Cahoyer von Injoface

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There she is.
Title Mother, sister, daughter, deceased character...
Gender Female
Race Puffle
Faction deceased
Health Very good, prior to death
Level Very High, prior to death
Status deceased, ghost
Location Von Injoface Necropolis (body)

Cahoyer von Injoface (née O'vian) was the mother of Matthew von Injoface and wife to Oreop von Injoface and sister to Steven.


Cahoyer was born in the wild, and taken to a pet shop when she was young with her brother Steven, but they were taken to different shops and were exasperated since. She didn't like being treated like an animal, and wanted to get out. She was eventually adopted. After her owner abandoned her, she left to go to a forest, and then went to Puffle University. That's where she met Oreop von Injoface, and the two fell in love. They dated, and eventually married. They had one puffle, Matthew. The three lived a after life for three years. Then Cahoyer started to have health problems. Oreop rushed Cahoyer to the hospital when she very sick (it occurred on a Thursday) but she died forty-five hours after admittance. Oreop went home sad that night, as her and his little Matt were all he really cared about, other than his job. Oreop then supported Matt, up until the infamous "cookie incident". At Cahoyer's funeral, the von Injofaces and O'vains both attended. Matt was spreading happiness at the time, so he didn't attend. She was then buried at the Von Injoface Necropolis. Then she re-appeared as a ghost.


Cahoyer is now a ghost, and giving advice to her "snuggy-poo" Matt. Cahoyer loves Matt deeply, and Matt loves her, so it's a nice relationship. Cahoyer acts as Matt's voice of reason, almost always hovering around him.


Cahoyer (To Matt)- Hello my favorite snuggy poo!

Matt- Mom, you're embarrassing me!

Cahoyer: I love my son, my life and my fluffiness!


  • She reappeared as a ghost at the last at the last hour of the last second of 2009.
  • She loves her son Matt.
  • Her name is based off of "Chips Ahoy".
  • She gave her son her love of cookies through genetic material.
  • She loved her son, her husband, and her brother.
  • Her brother attended her death and funeral.

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