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Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment
Type Private
Industry Wrestling
Founded Late 1980s
Headquarters Flywish Island (HQ), Various, Flywish Island, Various
Area served Antarctica
Key people Flywish (Chairman and CEO), Flywish II
Revenue 5 million coins
Employees 22
Website [ Official Homepage]

CPWE (Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment) is the only company in Antarctica that specializes in wrestling, besides DNA Wrestling. They usually host wrestling matches, earning money from the ticket sales, autograph signings, merchandise, and the profits from hosting them on Penguin TV. It is owned by Flywish, considered 'Mr. McMahon' by The Sapie Brothers. Flywish usually uses his employees to beat up villains for him. Stress, booing and bruises are inevitable if you are a wrestler in the match.


Flywish wanted to promote wrestling in Flywish Island and Antarctica, thus, he founded the company in the late 1980s, nearing Colonial Antarctica's collapse. When USA was officially formed, Flywish expended their business and most, by right all, companies in the same industry merged with the CPWE, monopolizing the market entirely. Penguin TV's foundation spawned as profits for the CPWE, and they hosted programmes on the channel late at night. In 2008, CPWE gained most attention from young chicks.

Employees and their Duties[edit]

BURN brand[edit]

Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Parody Side Notes
Berty Dal Ria Alberto Del Rio Heel 2011 Monarch Mayhem winner
BURN's Mr. Cash in the Deposit
Baron Berkshire Skip Sheffield Heel Injured
Davey Tatunga David Otunga Heel
Dolphin Fiddler Dolph Ziggler Heel
Devin Blast Kevin Nash Heel
Double Pain Triple H Face CEO of CPWE
Hoffi Havana Kofi Kingston Face CPWE Interarctic Champion
Ivan Airbournan Evan Bourne Face
Jason Bryan Mason Ryan Face
Jax Stagger Jack Swagger Heel
Joey "The Man" Crawler Jerry "The King" Lawler Face Color commentator
CPWE Hall of Famer
Kevin Mikey Alex Riley Face
Kirk Falcons Curt Hawkins Heel
M-False R-Truth LITTLE JIMMY, also known as THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE See SMALL JAMES. (Small James is a parody of "LITTLE JIMMY".)
Has been "fired"
Masked Johnny Rey Mysterio Face
Mitchell McGilligan Michael McGillicutty Heel
Premiere Primo Heel
PM Sunk CM Punk Face CPWE Champion
"Quiet Pain" Randall Harliene "Silent Rage" Andy Leavine Face Winner of Strong or Wrong; Yet to Debut
Santana Marriello Santino Marella Face
Scottish One Drew McIntyre Heel
Sean PWNsomson John Morrison Face Fired
Shawn Jena John Cena Face
Silverdirt Goldust Face Fired
Taylor Rusd Tyler Reks Heel
The Colossal Hit The Big Show Heel
Zackie Rydulator Zack Ryder Face "Web-continental Champion". (Not a real title!)
Is famous for his webshow, Z! Real Club Penguin Tales.
Ze Diz The Miz Heel

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Parody Side Notes
Aarmada Kharma Tweener
Betty Eagle Beth Phoenix Heel
Ivy Lorrez Eve Torres Face CPWE Gals Champion
Maruca Maryse Heel Second host of AFTR
Nelly Nelly Kelly Kelly Face Fired
Nika Beulah Nikki Bella Heel
Rhee Beulah Brie Bella Heel

SmashUp brand[edit]

Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Parody Side Notes
Bez Tvare Sin Cara Face
Mooico Hunico Heel Was orringally the fake Bez Tvare
Bison Chickk Tyson Kidd Heel
Blaine Kane Face CPWE Tag Team Champion
Brutus Trey Brodus Clay Face
Clark Bentley Mark Henry Heel Injured
Cory Nodes Cody Rhodes Heel
Danny Cryin Daniel Bryan Face
Famien Sanders Damien Sandow Heel Known for being the (Self-professed) Cleaner of the Unwashed Penguins.
Donny Attis Johnny Curtis Heel Winner of AFTR Season 4
Dustin Nathaniel Justin Gabriel Face
Guillem Legal William Regal Face Color commentator on AFTR
Jaymus Sheamus Face Antarctican Heavyweight Champion
Keith Boulder Heath Slater Heel
Kent Momenta Trent Barreta Face
Lionel Johnson Ezekiel Jackson Face
Morty Ortguin Randy Orton Face
Tay Russo Jey Uso Face
The Grand Khaki The Great Khali Face
The Overboarder The Undertaker Face Inactive
Timmy Russo Jimmy Uso Face
Todd BeDiase Ted DiBiase Face
Tristan Christian Face
Tsuyoshi Ryuu Yoshi Tatsu Face
Vimal Abdul Jinder Mahal Heel
Wayne Barrier Wade Barrett Heel

