Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency

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Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency
Badge of the CSIA
Agency overview
Formed 1960
Jurisdiction Culldrome Isles
Headquarters CSIA Building, The Square, Culldrome City
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Minister responsible Elite Leader, Leader of the CSIA; identity unknown
Parent Agency Culldrome Military

The Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency, often shortened as the CSIA, is an espionage, intelligence, security and protection agency that is based in the Culldrome Isles. They are tasked with keeping the Culldrome Isles safe and protected. Under national law, the CSIA is classified as a special branch of the military. Due to this, they work in close partnership with all military sectors and defend the islands to an extent. The CSIA also act as a personal guard to the Supreme Leader, important VIPs and officials and act as a law enforcement agency in conjunction with Culldrome's police. Furthermore, the CSIA also acts as an investigation agency, tasked with investigating crimes and disasters.


Early History[edit]

As far back as 1910, a de-facto intelligence agency had been formed. They were tasked with monitoring the ninjas of the Skulldrome Isles after they were annexed into the Culldrome Isles. Historically, they never played a very important role. Not much is also known, since not much activity was seen.

In 1960, the intelligence agency, which had no official name, was re-built from the ground up. This was due to the Culldrome government re-shuffling its budget. As part of the re-shuffling, an official army, navy and air-force were formed. The intelligence agency was also categorized as part of the military. The agency was named the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. The Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency then began to receive a part of the military budget. This boosted the agency and allowed it to upgrade its infrastructure.

Porcyal War[edit]

The CISA played an important but rather invisible role during the Porcyal War. They investigated the involvement of the ninjas during a plane crash. This plane crash started the lead up to the actual war. During the war, the CSIA was tasked with spying on the enemy and finding out their secrets.

Present Day[edit]

After the Porcyal War, things began to grow quiet. However, activity began to pick up again, with the threat and danger of a civil war approaching. The CSIA nearly foiled an attack on Culldrome City during the Nightmare of Culldrome. However, the agency recieved false information, leading to the attack going on anyway.

Today, they still protect the Culldrome Isles by ensuring that nothing bad happens behind the scenes. The CSIA also helps as a personal guard to Culldrome's Supreme Leader and important officials, VIPs and guests. The agency also supplements Culldrome's law enforcement and police agencies. The CSIA helps with important police operations, utilizing heavy equipment and elite tactics, acting as a type of SWAT force. The CSIA also helps with investigation and forensics. Again, they work in conjunction with the police to investigate suspicious events.

Ranks and Jobs[edit]

Sonic Boom, a high ranking CSIA agent.


The Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency uses a hierarchical system for its ranks. From highest to lowest, they are:

  • Elite Leader
  • Deputy Leader
  • Commander in Chief
  • Commander
  • Chief Officer
  • Officer
  • Specialists
  • Investigator
  • Head Elite Agent
  • Field Agents (Spies)
    • Super Elite Agent
    • Elite Agent
    • Agent
  • Enforcer
  • Recruit

The ranks also determine the security clearance of the agents. The lower the rank, the lower the clearance. There are 5 levels of clearance:

  1. Universal Clearance: This is the highest security clearance in the CSIA. It is only reserved for the Elite Leader and the Supreme Leader of Culldrome.
  2. Ultra High Level Clearance: The Deputy Leader, Commander in Chief and Commanders have this clearance.
  3. High Level Clearance: Chief Officers, Officers and Specialists have this clearance.
  4. Medium Level Clearance: The Head Elite Agents, Field Agents and Investigators have this clearance.
  5. Low Level Clearance: Only Recruits and low ranking Agents and Enforcers have this clearance. This is the lowest security clearance.


There are a wide variety of jobs that the agents of the CSIA must do. They are:

  • Standard Agent: These are the standard agent. Many are deployed around Culldrome.
  • Elite Agent: These agents are more skilful, sneaky and cunning. They usually go on important spying missions, especially international operations.
  • Communications Agent: These agents carry around many gadgets, including a communication set. They are in-charge of maintaining communications with other agents during a mission as well as monitoring and commanding the situation from afar.
  • Inventor: These agents are tasked with inventing and testing new gadgets for wider use. They often work in conjunction with the CSRA.
  • Specialist: Specialists are experts in a certain field (eg: disguise, technology, etc.) and lead agents in that certain field.
  • Enforcer: Enforcers do not partake in espionage. Instead they act as a type of elite police force, assisting normal police operations in Culldrome.
  • Investigator: Investigators are tasked with the investigation and forensic jobs of the CSIA. They often investigate crimes and disasters and are more specialised than the normal investigators used by the Culldrome police. Investigators can either work on the field or in forensic labs.
  • State-Appointed Porcyal Wielders (SPW): A job only given to the most highly ranking, skilled and respected members of the CSIA. SPWs utilise the power of Porcyals to conduct missions and apprehend enemies.


The the CSIA has several goals as noted in the Oath of the CSIA, which form the backbone of its operating system:

  • To help and protect all citizens of the Culldrome Isles for the greater good.
  • To safeguard all that is deemed in need of such.
  • To assist all branches of the military in all of their needs
  • To protect at all costs all that is associated with the Culldrome Isles.

These goals are basically what the CSIA does. All agents are sworn in during a ceremony at the start of their career. All agents swear the Oath of the CSIA and aim to follow these goals.

