Cabel X

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Cabel X
Cabel X.PNG
SHE'S............ SO............... SLIM!!!
Title X
Gender Female
Race Purple Puffle X-antibody
Faction Weird
Health Very high
Level Tenouttaten
Status Alive
Location Never on the couch

Cabel X is the polar opposite of Cabel von Injoface. She is a crazy exercise freak, and is so skinny, although muscular, that she's not even the size of a normal puffle.


One day, Mabel was reluctantly making Cabel a few pancakes. (And by a few, I mean a huge stack that nearly reached the ceiling.) The syrup had traces of X-Virus in it, but Cabel didn't notice. She shoved every cake in her mouth in about three bites, and immediately felt a strange, tingly sensation, which caused her to shake violently. So Mabel kicked her with her puffle telekinesis.

A few days later, Cabel was taking medication to prevent the possible X-Virus from escaping her body. It ended up escaping a week later. Here's what it said as it was created:

"Hey there! You're so chubtastic, that couch is nearly broken! Get up offa your puffle-butt and DO SOMETHING! You need weight-loss pills, a diet, and a FlabLifter 3000. Available now! Jump around with me and wear a sweatband! But it'll probably snap like a rubber band over your rather large physique. Is that TV on? Give me that remote! I hate TV because it is for LAZIES!"

After Mabel passed the remote, Cabel X turned the TV off without looking and began exercising at super speed.

Now, she goes around trying to get other people to exercise with her. Unfortunately, her methods aren't so kindly, and who would listen to a puffle anyway?


Cabel X: Come on, get up off your lazy buttocks!

Cabel: No, thanks, I'd rather watch Von Injoface Exposed.

Cabel X: Okay, well, I found a can of soda and a jumbo bag of chips and I was thinking you'd enjoy a reward after we work out.

(Cabel runs as fast as she can into the home gym)

Cabel X (to a random penguin): You're a LAZY! Get up, jog, and JUMP!

Penguin: I already did my workout for the day.


(Penguin runs as fast as he can into the home gym)


  • She hosts her own exercise show on PengTube called Get Up, Jog, and Jump!
    • However, this show has very bad ratings, seeing as the public prefers Ninjinian's health videos.
  • She jogs fifty miles everyday.
  • She is trying to get Cabel to be thin. Sorry, not happening.
  • Cabel X never shuts up, and all she ever talks about is her hatred of fatties and her love of dieting.
  • She wants to shut down McDoodles.
  • She actually has even tried to push Cabel off the couch to get her moving, but Cabel only ended up on the carpet and stayed there for a while.
  • She considers herself some sort a motivational speaker, but she's more of a health-obsessed jerk.
  • Cabel X evaded the Nightmare Epic by outrunning the X-Antibodies after her.

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