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The Club Penguin Official Flag
CP Map.png
Club Penguin
Country United States of Antarctica
Area The actual island has an area of 100 square miles. However, there are over 30 servers, so the island can hold over 3000 square miles of land.
Monuments Iceberg (also a place), Clock Tower, Lighthouse
Neighbourhoods Tri-State Lane, Money Plaza, Portal Island, Business Servers, Residential Servers, Industrial Servers, Plaza, Foreign Servers
Mayor Economic Borders Unlimited (ex officio)
Moderators (de jure)
President of the United States of Antarctica
Population 10,506,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles and Crabs
General information
Native name CP or Club Penguin
Demonym Club Penguinite
Founded 877 (ancient)
– Founder Tribe of snails (ancient)
The Club
Time zone (PST) Penguin Standard Time
Summer time (CPTZ) Club Penguin Time Zone (+1)
Area codes 770 (same as motherland)

Club Penguin Island or simply Club Penguin (CP) or CP Isle is an enormous, major port city in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. It is the trade and commerce hub of the entire United States of Antarctica and holds as much sway over the economy as South Pole City. It is small but has many penguins due to its high server count.



For many years, Antarctic scientists were very skeptical about the pre-history of Club Penguin Island. Many excavations had been held over the years, and they were able to discover several dinosaur eggs and skeletons. However, controversy had started when penguin skeletons were also discovered with dinosaur bones. Many theories arose before Gary the Gadget Guy built a Time Machine in 2013 and visited the Pre-historic island. It has been discovered that Club Penguin was extremely tropical, and there were at least two major volcanoes on the island (present day Ski Hill and Diamond Falls). Gary confirmed that Dinosaurs and Penguins roamed on the island together. It is unknown when the prehistoric penguins had reached Club Penguin island, but there were several boats made of crude wood discovered. These Prehistoric penguins and their dinosaur companions are have said to be wiped out completely by a large tsunami that also made both volcanoes dormant. The flood is believed to have also occur on other islands as well, such as Holock, the giant landmass located in the Yowien Sea, which later became several other islands. The flood killed off all life on Club Penguin island, though the island stayed in one piece. The climate soon drastically changed in the decades that followed, and eventually modern pine trees and snow appeared.

Common Era

The first modern location on Club Penguin Island to be founded was the Town, founded in 877 AD by a large tribe of snails. Little more than buildings of stone and clay, this town survived the Great Blizzard that drove the snails from the island in search of warmer land, and stood for centuries until being torn down by Ninjas in the 1800s.

Penguin Island, as it came to be known, was later rediscovered by The Three Masters in the year 1000 AD after the Great Blizzard cooled the island, making it comfortable for penguins. For centuries, Penguin Island was only known to Ninjas and seafarers. Many sailors stayed on the island, but had left sooner or later, although the Ninja population began to build a small community out of igloos. For centuries, the island was where penguins only came to train under the Senseis and become Ninjas. However, there were populations of sailors and rich farmers or ranchers that owned extensive parts of unused land, despite the intimidation of the Ninjas, and many farmers and sailors had left the island from the Ninjas that had made their lives miserable. Yet some hamlets remained on some remote parts of the island and its servers away from the Ninja majority population. The island started getting slightly more popular after Penguin Productions opened up there in 1988.

The island was finally colonized when the United States of Antarctica had just started to form in 2000. Club Penguin only struck to fame when an organization called "The Club" left South Pole City and started anew in this island in late 2001. They found an island with lengthy beaches with their tasty clams and fishes, great forests with lots of lumber, and scenic mountains with their freshwater streams. The Club and the native ninjas later built a community together and both provided hospitality to sailors who stopped by, storing food in a clubhouse that eventually became the Coffee Shop, in the same location as the town built by snails. When the island, by this time known as "Penguin Chat 3", grew to fame, its inhabitants agreed that it was time for a new name. It was decided that in 2005 the name would be "Club Penguin", in remembrance of "the Club" that first started it. Over a couple of months after its renaming to Club Penguin, the popular island reached to 100,000 residents to become the USA's first established cities. As time went on, more penguins came to the islands, and more servers had to be made. More buildings and areas were created to entertain the larger amounts of citizens, and business thrived. Meanwhile, over the years, Club Penguin had experienced earthquakes, an avalanche, and several storms, but they never stopped the island's activity. Eventually, the whole Antarctic began to see the island as a role model, and it became one of the most important trading centers in the continent. Now, Club Penguin is home to over a million citizens in all of its servers, and it is where many famous organizations, like the EPF and the CP Times, have started and are headquartered.