Standard Issue[edit]

When a recruit is successfully inducted into the CSIA, they are given some things to start off. Every agent is given a "Super-Gadget". The Super Gadget, formally known as the SG-01337-1, is an object that is worn on the agent's arm. It is large but very lightweight. The Super Gadget has a screen on it, as well as a microphone and camera, allowing communication and the ability to take pictures and send them back to headquarters. There are many compartments in the Super Gadget, each of them holding a small but useful invention, such as a grappling hook, or a laser. The vast array of gadgets on it are controlled by many buttons, switches, dials and knobs on the Super Gadget.

The current model of the Super-Gadget being worn by an agent.

New agents are also given the standard suit and tie. Although not official, it has become a tradition to give new agents this, becoming the de-facto uniform. As the agent rises in their rank, badges are given, which can be pinned on the inside of their suits, or just kept in their office.

As an agent ranks up, standard issue weapons are given to them. Once an agents goes on a mission, they are given the TEWT-150 Snowball Pistol. Head Elite Agents, Specialists and Officers are given a choice of weapons to pick from. They are the TEWT-150B Snowball Pistol, TEWT-230 Ditto Pistol or a TEWT-400 Ditto Snowball Pistol. Chief Officers, Commanders, Commanders in Chief and Deputy Leaders are also given a choice of weapons, however they are more deadly. The range consists of the TEWT-500 Snowball Rifle, TEWT-530 Ditto Pistol, TEWT-700 Flamethrower and the TEWT-1020 Deletion Pistol.

Enforcers are given a wide array of equipment. They get a deletion pistol, a taser and body armor as standard issue. During law enforcement activities needing heavy equipment, Enforcers can choose a wide range of equipment, including, but not limited to, Snowball Rifles, Sniper Rifles and riot shields.


The CSIA uses a variety of equipment to transport their agents, through land, air and sea. Normal, everyday cars are commonly used by undercover agents, although higher ranking agents can use high end Archipelagoan cars. Sometimes, however, large, black vans are used. These vans carry a wide array of spying equipment that is usually operated by a communications specialist.

In the air, the CSIA uses a fleet of two MDAs that are rented from the Culldrome Air Force. These Ditto powered airships can carry a payload ranging from tanks and weapons to agents and troops. They can also carry a conference room. In times of war or distress, top military officials board one of these MDAs and co-ordinate battles from the safety of the conference room. Other than these, agents can travel under cover on normal civilian airliners. At sea, agents travel on boats. There are two types, a long range boat and a short range boat. The short range boat is effectively a large inflatable dinghy with an outboard motor and control area. The long range boats resemble modern yachts. They can carry several agents and some equipment on-board. These boats use turbo-boosted engines and can travel far, very fast.

Enforcers and Investigators use many vehicles. The most commonly used vehicle is the, Police Cruiser, a fast, white car fitted with a special computer. These are used by Enforcers in their duties, but are sometimes used by Investigators. They also use large, black vans, which can be out fitted with a variety of equipment. The vans can carry espionage equipment or be completely empty, carrying only a squad of Enforcers and heavy weapons. The CSIA also has a fleet of 50 helicopters, which are commonly used by Enforcers.

High ranking agents and personnel are also entitled to use high-end sports cars. These cars are usually used by personnel during off-work time, but can also be used during their missions and duties. This privilege has often been criticised by many, citing that the cars are an "unneeded waste of government funding."

Agent Selection and Training[edit]

The agents that are part of the CSIA are usually selected by random tests and recommendations. Most agents are of a military origin, and thus already have some experience. Their higher ranking supervisors can recommend them to the CSIA. Some agents can also have no other previous experience, such as civilians. Civilians can enlist to become a part of the CSIA, although not many make it past the first tests and training. High ranking CSIA agents sometimes monitor a potential candidate and have them perform secret tests, ranging from helping a disguised agent to problem solving.

Once a candidate has been through a recommendation or tests, they are then notified and given the choice to accept or reject the offer. If they accept, the candidate automatically becomes a Recruit for the CSIA. The Recruit is then sworn to secrecy and starts basic training. If the Recruit was a civilian, they go through training that would have otherwise been covered by the military.

Recruits are trained on a wide range of skills, ranging from survival training to stealthiness. After a strenuous amount of training, the Recruit it promoted to an agent. If the agent excels in their job, get get promoted to higher ranks, such as an Elite Agent. An Elite Agent can also chose to become a Communications Agent. If they do, they must go through more training. Normal agents can also become Inventors or Enforcers, both of which also needs training.

If Elite Agents excel in a certain area, they are given the opportunity to become a Specialist. Specialists then train others who are less experienced in that field (eg: disguise, technology, etc.).

Most Wanted Criminals[edit]

In no specific order:

Name Crime Examples Notes
Gravity Acts of Treason, War Crimes, Terrorism, Theft, Conspiring acts of evil Porcyal War, Nightmare of Culldrome, Battle of Culldrome, Shadow of Culldrome Was not in the CSIA wanted list between 1996-2012 due to him faking his death. Killed in the Shadow of Culldrome
Chub 667X Acts of Terrorism, Conspiring acts of evil Nightmare of Culldrome, Shadow of Culldrome
Swiss Ninja Hochstadt Acts of Terrorism, Conspiring acts of evil Nightmare of Culldrome, Shadow of Culldrome
Blizzard Dux Acts of Treason, War Crimes, Terrorism, Theft, Conspiring acts of evil, Arson Culldrome Civil War, Shadow of Culldrome Killed in the Shadow of Culldrome
Dr. Blowhole Acts of Terrorism, Conspiring acts of evil Shadow of Culldrome
Solir Ryne'n Acts of Terrorism, Conspiring acts of evil, Treason Shadow of Culldrome

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