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Parody Side Notes
Alyssa Wolf Alicia Fox Face
Catherine Kaitlyn Face
J.C. A.J. Face
Kayla Layla Heel
Natawha Natalya Heel
Rosy Magenta Rosa Mendez Heel
Tamika Tamina Heel


Bold text indicates season winners, itallic text indicates eliminated rookies.

Season 1[edit]

Rookie Parody Pro
Wayne Barrier Wade Barrett Kris Jerisnow
Davey Tatunga David Otunga M-False
Dustin Nathaniel Justin Gabriel Rock Hardy
Keith Boulder Heath Slater Tristan
Oran Old Darren Young PM Sunk
Baron Berkshire Skip Sheffield Walter Seagle
Danny Cryin Daniel Bryan Ze Diz
Mitchell Tartar Michael Tarver Carleton

Season 2[edit]

Rookie Parody Pro
Kavalguin Kaval Kaycold
Kayla and Macky McCold
Mitchell McGilligan Michael McGillicutty Hoffi Havana
Kevin Mikey Alex Riley Ze Diz
Pitbull Perry Husky Harris Cory Nodes
Perkin Edison Percy Watson Victorious Intimate Pwner
Chance Gun Lucky Cannon Clark Bentley
Ian Cloudforest Eli Cottonwood Sean PWNsomson
Titos O'Nick Titus O'Neil Zackie Rydulator

Season 3[edit]

Rookie Parody Pro
Catherine Kaitlyn Fifi Buenerro
Neoma Naomi Nelly Nelly
J.C. A.J. Prima
Axandria Aksana Silverdirt
Jaxine Maxine Alyssa Wolf
Katie Jamie The Bala Twins
(Brinna and Nika Bala)

Season 4[edit]

Rookie Parody Final Pro(s) Initial Pro(s)
Donny Attis Johnny Curtis M-False
Grodus Slay Brodus Clay Berty Dal Ria and Damario Dominguez Todd BeDiase and Maruca
Barrick Dateman Derrick Bateman Danny Cryin
Dalton Braxton Byron Saxton Dolphin Fiddler and Vick Gurrerie Kris Maestro
Gunner O'Ryan Conor O'Brian Berty Dal Ria and Damario Dominguez
Jaco Chivak Jacob Novak Kris Maestro Dolphin Fiddler and Vick Gurrerie


Rookie Parody Pro Season rookie
Barrick Dateman Derrick Bateman N/A (due to Danny Cryin abandoning him) 4
Oran Old Darren Young ISM (formerly Pablo Buenerro) 1
Titos O'Nick Titus O'Neal Fundamental 2
Gunner O'Ryan Conor O'Brian Daniil Popov 4
Chance Gun Lucky Cannon Bison Chickk 2
Dalton Braxton Byron Saxton Tsuyoshi Ryuu 4
Jaco Chivak Jacob Novak ISM 4

Other employees[edit]

CPWE Legends[edit]

  • Sheriff Butcher (Sgt. Slaughter)
  • Fredge (Edge)
  • KOC John Mikaels (HBK Shawn Michaels)
  • Eduardo Buenerro (Eddie Guerrero) R.I.P
  • Brad Dart (Bret Hart)
  • Rodney Flautist (Roddy Piper)
  • Doan Lorenzo (Dean Malenko)
  • Kris Rousseau (Chris Benoit) R.I.P
  • Wyatt Nodes (Dusty Rhodes)

CPWE Alumni[edit]

