seaplane club, led by an aviator named Michael who has a guide plane. You can rent planes from this club and shoot balloons on the back of your opponent's plane.
  • Canoeing- All canoeing takes place on High Lake. Canoes are kept on a pier coming out from Queen's Castle.
  • Archery- Bows are rented from a business on the island. It owns a few shooting areas such as those in the fields below Queen's Castle.
  • Soccer- Although frowned upon by Shoppers, Soccer (or Football) is a favorite sport of many of the island's tourists and citizens, and so a soccer field exists for matches to be played.

Legal System[edit]

Puffish Rule[edit]

The island had a governor from 1783 when it was formally established as a Puffish colony, as well as an elected assembly of 11 (so there can't be a tie) members. The Governor judged all cases until 1850 when a district judge was sent to the island along with a prosecutor and a defense attorney. After the Puffish settled Colonial Antarctica in the 1990's all of the island's three judges were withdrawn from the island to replace empty spots in Colonial Antarctica (because at this point many were leaving the island due to lack of interest).

Pre-Shopper Rule[edit]

The island's athletes had no reason to commit crimes and there were only about 5 crimes committed during the 13 years in which the island was independent. The judge in all of these occasions was the ref on the chopping contest. Because of the low population it was a direct democracy, but they did elect a Merchant every year to buy from Rockhopper, as well as a Watch Warden, who was the island's police chief (citizens took turns on night watch).

Shopper Rule[edit]

Mario Arkay is the current governor, even though he's been officially "dead" since 2013. The Island Council has 13 members because of the higher population, positions filled and appointed by the locals. As for judges, there are two of them. One is a district judge, a local that was chosen by Shops Island, and the other is Mario Arkay (The Territorial Governors Act grants governors of small territories judicial authority in certain cases, which are not specified here). Since Mario isn't there, the Mayor has taken up his role.

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