CPPD (TV Series)

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Genre Police, Drama
Format Animated
Created by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Theme music composer Unknown
Composer(s) Unknown
Country of origin United States of Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 60
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel CBN
Original run October 24, 2010 – Present
Status In production

CPPD, is an action police procedural show, which premiered on October 24, 2010, to celebrate the founding of Club Penguin, on CBN. The show follows the lives of four police officers in the Club Penguin Police Department as they go through their daily police work, which ranges from the usual dealing with minor crimes and arrests, to major crimes, and the occasional major threat of villains like Herbert or terrorist groups that threaten Club Penguin. Whatever the problem, it's up to the CPPD to deal with it.


The series follows the lives of four police officers in the CPPD, two experienced officers, and two rookies. For the two rookies, now that they have graduated the police academy, they are now faced with the brutal realities of life, and must leave their dark pasts behind them to continue into the future. As with the experienced officers, they must adapt to the ever changing life of Club Penguin, and must continue to deal with new threats. For the group altogether, they might work in one of the most famous cities in Antarctica, but with fame comes the attraction of crime.

Shortly after graduating the police academy, nonmember Thomas Evans is partnered with member Laura Garrett. Though the two have original disagreements stemming from their different social classes, they eventually become friends after they save each others' lives throughout the first season. Later in the first season, James Stevenson, son of the police chief of Club Penguin and a seasoned officer and his partner Anthony Hamilton are introduced after the two duos run into each other during a case involving a high profile doom weed dealer in Club Penguin.

Throughout the series more characters including Thomas's brother Michael Evans, an Acadian businessman wanted by the EPF for money laundering, among other crimes, James's old high school friend, now a high level terrorist within the TaliBEAN, Thomas's ex wife Elizabeth, and Martin Dubois, an analyst in the CPPD and a friend of Anthony's, is introduced, along with Thomas's twelve year old daughter Sylvia, who is introduced in season five as a main character, after being in some episodes over the years. Additional characters are also introduced throughout the course of the series.


  • James Stevenson - The son of the police chief of Club Penguin, who before that was a veteran of both the Colonial Antarctica War and the War of 2002, and the first in the group to graduate the police academy, James must leave his dark past behind him, all the while living up to his father's standards. James is also the unofficial leader of the group, usually conducting their plans and investigations.
  • Anthony Hamilton - Having met in the police academy, Anthony quickly became James's best friend, especially after they became partners. Anthony is sometimes considered the brawns to James's brains, but that doesn't mean he lacks intelligence. Since James is the leader of the group, Anthony is often considered the second in command, and aids James in his plans.
  • Thomas Evans - Thomas was originally from Trans-Antarctica, but ran away to Club Penguin years before the series after running away from his family. At some point he got married and had a daughter named Sylvia, but divorced his wife, and eventually joined the Club Penguin Police Department. He originally had financial problems, but with help from the group he was able to settle his debts. Thomas is also the older brother of Michael Evans, a wanted Acadian criminal.
  • Laura Garrett - Laura's father fought alongside James's father in the Colonial Antarctica War, and have remained friends to this day. Thus, Laura has had the longest connection with James, with the two of them having been friends since elementary school. She began dating Thomas, her partner in season three, and the two got married in the season finale of season six.
  • Michael Evans - Thomas's younger brother, the two were best friends as children, but eventually grew apart after Thomas ran away. At some point in his life he moved to Acadia and became a businessman, and soon was running illegal operations in and out of the country. Thomas is often faced with a conflict over whether to uphold the law or protect his brother. In season seven, after a failed business operation in Club Penguin, Michael flees back to Acadia, where he is tracked down and gets killed in a firefight with the Acadian Gendarmerie.
  • Elizabeth Evans - Thomas's ex wife, who has custody of Sylvia, and is now married to one of the rich members of Club Penguin. She first appears in season one, where she aids the group after running into her ex husband Thomas. The two have a strained relationship, but otherwise get along and are able to have civilized conversations.


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  • It's based on the show Hawaii Five-O, along with some original ideas.