  • Beast Brogan (Hulk Hogan)
  • Pablo Buenerro (Chavo Guerrero)
  • Jaco Chivak (Jacob Novak)
  • Mitchell Tartar (Michael Tarver)
  • Macky McCold (Michelle McCool)
  • Kavalguin (Kaval)
  • Victorious Intimate PWNer (Montel Vontavious Porter)
  • RockHardy (Matt Hardy)
  • Kris Jerisnow (Chris Jericho)
  • Ballistica (Batista)
  • Snowridah (Carlito)
  • SteelHardy (Jeff Hardy)
  • Rita (Lita)
  • Curtis Corner (Kurt Angle)
  • Jok Fresiner (Brock Lesnar)
  • Tim Hopkins Smith (THS) (JBL)
  • Huge Papa D (Big Daddy V)
    • Innards (Viscera)
  • Jackson Notice (Jamie Noble)
  • Mitch Smax (Mike Knox)
  • Jesselina (Melina)
  • Kale Nim (Gail Kim)
  • Daniil Popov (Vladimir Kozlov)
  • Davey Dart Smidt (David Hart Smith)
  • Kris Maestro (Chris Masters)
  • Frisco Chickguin (Billy Kidman)
  • Jimmy Rifle ("The One" Billy Gunn)
  • Sidewalk Bear (Road Dogg)
  • Bobby Von Dangit (RVD)
  • Tim Nightmare (Tommy Dreamer)
  • The Blizzard/Meggary Holmes (The Hurricane/Gregory Helms)
  • Hal Ripper (Paul Bearer)
  • "Toughguin" Andy Greed ("Macho Man" Randy Savage) R.I.P
  • Lucas Hanger (Luke Gallows)
    • Hucton (Festus)
  • Marina (Serena)
  • Manny Berden (Mick Foley)
    • Sphenisciform (Mankind)
    • Ocotillo Joe (Cactus Jack)
    • Guy Revere (Dude Love)
  • Feba (Sabu)
  • Chance Gun (Lucky Cannon)
  • The Supreme Gladiator (The Ultimate Warrior)
  • Kingsley (Finlay)
  • Sheldon Benedict (Shelton Benjamin)
  • Rickie Jimmy (Mickie James)
  • Street Trooper Brite (Road Warrior Animal)
  • Street Trooper Jaeger (Road Warrior Hawk) R.I.P.
  • Brad Shepard (Shad Gaspard)
  • James Hagan (Jim Duggan)
  • Extreme Easley (Hardcore Holly)
  • Smash Easley (Crash Holly) R.I.P.
  • Wesley Easley (Molly Holly)
  • Buffylo (Rhyno)
  • Crow (Raven)
  • Tuck Colombus (Chuck Palumbo)
  • Ogama (Umaga) R.I.P.
  • Fijiti (Rikishi)
  • Isaiah Brook (Elijah Burke)
  • Clarence Hol Jon (Marcus Cor Von)
  • Melvin Prickle (Kevin Thorn)
  • Terra (Ariel)
  • Ricky Flarreion (Ric Flair)
  • The Snowguin (The Sandman)
  • Clods Deronnie (Balls Mahoney)
  • Stewie Richers (Stevie Richards)
  • Chick Cents (Kid Kash)
  • Tony Russ (Charlie Haas)
  • Jimmy Fashions (Joey Styles)
  • Lance Bowman (Vance Archer)
  • Mel Manus (Val Venis)
  • Pound Pound Jamison (Bam Bam Bigelow) R.I.P
  • Smooth (Slick)
  • Funk (Jazz)
  • Gary Honk (Terry Funk)
  • G'low Redd (D'lo Brown)
  • Ohayashi (Tajiri)
  • Smacker (Vader)
  • Lost Redirect (Missing Link) R.I.P
  • Heffer Gullock (Trevor Murdoch)
  • Glenns Nade (Lance Cade) R.I.P
  • Glenns Tempest (Lance Storm)
  • Stress (Test) R.I.P
  • King Esmond/Esmond/E-Bus (Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train)
  • Z-Jam (X-Pac)
  • Joey B Snowy (Scotty 2 Hotty)
  • Overlord Juicie (Grandmaster Sexay)
  • Aiden (Maven)
  • Hobba Jay Smedley (Bubba Ray Dudley)
  • Peter/P-Ter Smedley (Devon/D-Von Dudley)