In 2017, the Adventure Server was opened by EBUL in order to boost tourism for the island. Essentially a "Club Penguin Theme Park," the Adventure Server features numerous games and activities that can be played for rewards. However, it would ultimately close less than two years later after failing to draw in enough revenue.

Involvement and Things to do

The major trade routes of the USA, highlighted in orange. No longer accurate

Club Penguin controls the marketing system of the entire USA and has a significant amount of influence in the international market. Due to its convenient position, Club Penguin effectively links the Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell, Dorkugal, the Geek Empire, and Freezeland to the rest of the Sub-Antarctic trade chain. In conjunction with the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell, Club Penguin can pass goods across the continent, as shown by the chart to the left. This entire route is known as the Sub-Antarctic Bypass Route, or SABER, and is one of the two major trade routes in Antarctica (the other being the Itinerod Circuit). Due to its legal status as a trading hub, all cargo traveling on a route that links up to Club Penguin must stop at the island for inspection and transaction evaluation. The second largest stock market exchange center in the USA is located on the island as well. In fact, Club Penguin holds so much sway over the economy that it is under the Too Big to Fail policy. Should the stock market crash on Club Penguin, the USA would be plunged into a deep depression.

Club Penguin is also possibly the most famous Sub-Antarctic Island in existence. It is famous for its extremely high standard of living, and its lack of a rigorous employment system -- most income is made through playing mini-games around the island. It has been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, books, and other media. It is the birthplace of many famous penguins, and is the capital of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The island is located at the eastern end of the Sub-Antarctic Islands, which is visible on the map of the United States of Antarctica - the red dot.

There are many leisure places for penguins to go to for fun. Many can go swimming in the Cove or Underground Pool Cave. There is also Sled Racing, which is located at the second-highest mountain, called the Ski Hill. There are always new places being built in Club Penguin. The latest is the Snow Dojo, which is an extension of the Dojo (see Sensei and Tusk for more information). The main food available on the island is mostly Pizza & fish, but also candy & other necessary foods - especially fish and water.

Two popular restaurants in Club Penguin are the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlour. Unlike Snowbucks or Pizza 7, these stores have refused to sell-out or give in, and are highly prosperous. The Pizza Parlor is owned by "Mitch the Parlor Owner", also just known as the "Pizza Parlor Owner". The Coffee Shop's owner, who actually witnessed Herbert one time, is always proud on how he refuses to sell "mass-produced sludge" (like that of Snowbucks) and instead makes the finest quality coffee "delivered daily" (and painfully) at peak "brewing conditions". He also serves delicious hot chocolate and croissants. However, the Pizza Parlour and Coffee Shop in the BCP server set is owned by Pizza 7 and Snowbucks, respectively. The island's entertainment comprises of movies, games, or plays at the Stage, which opened in 2007.


Club Penguin only has one official sporting arena - the Stadium, which is an ice rink for hockey players from November to April, and a football/soccer field during the remaining months of the year. As such, the local teams, FC Club Penguin (soccer) and Club Penguin IHC (hockey) usually utilize the stadium very frequently, leaving little room for amateur €and leisure matches. However, server technology has helped alleviate the situation. Club Penguin IHC has left the stadium to the "New Penguin Stadium", prior to 2016. The stadium can be located in The Town.


As a pacifistic island with little to no crime- what little exists is crushed by the EPF or citizens -Club Penguin does not have any military presence on the island. Armies that exist on the island, like the Nachos and the ACP are privatized, warring only for profit and their own gain. Thus, CP lacks a true standing army. In times of peace, ACP and Nacho goons go about civilian lives. There are no career/lifetime/professional soldiers dedicated solely to the defense of the island.

The Club Penguin Police Department is the closest Club Penguins has to an army, but their job is to protect citizens and arrest criminals, so they don't fight in wars. They have, however, infiltrated Herbert's Base in Operation: Blackout.

