Calada, Eh?

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Calada, Eh?
A second wacky adventure for the penguins who never want to stop.
Start March 1, 2013
End April 8, 2013
Prerequisites Bro and the Hochstadts
Location Calada
Rewards The gang learns a lot about Calada, and has fun in the process. They also learn better fighting skills.
Bro and the Hochstadts

Calada, Eh? is the story of Bro and his friends from Shops Island touring Calada, and facing many wild things. However, their trip takes an unexpected turn for the worse when one of the group encounters an old enemy who threatens to trap them on one of the most unforgiving islands in Antarctica.

Prologue: Coming out of the box[edit]

Bro had spent very little time on Shops Island in the past month. The last time he stayed there for more than a week was when the Snoss had tried to nuke them in late January. Ever since then, he spent the last month traveling the Ninja Archipelago. He spent time in many places he had never looked into like Puffle'and, Frankterre, and Batavia. However, there were still many islands he hadn't visited yet that he planned to. Bro also spent some time with Clovis and Leonardo in Castilla for a week. He didn't spend time with the rest of the Hochstadt Gang because they were on a trip in Alemania. Bro had just returned home that day.

Bro: "Man, it's nice to be home. I have newfound respect for the Ninja Archipelago, but I still cherish Shops Island more than ever."

Bro walked into his kitchen and checked the messages on his phone. There were a lot of them. Many of which from his impatient friends. Bro dialed them up.

Bro: "Yo dude. Long time no speak."

Chill: "Yo Bro. Where the fuzz have you been for the past month?"

Bro: "Crazy."

Chill: "Really?"

Bro: "No, you idiot. I've been spending more time in the Ninja Archipelago."

Chill: "Meh, same things as going crazy. Anyway, Mario and I are coming over. Bye."

Chill hung up, and Bro went to unpack. He didn't like it when his friends were around his stuff, especially souvenirs from trips.

A couple minutes later, Chill and Mario arrived. But they dragged along LMGT, and Penquino, who was visiting from the USA.

Bro: "Hey dorks. Anyways, what's happened?"

Mario: "Not much. Lavender is proposing a plan to increase the military by a bit, but oh well."

Bro picked up a newspaper and read about how the military expansion was much more than "a bit", but he chose not to say anything in fear that his friends would tease them. He threw the newspaper in the firepit without hesitation. It burned up immediately.

Penquino: "So, did you try any new eggnog?"

Bro: "No, but I got tanked on cream soda while I was there. Man, is that stuff good!"

LMGT: "That stuff makes you tipsy! It's banned on Shops Island and to young kids like you for a reason!"

Bro: "Rules were made to be broken."

The room fell silent. Then, Bro had an idea. He spoke up.

Hey guys... How often do you leave Shops Island, or wherever you guys live?"

Chill: "Never."

Mario: "Almost never."

LMGT: "Never."

Penquino: "Never."

Bro: "That's what I thought. How about you and I go on a trip?"

Chill: "Where?"

Bro: "Since you guys have about... no culture, maybe we could try something easy. Say... maybe something like Calada?"

Mario: "NO."

Bro: "Come on guys! You gotta have a little bit of diversity!"

The 4 penguins who weren't very cultured pondered for a moment. Then, Penquino gave an answer on the behalf of them.

Penquino: "Ok. We can go."

Bro: "Then it's settled! I'll go book a flight!"

Bro's evil puffle, Pheonix, had heard everything. He was sleeping in his puffle bed.

Pheonix: "Calada, hmm? We'll just see about that."

Pheonix jumped up, and landed back down on his bed, but he hit a button. His bed flipped upside revealing an identical bed. Pheonix slid down a pipe that lead to his secret headquarters. He had an old friend that could hinder the group's progress and stop them from getting home to Shops Island once they left.

The next day, the 5 penguins had packed their bags and headed for Penguin City Airport; the biggest on the island. Bro, being the negligent owner he was, left Pheonix at home.

Chill: "I still have a weird feeling about this. I heard Calada is a bit... off."

Bro: "Don't worry. It's perfectly fine! It'll be fun, trust me!"

The penguins boarded the flight, and got into their first class seats. It wasn't long until they were in the air.

Pheonix shot down the tube which lead to his mini-base underneath Bro's house. He shot out of the pipe and hit a repairpenguin on the head knocking him unconscious.

Pheonix: "What the fudge are these penguins doing here? And why is my base being ripped apart!?!"

The giant screen monitor in front of the room started buzzing. Then, Future-Bro appeared on the screen.

Future-Bro: "Hello Pheonix. Good to see you're still in one piece."

Pheonix: "I try."

Future-Bro: "Anyways, onto business. Where's Bro and his cronies going this time?"