  • Blade Smedley (Spike Dudley)
  • Gino (Rico)
  • Division (Daivari)
  • James Trainer (Johnathan Coachman)
  • Pass (Tazz)
  • Yamamoto (Yokozuna) R.I.P
  • Awesomo Maledict (Ultimo Dragon)
  • Durham (Tatanka)
  • Jimmy Binstruck (Kenny Dykstra)
  • Ronnie (Johnny)
  • Fitch (Mitch)
  • Syndey (Mikey)
  • Tim "The Brick" Layedart (Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart)
  • Rowan Dart (Owen Hart) R.I.P
  • Timmy Dart (Jimmy Hart)
  • Terran Puffolian (British Bulldog) R.I.P
  • Carmen Macky (Candice Michelle)
  • Carrie Carson (Torrie Wilson)
  • Valeria (Victoria)
  • The Monsterguin (The Boogeyman)
  • The Demipapa (The Godfather)
  • Richard Pullon (Eric Bischoff)
  • Bink (Doink the Clown)
  • Timm Abraham (Todd Grisham)
  • Findonlysh (Heidenreich)
  • Dr. Flawless (Mr. Perfect) R.I.P
  • John Backhand (Doug Basham)
  • Jimmy Backhand (Danny Basham)
  • Smother (Smash)
  • Sword (Ax)
  • Archard the Humongous (Andre the Giant) R.I.P
  • Ultra Insane (Super Crazy)
  • Loonasi (Psicosis)
  • Sulento (Juventud)
  • Irwin Addison (Orlando Jordan)
  • Noel Lefevre (Rene Dupree)
  • Hubert Scaman (Robert Conway)
  • Francois Chevalier (Sylvan Grenier)
  • Bill Rushmore (Paul London)
  • Arrin Kondrekk (Brian Kendrick)
  • Rex Roger (Lex Luger)
  • Huge Jack Icon (Big John Studd) R.I.P
  • Mike Fandrik (Mark Jindrak)
  • Lardner Eras (Luther Reigns)
  • Devin Nelly (Kevin Kelly)
  • Ligurya (Chyna)
  • Billy Trashlay (Bobby Lashley)
  • Michelle (Ashley)
  • Angus Halden (Rory McAllister)
  • Andrew Halden (Robbie McAllister)
  • Leather (Ivory)
  • Dusk Cherise (Dawn Marie)
  • Father Care (Brother Love)
  • Mark PWNsome (Mike Awesome) R.I.P
  • Bivznalky (Kizarny)
  • Yusuf Kassab (Muhammad Hassan)
  • Yevgenyi (Eugene)
  • Matanhic (Snitsky)
  • Joshua "The Skua" Rupert (Jake "The Snake" Roberts)
  • Wasteland Piffle (Junkyard Dog) R.I.P
  • Bill Willoe (Paul Burchill)
  • Caylee Mae Willoe (Katie Lea Burchill)
  • Lui (Vito)
  • Kirsta Remmie (Christy Hemme)
  • Zoe Jovannah (Joy Giovanni)
  • Paige Hieber (Stacy Keibler)
  • Eliane Dorm (Jillian Hall)
  • Mash (Crush) R.I.P
  • Bruno Barber (Brutus Beefcake)
  • Craig Mettle (Greg Valentine)
  • Mick Mean (Rick Rude) R.I.P
  • Timothy Lin Yin (Jimmy Wang Yang)
  • Scupper Dutch (Bushwhacker Butch)
  • Scupper Duke (Bushwhacker Luke)
  • Avalanche (Earthquake) R.I.P
  • Cyclone (Typhoon)
  • Tanya (Maria)
  • Bang Victor R (Slam Master J)
    • Reese (Jesse)
  • Rob Ortguin (Bob Orton)
  • Larry Norva (Jimmy Snuka)
  • Silverson (Goldberg)
  • Rigby Jack (Rodney Mack)
  • Horace Heinlein (Scott Steiner)
  • Ewen O'Rourke (Sean O'Haire)
  • Ebony (Sable)
  • Jurgen Ironn (George Steele)
  • Ruralist Tim (Hillbilly Jim)
  • Boris Dragovich (Nicholai Volkoff)
  • Jon Jenofonte (Shawn Stasiak)
  • Lennian Fores (Shannon Moore)