Defense is entirely maintained by the highly successful EPF, with large amounts of help from the tattling Masses. CP employees a Big-Brother esque system of tracking and blocking villains and delinquents, which is immensely effective for those on the island. Civilians are strongly encouraged and sometimes urged to report vandals, villains, and other unlawful behaviors. However, the "reporting" feature isn't really effective for someone who comes into Club Penguin, as only residents receive their tracking items.

The EPF are experts at keeping secrecy, but a certain curse makes them an open secret. As often as physically possible, the EPF tries to keep him out of missions and briefings. The EPF is effective at curtailing small attacks. However, they are first and foremost an intelligence agency. Their first and primary job is not to directly stop crooks, but to spy on them, to secretly gather intelligence on their whereabouts, and to slowly crack down and stop them in due time. They are by no means a first response agency in the biggest of emergencies: that's what the USA is for.
A Snoss soldier epically raising the flag of Snowzerland over the conquered Club Penguin's Night Club.

Due to the lack of any state-sponsored defense, CP could easily become a target if the Armies of the area were not interested in defending their home. The only full-time and completely dedicated defense squad comes from ninjas, and even then, they are not professional defenders.

This never proved more true during the First Snoss War, in which CP was rolled over in middle of what would constitute as "night" (AKA 12:00 AM, even though the sun was still on the edge of the horizon). Club Penguin was immediately and dramatically annexed. A photographer was on hand to capture one of the most famous war scenes ever taken, a portrait which still represents Snowzerland's pride. Nevertheless, the Snoss tried again two years later, this time successful, and they conquered the German Servers as their own territory, although still retaining CP Culture and the illusion that it is still under CP control.

Club Penguin Island was also the sight of a major battle during The Freezelandian War. The armies of the good High Penguins, along with the Ninjas, defended the island for days while Amluc Riam's armies attempted to seize the island. The Battle resulted in the sacking of the Plaza and Town (The damage was minimal, however. The buildings were soon repaired.), destruction of many igloos, and an avalanche on the ski hill.

The island has also been attempted to be conquered by Chub 667X, the X-Antibody of Chub 777, a famous resident of Club Penguin. Chub 667X worked in conjunction with Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy and other Antibodies during the Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis. Although no part of the island was "captured", they had occupied the mountainous areas north of Club Penguin. There they operated the SUP-R LAZ-R, a powerful weapon of mass destruction, and attempted to destroy South Pole City. They were temporarily apprehended by Chub and, his brother, Buhc, before escaping into the wilderness.

"Club Herbert" (Operation: Blackout I)

Girl look at that body.png
During the occupation, Herbert's tendancy to stamp his face on everything didn't even escape a picture glorifying a takeover of the island. Using simple whiteout and a picture of his "oh so sexy" face, he created his own mental vision of conquering the island.


The climate is usually cold, with snow at all times of the year. However, the climate used to be EXTREMELY cold, with large blizzards occurring frequently. The temperatures are in Celsius and Fahrenheit, in respective order.

Year Average Temperature Most Cold Record Most Warm Record
2005 -35 Degrees / -31 Degrees -51 Degrees / -60 Degrees -17 Degrees / +1 Degree
2006 -40 Degrees (both) -63 Degrees / -81 Degrees -23 Degrees / -9 Degrees
2007 -46 Degrees / -51 Degrees -67 Degrees / -89 Degrees -20 Degrees / -4 Degrees
2008 -36 Degrees / -33 Degrees -60 Degrees / -76 Degrees -27 Degrees / -17 Degrees
2009 -38 Degrees / -36 Degrees -52 Degrees / -62 Degrees -34 Degrees / -29 Degrees
2010 -32 Degrees / -26 Degrees -47 Degrees / -53 Degrees -19 Degrees / -2 Degrees
2011 -30 Degrees / -22 Degrees -39 Degrees / -38 Degrees -11 Degrees / 12 Degrees
2012 -27 Degrees / -17 Degrees -34 Degrees / -29 Degrees -1 Degree / +30 Degrees
2013 -15 Degrees / 5 Degrees -26 Degrees / -15 Degrees +2 Degrees / +36 Degrees


For more information, see Server.

