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Leroy "CD" Penguson
Born 1976
South Pole City
Nationality Penguin
Other names Leroy, Crazy Dude
Occupation Terrorist/robber
Home town South Pole City
Known for Robbing banks and murderer
Partner PC

Leroy Penguson, or as he calls himself, CD or Crazy Dude, is a criminal who used to work for the Club Penguin Times.

First Career[edit]

Working as a news reporter for the Club Penguin Times, which was his original job before he felt like this job wasn't worth it, as he had bad wages. The next day he marched into his boss's office with his gun ready for use. Instantly shooting his boss, he triggered the security alarm. Two security guards marched in to the office. He easily shot them before the 3rd guard came in. This guard was a bit buff and muscular, and as Leroy tried to shoot this guard, he noticed he was out of ammunition. He fought the guard fists to fists, and as they wrestled, Leroy pushed the guard of the balcony. He laughed as the guard fell into the deathly waters below. He went through the whole Club Penguin Times building, shooting everyone he saw and vandalizing the building. Later that same night, he sneaked into the bank and stole all the cash. To kill the one guard at the bank, he hit it on the head with a barrel he found in the alleyway behind the bank.


After many acts of murder, terrorizing, and robbing, he got arrested. He woke up to find himself on a boat heading to Owcatraz. To escape the cell on the boat, he reached his arm out of the small window. He managed to reach the Angkor and swing it at the boat. It smashed a hole in the boat and the cell bars. Escaping the cell, he retrieved his thing and fought the guards. He freed another prisoner named Sander-son, or as he calls himself, PC. He prepared to jump out the boat, but then PC said he couldn't swim. CD quickly looked in the supply closet for things to help his friend. He found a cardboard box with a picture of a inflatable rubber duck on it. "This will have to do," he said. He ran and passed the box over to PC. They jumped out the boat, just in time before it exploded. They swam miles before finding land.