Teams and stables[edit]

  • PWNsome Falseness (Awesome Truth): Ze Diz and M-False
  • Wind Detonation (Air Boom): Ivan Airbournan and Hoffi Havana
  • Davey Tatunga and Mitchell McGilligan
  • The Beulah Twins: Nika and Rhee Beulah
  • The Russos (The Usos): Timmy and Tay Russo
  • The Afterisk (broke up in August 2011)
    • Members:
      • Wayne Barrier (1st leader, Wade Barrett parody)
      • PM Sunk (2nd leader, CM Punk parody)
      • Davey Tatunga (David Otunga parody)
      • Mitchell McGilligan (Michael McGillicutty parody)
      • Mitchell Tartar (Michael Tarver parody)
      • Pitbull Perry ("injured", Husky Harris parody)
      • Baron Berkshire (injured, Skip Sheffield parody)
      • Oran Old (Darren Young parody)
      • Keith Boulder (Heath Slater parody)
      • Dustin Nathaniel (Justin Gabriel parody)
      • Danny Cryin (Daniel Bryan parody)
      • Shawn Jena (John Cena parody)
      • Jason Bryan (Mason Ryan parody)
  • Daniil Popov and Santana Marriello (broke up during Popov's release)
  • Dustin Nathaniel and Keith Boulder (broke up in July 2011)
  • Cory Nodes and Todd BeDiase (formerly known with Morty Ortguin as Destiny; Broke up in August 2010)
  • Cory Nodes and Scottish One (broke up in October 2010)
  • D.w.O(nWo)
    • Members
      • Bollywood Bogan
      • Fyfe
      • hot scoll
      • nevin Kash
      • Sandy Ravage
      • Dandy Rorkton
  • The Dart Dynasty: Bison Chickk, Davey Dart Smidt, Natawha (broke up in November 2010)
  • Straightforward Line Alliance- PM Sunk, Lucas Hanger, Johan Uranus, Marina (broke up)
    • It was best known for it's "purification" of Mwa Mwas by feeding them Nummy Cakes.
  • JSJ (MNM): Jesselina (Melina), Sioni Cordite (currently wrestles as Sean PWNsomson, Johnny Nitro), Johan Uranus (Joey Mercury)
  • Confidence Crew (Spirit Squad) (broke up in November 2006)
    • Members:
      • Jimmy (leader, Kenny parody)
      • Ronnie (Johnny parody)
      • Fitch (Mitch parody)
      • Ricky (currently wrestles as Dolphin Fiddler, Nicky parody)
      • Sydney (Mikey parody)


  • January: Monarch Mayhem (Royal Rumble)
  • February: Prison of Riddance (Elimination Chamber)
  • March/April: RassleFest (WrestleMania)
  • April: Peril Arena (Extreme Rules)
  • May: Past the Boundary (Over the Limit)
  • June: Lethal Injection (Capitol Punishment)
  • July: Cash in the Deposit (Money in the Bank)
  • August: Solstice Strike (Summer Slam)
  • September: Evening of Winners (Night of Champions)
  • October: Nether in Hither ("Heck" in a Cell) , Payback (Vengeance)
  • November: Endurance Exhibition (Survivor Series)
  • December: BSP: Bruises, Sweat, and Pain (TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs)


  • Ze Diz: (insert sentence here) because I AM ZE DIZ! AND I'M PWNSOME!
  • Masked Johnny: You're about to get hit with the nine one one!
  • Jax Stagger: (insert sentence here) because I'm an all antarctican, antarctican.
  • Scottish One: Flywish proclaimed ME your future world champion! Quite obvious, because I am untouchable.
  • Fredge: SHEAR! SHEAR! SHEAR!
  • Shawn Jena: Justice! Faith! Honor!
  • Zackie Rydulator: Moo moo moo. You know it.
  • Santana Marriello: Fear the mamba!
  • Berty Dal Ria: My name is Berty Dal Ria, but EVERYBODY already remembers that!
  • Mikeal Goal: MAY I CITE ...
  • Kayla and Macky McCold: (insert sentence here) because we're PERFECT!
  • Titos O'Nick- CREATE ... A ... SUCCESS!


In the CPWE's history, there were three logos for the league.

  • The first logo came in 2000. Flywish, through connections in his army, managed to find out that TurtleShroom's father, Liber, absolutely loved wrestling. He asked Liber if he could design a logo for the company, and he did, resulting in this.
  • Flywish did not approve of the 2000 logo for long. He thought it looked too "old fashioned" to represent something as MANLY as wrestling. In 2002, he called on Liber's son, TurtleShroom (who at that time was just rising out of his amusement park odd jobs), to upgrade the logo. Hating change and not wanting to diverge too much from his father's logo, TurtleShroom gave Flywish this one. He was proud that he used a "manlier" font.
  • The 2002 logo lasted until Flywish had enough of all the "old fashioned" looks. In 2009, he sat down and drew the final logo himself, resulting in the third and current logo. It is still used today.

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