Pheonix: "Calada, eh."

Future-Bro: "Ha! But in all seriousness, I'll send some troops there. We'll surround them in the most remote place there!"

Pheonix: "Got it. I'll get going right now."

Pheonix left the base to go prepare his own trip to Calada. It was going to be a long ride.

Chapter One: Torona[edit]

Bro and his gang landed in Torona, Calada.

Mario: "I already don't like this place. Where's the pie shops?"

Bro: "There's other stuff to eat here. Now shut up, some of my family lives in this area."

Chill: "Take a Chill pill. Here."

Chill handed Bro a little pill with his portrait engraved in it. Bro threw it away.

Bro: "Let's just get out of here and into our hotel. I hate airports, and novelties."

The 5 penguins got their luggage and took 2 separate taxis downtown. They settled in a 4-star hotel in the heart of the city.

LMGT: "Ooo, 4 stars. Elegant!"

Bro: "I would've got us 5-stars but I can't trust you guys won't destroy anything."

The gang approached the check-in desk.

Clerk: "Hello. How may I help you today?"

Bro: "Yes, You have 3 rooms booked in the name of Bro Melnyseph Jean, correct?"

Clerk: "Yes, I do. Here are your room keys sirs."

The clerk handed the plastic key cards to everyone, and they entered the elevator and headed upstairs to their rooms. Bro took a room for himself, Chill & Mario took one together, and Penquino & LMGT took one together. After settling in, they headed downstairs into the restaurant. They had an excellent meal, before heading back to their rooms and going to sleep for the night.

It was almost midnight. Pheonix's flight was just touching down on the runway in Torona.

Pheonix: "Now, I just need to figure out somewhere Bro and his idiot friends would go for sure. Hmm..."

Pheonix exited the terminal, and looked onto Torona's skyline; The airport was on the outskirts of the city. He spotted the Caladian National Tower and knew instantly that was the place. He beckoned a penguin on the curb to come over.

Pheonix: "Hey you! Ugly penguin!"

Penguin: "What do you want, puffle?"

Pheonix: "What's that tall tower in the distance?"

Penguin: "That's the Caladian National Tower, or CN Tower. It's the tallest structure in Calada. You can't miss it!"

Pheonix: "If I can get there, I'll get in Bro's sights for sure! This might be easier than I thought."

Pheonix got on the closest city bus that headed downtown. With the help of designated bus lanes, he was there in no time. He got off the bus, but couldn't find it anywhere in his sights.

Pheonix: "Why, this is strange..."

A random penguin accidentally kicked him in the air and Pheonix spun 180 degrees before landing again. Now that he was facing the other direction, He saw a giant slab of concrete.

Pheonix: "What the fuzz..."

He looked up. He was at the seat of the CN Tower after all.

Pheonix: "Well, that was easy. I'm gonna rest down for the night."

The next morning, Bro and his friends woke with an eagerness to explore the city. They went down to breakfast, where Bro addressed their plans.

Bro: "So, we'll go to the CN Tower first. It's one of the tallest structures in Antarctica."

After eating a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, and specialty Caladian bacon, the gang set off for the CN Tower. It only took a 5-minutes walk to get there.


The 5 penguins dropped their jaws at the sheer size of the building. None of them had seen one so tall in person before.

Penquino: "What are we waiting for? Let's get up there!"

The gang ran into the building and boarded an elevator in no time. The elevators took them to a staggering height of 107 stories and a 5-storey observation deck.

LMGT: "I heard there's a revolving restaurant here. Let's go there!"

The group went to the top deck, which housed the revolving restaurant. It provided a great panoramic view of all of Torona. It was beautiful.

Pheonix abruptly woke up after oversleeping. He checked his phone, and put it away. It was already noon.

Pheonix: "Aw rats, They must already be up there!"

He pulled out his grappling hook and fired to the top of the observation decks. It grabbed on, and he pulled himself all the way to the roof of the 7-storey complex. He jumped in through an emergency hatch only to see Bro and his friends eating a hearty meal.

Pheonix: "Got 'em!"

Pheonix ran into the restroom and called Future-Bro. He told him all about the find. Future-Bro was ecstatic.

Future-Bro: "Yes! Good job little puffle! Now, I'll send in Brohailian Army reinforcements to help track the gang."

Pheonix: "Will do."

Mario: "Yay, food. I like food."

LMGT: "Food tastes like food."

Bro: "Sure. Anyways, let's get going. I wanna tour the rest of downtown Torona. You guys do what you wanna do."

The 5 penguins split off in opposite directions. Chill went back to the hotel for a nap, Mario and LMGT went to find some more stuff to eat, and Penquino tagged along with Bro.

Penquino: "So... What is there to do here?"

