Cabel von Injoface

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Cabel von Injoface
SHE'S............ SO............... FAT!!!
Title Cabel
Gender Female
Race Puffle
Faction Von Injoface
Health Awful
Level Low
Status Surprisingly still alive.
Location On a couch
Birth date September 4, 1984 (1984-09-04) (age 35)
Occupation Pet
Interests eating junk food and watching TV
Friends Her owner (obviously), her brother
Enemies Mabel
Archetype Too dumb to have one.

Cabel Von Injoface is one of Mabel's siblings, specifically, her twin. Unlike Mabel, she was a couch potato and she sleepwalks. Cabel used to love television. She said once she can't live without it. She watches TV still, but not as often, and she is not junking out as much. She used to be owned by the Antics Family until they dropped her off at the pet shop.


Cabel was born to Mabel XVIII with Mabel XIX. She wasn't very smart, and liked to eat and watch a lot of cartoons. This caused her mother and sister to feel shame and they made fun of her. Cabel wasn't smart enough to know that they were hurting her feelings, but she knew that she wasn't loved, but Cabel didn't really mind that. She had her TV and a bag of chips.

Or so she thought. Eventually, Mabel XVIII couldn't pay for television, and soon food. Cabel was going crazy, and Mabel XVIII and Mabel XIX could not stand it. They tried to get her to return to sanity, but it was IMPOSSIBLE! Mabel decided to give away Cabel to some penguins who refused to take the overweight puffle. Mabel was very angry and wasn't willing to take care of Cabel any more, so she sent her away to a disclosed location. The two members they were sent to were farther in the city, so Mabel and Cabel didn't see each other for a long time.

Every morning after that, Cabel gets her big butt out of her specially made butt bed (because if she was in a normal puffle bed, it would burst immediately) and turns on the TV. She watches Absolute Thespian Islet or a DVD of WHAT?!? movies and spin-offs until she hears her large stomach growl. That is when she calls for her owner when it's two in the afternoon (Cabel enjoys sleeping) to make her some "%$^%^*#@& pancakes". She devours them and asks for more (because she's fat).


Mabel once affirmed that she was "very lazy and a disgrace to all the members of the Von Injoface family name. Cabel can't even get her big ^*%$^%#@& butt off the couch!!"


  • Cabel is named after cable television.
  • Cabel is an extremely overweight puffle whose severe weight problem cannot be assisted.
  • Cabel's favorite television shows are Absolute Thespian Islet and Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed.
  • Cabel's doctor, Dr. Jetfigter, once requested for her to go on a diet, but he is happy now because she kicked her old eating habits to the curb.
    • They came back, though.
  • The Fashion police tried to arrest her, but couldn't carry her past the door because she was too fat.
  • Swiss Ninja screamed like a girl in a horror movie about to be eaten by a monster when he first saw her!
  • In 2009, her doctor told her she would die in three days if she didn't get healthier. She then replied, "OFF OF ME, THIS IS MY *%^&$$%36%^# BODY!!" Three days later, she went back to the doctor and taunted him because he was wrong. She then had a serious heart attack (all that sodium really gets you) and required an operation and emergency liposuction. She looked like this, but retained her bad eating habits and became fat again (although not as fat as before).
  • Xorai fainted in fear when he first saw her.
  • Cabel X is trying to get Cabel to become healthy.
  • She is the most apathetic of her siblings.
  • Every once in a while, when it's warm outside, she goes for a "jog." Why air quotes around jog? Because she walks a couple feet, eats a chip, runs out of breath, and drives back home.

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