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Background information
Birth name Bennett Cadenzo Williams
Other names June 2015
Born Cadence’s Igloo
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Dance, pop, R&B, EDM
Occupations Disc-jockey, dancer, singer-songwriter, model, party planner
Years active 2015-present
Associated acts Cadence, Dancing Penguin, DJ Crab, Smooth Frogg, Peng Guin, Meaghan, Penguin Band

Cadenzo, legal name Bennett Williams, is the R63-Antibody of Cadence. Like Cadence he is a musician and dancer with high hopes. He is good friends with Cadence and her family (except Tapestrea). Cadenzeo followed in the footsteps of Cadence with a passion for music, first beginning to release music online in early 2015. Cadenzo slowly gained traction and the quality of his short mixtape projects were highly praised. Being a R63-Antibody, he often writes songs about identity and finding his place in the world. A trilogy of mixtapes were released by Cadenzo independently online throughout 2015 that were critically praised; Black Stone, I Am Who I Am and Overshadow. His debut album, Finding Myself, is expected to be released in early 2016.


Cadenzo was created shortly after R63-Creatures were discovered. Cadence had a rough day, and got infected with the virus. She was visiting her parents in Club Penguin, and eventually coughed off the Antibody.

Music career[edit]

2015-16: Mixtapes & Finding Myself[edit]

Cadence's music career began shortly after his "birth" since he was as talented and interested in music as Cadence. He began to work at the Night Club for money and met Dancing Penguin who saw potential and agreed to help him. Cadenzo produced his first mixtape project Black Stone in the Night Club in the space of a month and released it independently online for download on July 24, 2015. The mixtape consisted of 7 tracks and features by Dancing Penguin. Although critics saw DP's guest appearances as unnecessary, the mixtape was praised by local critics and was featured in the Penguin Times. A second short mixtape succeeded this on September 8, 2015 titled I Am Who I Am, featuring 6 songs. It was also well-received by the public and was catching the eye of mainstream audiences due to his affiliation with Cadence. Soon enough the final 7-track mixtape of the "Cadenzo trilogy", Overshadow, impacted the Internet on November 12, 2015. The local popularity is what ultimately led Cadenzo to sign with Club Penguin Music Records and begin to produce his first commercial release, aided by Dancing Penguin and well-known producer DJ Crab.

The album is titled Finding Myself and is scheduled to be released in early 2016.

Personal life[edit]

Cadenzo is like any young adult, and trying to fit into society. He is particularly interested in it because he wasn't created through "normal" means and wants to be able to experience what everyone else is able to. Cadenzo is friendly to everyone he meets and always assumes the best in people.

Cadenzo lives with the Williams and is considered to be part of the family. He has several friends that he met at the Dance Club, and hangs out with them frequently. He is fairly younger than Cadence and acts a little bit more immature and uses slang more frequently.


Cadenzo’s relationship with Tapestra mirrors that of Cadence. Initially Tapestrea saw potential in Cadenzo, but he eventually proved to be a disappointment since he enjoyed Pop music and DJing. Cadenzo was somewhat disheartened that he he couldn't have a good relationship with his older "sister", but Cadence reassured him that everything would be alright.


Cadenzo is very good friends with Metronome, and they often dye each other's hair for fun.

Peng Guin[edit]

Peng Guin has described Cadenzo as his "favorite sibling who's not actually a sibling"

Dancing Penguin[edit]

Cadenzo and Dancing Penguin are pretty close friends, and Dancing Penguin helped start his music career.

DJ Crow[edit]

Cadenzo has met DJ Crow several times through Cadence, although they haven't done any associated acts together. He had a secret fan crush on DJ Crow for a few weeks after meeting him, but he's all over that now. Cadenzo greatly respects DJ Crow as a musician and hopes to one day work with him.


Studio albums
  • Finding Myself (2016)


  • He appears a few years younger than Cadence. She is 23, and he looks about 20.