Club Penguin Island is a very large island, due to the high amount of servers installed. There are four different types of servers: Traditional (T), Residential (R), Business (B), and Industrial (I). Each server type serves a different purpose and has a different layout of the island. T servers are the default layout of the island, containing most of CP's cultural highlights and recreational spots. R servers focus more on housing residents and visitors. Igloos sprawl across much of the southeastern island (near the Plaza, Cove, and Snow Forts), and the northwestern region (Ski Village) is filled with mountainside hotels. B servers focus on providing for business penguins and cater the economical side of the island. The Ski Village, Beach, and Dock areas are replaced by a massive Port that provides spaces for a few hundred cargo ships. In addition to the Town Center and Plaza, a Money Plaza exists, containing a bank and a stock exchange. I servers focus on producing goods for domestic consumption and exports to other lands. Factories cover the island (all eco-friendly, obviously), and penguins in want of bigger money gather around to play the ICP mini-games. They consist of constructing products on an assembly line, and reward all participating penguins with a paycheck that is considerably more generous than regular mini-games.

For general purposes, the following information is based on the Traditional Club Penguin (TCP) layout. For the layout of other CP server types, refer to Server.

The main places in Club Penguin are the "Town" and the "Plaza", where there are 3 locations in each area. Other places are the Dock, Beach & Ski Village. Many games can also be played, which should be visible on the map. Here are some of the many places on the island. A map is shown below.


Secret Places


Future Plans

If the government approves, Club Penguin will undergo a major upgrade to accommodate the increasing number of residents and number of visitors as there can only be a certain number of servers in one area. The upgrades also consist on improving the overall image of Club Penguin, modernizing it from the look it has had since 2005. The large scale project is planned to occur in to Phases. Phase One plans to expand and improve the Ski Village, Beach, Dock and Town. Phase Two also plans to expand and improve areas, including the Snow Forts, Plaza and the Cove. Currently, Phase One is almost entirely complete, with only a few minor renovations and touch-ups remaining. Parts of Phase Two have stated, with plans for it to entirely finish by early-2014. There were rumours that re-absorbing the nation of Ghostlia into Club Penguin was part of Phase One, but this was proven false now that it is almost finished. It was also thought that it was actually part of Phase Two, but the government has announced that this rumour is false.


A highly detailed map of the island. Click to enlarge.

Nearby Islands Map

A Castillan Version of Club Penguin and it's nearby islands, shown to the public by Rockhopper in 2012. Notice that King George's Island is not above CP.


An example of a Club Penguin coin.
See main article: Coins

The only official currency in Club Penguin is the gold coin, which is a low-grade gold-plated disc made of a lightweight aluminum-lithium alloy. Each coin is worth 1 USA Fish. On the obverse side, there is a Fluffy Fish, which represents Club Penguin on the coin. The reverse side contains an imprint of the coin's value in Fish (most coins are worth 1 Fish). Coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Fish. Club Penguin has a Mine where silver, gems, and, quite strangely, candy bars, can be found. Although the gold in the Mine was all extracted from the rocks a long time ago, it is still used in the plating of the Club Penguin Coin. Another form of currency is the Fall Fair Ticket, which can be used only during the Fall Fair.


Club Penguin is famous for being a largely pedestrianized society. Non-commercial vehicles are prohibited in all Public areas (and some residential areas) unless one has a special permit or special occasions occur. Teleportation is the most popular form of long (or short) distance travel as teleportation is accessible from all across the island. On some servers, ferries are available for transport to the nearby King George's Island to the north. Club Penguin Island Airport, located on the Business Servers in the mountains, serves flights to the Antarctic Mainland. Jet Packs are also used to travel around the island but their usage is limited mainly to special organizations. Ordinary citizens that fly high altitude jetpacks are confined to a specific route starting from the Beach to the tallest mountain of the island.



  • Club Penguin's motto is "Waddle on!"
  • Club Penguin holds the record for most servers installed in an urban location.
  • Due to its small size, the island is often used as a unit of area in comparison with other, larger regions.
  • The island was severely damaged during the 2011 Club Penguin raids during Mission Transaction by criminals.
  • Club Penguin Island is known for being the largest urban community with the lowest number of cars. The island's legislature has placed a limit on car sales to its citizens, the Fall Fair is the only time when citizens are allowed to purchase cars.
  • A computerized version of this city was used for the game Speedway:Interchange.
  • Besides domestic vehicles, Club Penguin's regular servers only have two business vehicles- the Coffee Shop delivery truck and the local firetruck.
  • Penguin Network created Club Penguin: The TV Series to attract tourism to the island.

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