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Citizens Really Enraged At the Monetary Splurging Overwhelmingly Done by the Almighties
A large crowd of angry, possibly Fourth Wall breaking, protestors, outraged at the public debt of the USA.
Name Citizens Really Enraged At the Monetary Splurging Overwhelmingly Done by the Almighties
Type Protester group
Location Everywhere except Dorkugal, come Tax Day
Head Unknown
Job Really loud protesting, pep-rallies, Benny hating
Members Unknown, but it is estimated to hold thousands of member penguins

Not to be confused with the delicious drink.

The Citizens Really Enraged At the Monetary Splurging Overwhelmingly Done by the Almighties, or, more commonly, the CREAM SODA Party, is a loud group of protestors united in objection of Benny's percieved corruption, embezzlement, tax fraud, bribary, abuse of power, and his overwhelming contriubtion to the public debt. They also protest at EBUL and Barrick Abanana's Democratic Party.


Director Benny has, for years, been infamous in the BOF for extreme power abuse, threats, and blackmailing. They have tried many times to impeach him, but he simply uses his power to reject it, and he continues to stay in office.

Seeing that he is indisposable and highly corrupted, the BOF and the Masses who are aware have long expressed their outrage against this evil Mabel relative puffle.

That was not all they were outraged at. They were also outraged at Barrick Abanana's spending. Unemployment had risen quicker then creatures getting employed. Also they were angry at EBUL since it contributed to the national deficit and restricts basic liberties and freedoms.


The CREAM SODA Party aims to expose and ignite anger against the status quo that is Benny von Injoface. Although they exist year-round, the normally meet on Dorkugal's Tax Day- April 15th -one of their biggest holidays of the year.

Closely aligned with the Bennywatchers watchdog group (a BOF commission that actually monitors the debt and where it goes), the CREAM SODA Party's vast membership comes from all walks of life. CREAM SODA goons range from bankers to nobility to farmers to your average penguin, as well as the occasional other species.

The diversity of employment allows individual CREAM SODA Party members to look into different fiscal and social aspects of Director Benny, with an overall goal to further expose and publicize his corruption and evil.

One of the most famous examples of the CREAM SODA Part's success would have to be when a member, who was a banker, managed to get their flippers on a check written to an Injoface family member from public funds. It was to be transfered to Maverick, apparently, for offshore storage.


If you are a member of the CREAM SODA Party, please sign here.


  • It's a parody of the Tea party movement, a group protesting against Barrack Obama's reforms.
  • Benny, obviously, hates this group and calls them all liers.
  • Benny does not approve of the CREAM SODA Party. It is unknown how they came to be without an approval by Benny.
  • The group has been banned in Polaris, following a violent protest by CREAM SODA Party members on Icicle Avenue.

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