Buying Mushroom Boy

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Buying Mushroom Boy
Vice President of GoodyMart.
Title Buying Mushroom Boy
Gender Male
Race Joeyaa (species)
Faction Sells things.
Health He seems nervous, the way he's always rubbing his appendages together.
Level Antique
Status Managing the shop.
Location TurtleShroom's Idea Market

Brian Mark Boyd aka Buying Mushroom Boy is a Joeyaa and the vice president of GoodyMart. He is the highest in the employee chain, and all other employees answer to him. BMB and TSP seem to have some sort of an old friendship with one-another.


Buying Mushroom Boy provided information on his origins for us...

I was born in the Mushroom Kingdom many years ago. As a youth, I enjoyed economics and everyday items that seem to not exist in this snowy land. Anyway, I managed to nail a job, in 1999, at Mushroom Village, running a shop that sold items to enhance Mario and friends' adventures inside the pipe in the city's center. Sadly, though, in 2000, I was fired and replaced with other Toads in the Item Shops that were actually at the pipe's adventure realms. I was elimanted to cut corners, like all the other residents of Mushroom Village... for the next decade, I wondered the Kingdom, looking for work, but like so many other aged residents, I had done my time and was unwanted. I drew welfare from the princess' coffers for most of the time... however, my luck changed when a penguin, much taller than any I've ever seen, stepped out of a portal and handed me a message from a new world called Antarctica. Apparently, a king in that realm wanted me, of all Toads, to run his shop in Antarctica! I would have had to been a brainwashed minion of Bowser to refuse that offer! I packed my things and set off to a new world, where another large penguin, this one wearing a crown, gave me the job, claiming he was always a "fan" of me. How he knew who I was, I will never figure out, but it sure feels good to be back behind the counter after ten years...

Most characters are thoroughly confused by BMB's tale.


Buying Mushroom Boy is always found behind the counter, to the right of the cash register. He will be staring at you, probably fidgeting with his appendages and waiting for you to make a purchase. If you request to go to an aisle, BMB will gladly direct you to it... without turning his head (because he's awesome like that).


  • Despite claiming he is a "Toad", he is in fact a Joeyaa, but even Saint Joeyaa himself disagrees with the classification, so it's up for debate...
  • Explorer and Tails, after hearing his testimony, have deduced that he hails from the Mushrooverse.
  • BMB is scared if Bugzy, particularly when he comes for protection money.

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