Bureau of Fiction Operations Module

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Bureau Of Fiction Operations Module
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Title Bureau Of Fiction Operations Module
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Bureau Of Fiction
Health Good
Level 1000
Status Protecting the Fourth Wall.
Location Bureau Of Fiction

B.O.F.M is the protector of the Fourth Wall and central computer of the Doinkometer Complex. He is wise-cracking and sarcastic.


B.O.F.M was once just a few old pieces of junk. Doctor Aye-Que built him, only for B.O.F.M to stumble across an old rocket. He grabbed a metal bar that was stuck to it, only for the rocket to go flying out a window all the way to a BOF entrance, which opened exactly the same time B.O.F.M flew into it, and B.O.F.M landed on a mattress. The Bureau let him stay for reasons Director Benny doesn't approve of, and he became the protector of the fourth wall.


BOFM's computer is wired to every single Doinkometer in existence. This allows him to know exactly what's happening to the Fourth Wall and the plot, and he constantly e-mails Mayor McFlapp and Director Benny status reports of what's going on in the universe.

In addition, BOFM manifests himself inside a mobile robotic body wirelessly controlled by the central computer. This allows him to physically interact with other objects and employees without having to disconnect from the Doinkometer complex.

He is also friends with a super computer , which fixed him after one of his "Mattress Crashes". See Trivia.


  • B.O.F.M's robot body was destroyed a total of 4 times, all by being broken by not landing on a mattress.
  • B.O.F.M's 5th robotic body is the same as the third, due to the 4th robot not being liked.
  • He is a parody of T.O.M from Toonami.
  • BOFM thinks of Explorer as a crazy tomfool. He claims that Explorer's metal-fictional references alone make the doinkometers go haywire.
  • BOFM treats the doinkometers as if they were his own kids. He is extremely overprotective of them.

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