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A timeline log has been kept about the construction of the C-Pengaberg, a large private clipper ship built for Chub 777. The ship is currently docked in Highlaw Island at one of the many docks located there. In addition, the construction logs are located at a small museum nearby.

Building of the C-Pengaberg
The C-Pengaberg after construction
Background information
Participants Many penguins
Date March - November 2008
Location Highlaw Island

Building timeline[edit]

7th March 2008[edit]

  • Contest in newspapers started to select crew for ship
  • Parts and tools ordered from the USA
  • Dock A-01 at Highlaw Island hired as a drydock for building

Current Estimated Cost = 1 million Current Estimated Construction Time = 12 months

10th March[edit]

  • Parts and tools arrive
  • Contest ends-100 crew members selected

11th March[edit]

  • Boat frames started
  • Temporary pre-fabricated warehouse arrives
  • Temporary crane arrives

12 March[edit]

  • Boat frames finished
  • Sail construction started
  • Crow's Nest started
  • 500 volunteer workers arrive

13 March[edit]

  • Staircase started
  • Ship covering started
  • Crow's Nest finished
  • One sail finished
  • Puffle figurehead started

30 March[edit]

  • Figurehead finished
  • Covering finished
  • Staircase finished
  • Three sails finished (four in total)
  • Dining room and kitchen started
  • Crew Quarters started
  • Hold started

18 April[edit]

  • Four more sails finished (eight in total)
  • Dining and kitchen finished
  • Crew Quarters 2nd floor finished
  • Half of the hold finished
  • Fresh water tanks arrive
  • Water filters arrive

4th July[edit]

  • Two more sails finished
    • All sails are constructed (ten in total)
  • Crew Quarters finished
  • Deck finished
  • Puffle room started
  • Hold finished
  • Toilets started

18th July[edit]

  • Solar panels arrive
  • Toilets finished
  • Water tanks finished

25th July[edit]

  • Puffle room finished
  • Solar panels fitted
  • Lighting fitted

26th July[edit]

  • Batteries arrive
  • Battery room started
  • Penguin accidentally smashes a solar panel with a wrench. New solar panel is quickly ordered and delivered.

5th August[edit]

  • Battery room finished
  • Electronics fitted
  • Electric stove with oven arrives
  • Stove-oven fitted

29th September[edit]

  • Furniture trucks arrive
    • Furniture delivered
  • Weaponry room/armoury started

17th October[edit]

  • Weaponry room finished
    • Room is locked by a special six pin combination lock
  • Snowballs and gunpowder delivered and stored on the dock
  • A plasma TV arrives

24th October[edit]

  • Imported sand arrives
  • Plumbing installed and finallised
  • Satellite dish fitted
  • Living room started
  • Chub 777 and 4 crew members play with the new Snowtendo Vii all night long.

31st October[edit]

  • Living room finished in time for Halloween celebrations
  • A crewman scares a worker off the Crow's Nest. Fortunately the worker falls on a pile of sails
  • Telephone cables installed

2nd November[edit]

  • Book room started
  • Infirmary started
  • Sails fitted
  • Imported sand goes in the Puffle room
  • Some of the sand goes to the hold for later use

8th November[edit]

  • Infirmary finished
  • Book room finished
  • The sand in the hold is moved to the book room
  • Small palm trees are planted in the sand
  • Other plants are planted in pots placed around the ship

27 November[edit]

  • First test run conducted
    • Test lasted from 6:28 AM to 7:47 AM.
    • Ship is sailed around the harbour of Highlaw Island
  • Life boats installed (3 on each side,4 inflatables,2 stored in hold for a total of 12)
  • Furniture loading finished
  • Ship finished!

28th November[edit]

  • A small party is conducted to celebrate the completion of the ship
  • Free item is offered = C-Pengaberg model
  • Ship party catalouge is (temporarily) launched
    • Around 7000 fish of revenue is generated
  • A donation of 5 fish allows a chance to get Chub 777's signed backrground
    • This earns around 300 fish
  • Warehouse temporarily turned into a party room
  • Ship named by the local Telenacle
  • Ship loaded with food, water, Cream Soda, supplies, gunpowder, trading supplies and money
  • Final test run conducted
    • Test lasted from 10:02 PM to 11:56 PM

Total ship cost = ~57,000 fish
Volunteer/Worker cost = ~20,000 fish
Pre-fabricated warehouse, hiring and crane cost = ~17,000 fish
TOTAL = 95,763 fish
Minus catalouge funds=-~7,000 fish
Minus backround funds=-~300 fish
FINAL TOTAL = 88,463 fish

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