CP BlackHawks

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CP BlackHawks
Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 3.49.00 PM.png
The army's logo.
Name CP BlackHawks
Type Militia
Location Club Penguin
Head Railfan1
Job Battle other armies.
Members Many
Headquarters A bunker in the CP mountains.

The CP BlackHawks are a small militia located on Club Penguin. They have over 25 members, and tend to battle other small militias. They're goal is to protect CP from invaders such as Snowzerland, or even Yow if need be. They are a very powerful force, and are well known throughout Antarctica. Besides CP they do other militia business in Antarctica. They have fought battles in Eastshield, Castilla, Hontana, and even Shiverpool.


The CP BlackHawks was established on December 1st, 2010. It was founded by the train loving penguin: Railfan1. Railfan established the army after he left the ACP, to establish his own militia. The BlackHawks started out as a group of violent protestors, who wanted certain things to be fixed in the government. The name "CP BlackHawks" was a reference to a poem that Railfan read a couple weeks before joining the ACP, A Black Hawk Descends. The group consisted of 10 members, which quickly grew after Christmas. In January Railfan thought it'd be best to transform the BlackHawks into a militia, that would protect all of Antarctica from terrorists, corrupted governments, and more. Railfan asked what the members thought, and they all agreed to. Almost overnight the BlackHawks gained 20 more members, making them a real army. They were not yet known until the BlackHawks decided to invade the ACP. The ACP were beaten, and news about the BlackHawks spread like wildfire. Soon nearly every Antarcitcan knew about the new militia. As the BlackHawks grew, Railfan was able to buy the army some weapons. The BlackHawks now had an armory of Snowball Guns, Pancake Launchers, and Stun Guns. The next month they obtained Machine Guns, Rifles, and Bazookas. The CP BlackHawks soon started fighting terrorists across CP, and gained even more fame. More soldiers joined, and the BlackHawks became one of the most feared militias in CP.


The CP BlackHawks are one of the most technologically advanced militias in Antarctica. They're air force technology is just from 2011, nothing older than that. This makes them a pretty feared militia, for they haven't lost against any other militia their size. Most of their technology is patented, and created by themselves. 44trent2 and Lolz provides the BlackHawks with most of their impressive technology.


  • Railfan1: Leader/hovercraft pilot
  • R3333: Mechanic/Demolition expert
  • Angel Kitten: Sniper/Medic/Scout
  • Jazzy and Clubby: Strategists
  • Flywish: Jet fighter squadron leader (although he is not a pilot, his jet has a headset that can read brain waves, so it does what he thinks)
  • Hat Pop: Scout
  • McLacker: Commando/Gunner (he upgraded his robot to transform into different vehicles, so he can disguise his 'bot as an enemy tank)
  • Amigopen: jet fighter/Gunner (he fights in a jet shaped like a leek)
  • Pokéfan: Tank driver (drives a tank with a picture of a huge rabid Pufflechu on the front with a huge red cross over it)
  • Kaydog99: Jet fighter
  • Sooty: Jet fighter
  • P-Numbers: Helicopter pilot
  • Sempo: Jet fighter (hers is in the shape of a robot dragon)
  • Zaphod4: Machine gunner and tank driver
  • MegatronDude: Jet fighter pilot
  • Jake: Jet fighter pilot
  • Misty♥: Scout
  • Snow Von Injoface: Gunner
  • Queen: Scout
  • Fire: Gunner
  • Topguy: Gunner
  • Lolz: Computer programmer
  • 44trent2: Inventor
  • Railfan1's Puffles: Bombers (all ten of them) (They all pilot their own bomber plane, "The Flying Puffle")
  • Slidur:Ace pilot,bomber


The CP BlackHawks have different divisions in their military. The first one is the Main Military, which is separate from the Navy and the Air Force. The Main Military can control the Navy and Air Force, and does most of the issues in the military.


The BlackHawk's Navy, the Black Navy, is the weakest part of the military. They only have 5 ships: 2 battleships, 1 scout vessel, 1 small submarine, and 1 fast attack craft. The Black Navy is important to the CP BlackHawks, because the navy is usually the mode of transportation the BlackHawks use to travel around Antarctica.

Air Force[edit]

The BlackHawk's Air Force, the Darkened Hawks, is the military's biggest branch. Nearly every soldier in the military can fly an aircraft, including Flywish. The Darkened Hawks are experts at bombing raids, air strikes, and missile launching. The Darkened Hawks are usually used to stop enemy, naval ships from reaching land.




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