Bro: "Hmm... I wonder."

Before Bro could answer, a baseball hit him in the head. It came from the nearby Fido Stadium, right beside the CN Tower. There was a game going on.

Penquino: "The Torona Sparows must be playing again."

Bro: "Probably. Look, it's a cream soda brewery across the street!"

Penquino: "Sweet!"

The duo ran across the street and into the brewery. They purchased tickets to go on a tour. However, they were some of the only penguins on the tour.

Tour Guide: "Welcome to Airhorn Brewing! We make some of the best cream soda in all of Calada here! Let me show you on the tour!"

Penguin: "Are there free samples!"

Tour Guide: "Haha! Of course!"

Bro was alarmed by this. He had never tasted cream soda before, since he was legally too young to do so.

Penquino: "Cream soda is ok. Not as good as eggnog though."

Bro: "Whatever you say..."

Mario and LMGT found some a shop that sold poutine, a traditional Caladian dish.

LMGT: "Tastes like french fries!"

Mario: "And gravy!"

LMGT: "And cheese!"

Shop Owner: "That's what it is, you imbeciles!"

Mario: "Oh."

The 2 kept eating their newly discovered food. It got addictive quickly.

Back at the brewery, the tour was wrapping up. Bro and Penquino went with the other penguins into the tasting room where they were all given a mug of cream soda, on the house. The only reason Bro even got in was because of his shape and height for his age.

Tour Guide: "Have fun!"

Everyone started drinking, but Bro was hesitant. He eventually swallowed his pride and took a sip. It was revolting, and he spit it back in his glass right away. This caught the attention of everyone else. Bro just stood up and left, leaving Penquino on his own.

Bro: "Man, that was disgusting! And embarrassing. I need to get back to my room."

So, he did. Penquino finished his drink and caught up to him. They spent a quiet night and each of them ordered room service for themselves. Chill was already down until the next morning, and Mario & LMGT spent the rest of the night in the Poutine Shop, eating to their heart's content.

Chapter Two: Creebec[edit]

The next day, Bro and his gang left Torona and flew to Montrealm. There, they toured the city's sights and had a lunch in a typical Frankterran Cafe.

Bro: "C'est tres bien, merci! (This is really good, thank you!)"

Waiter: "De rien. (You're welcome.)"

Chill: "Wuddafudge?"

Bro: "That's French. I'm quite fluent in it, actually."

Mario: "Ha! NERD!"

Bro: "Oh, vous etes tres stupide... (Oh, you guys are so stupid...)"

Everyone else was still confused. Bro just ignored them as they continued eating. They were heading to Creebec City to stay the night before heading further east, then up to northern Creebec.

Pheonix was tailing the gang, however, he was going 1 step ahead. He knew the gang wouldn't miss Creebec City, so that's where he flew directly to from Torona.

Pheonix: "This can't fail!"

Once Pheonix landed, he called Future-Bro and updated him on his status.

Future-Bro: "Excellent. Get a copy of their itinerary, and we'll corner them where they're the most vulnerable."

Pheonix: "Can do."

Future-Bro: "No. You WILL DO!"

He abruptly hung up. Pheonix rolled his eyes.

Pheonix: "The X-Antibody I deal with..."

The group was done eating, and were strolling down the cobblestone streets of Montrealm. Bro had his earphones in so he wouldn't have to listen to his friends. Meanwhile, his friends walked behind him while practicing kissing each other (O_O)

Bro: "What are you guys doing to each other!?"

Penquino: "Considering we're in Frankterran culture, we might as well practice our kissing!"

Bro: "Well, go find a hot girl to do it on! And do it out of my sights!"

His friends had no obligation with that. They all ran off to hook up with a girl to practice kissing.

Bro: "The nerve of some people..."

Bro sat down in a streetside Cafe and ordered some french fries to eat. A penguin tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around. It was Snowstormer!

Bro: "Snow? What're you doing here?"

Snow: "I heard you guys came to Calada! Why didn't you invite me?"

Bro: "Never thought about it... sit down!"

Snowstormer was the second smartest person in Bro's friendlist. However, he was still perceived as dumb by other smarter penguins.

Snow: "So, how's-a going?"

Bro: "Good, you?"

Snow: "Good as usual."

The 2 penguins kept talking for hours. Then, Mario came up with a "hot" girl.


Mario: "Why?"


Mario: "No! I love her!"

Bro could clearly see the timer on the bomb that made up the chest of the "girl". It said it wouldn't detonate for another 4 days.

Bro: "Alright, you can keep her."

Mario: "Yay!"

It didn't take long for everyone else to come back, all unsuccessful at finding a girl to practice kissing with. All of them just stared at the pile of bombs known as Mario's girlfriend.


Penquino: "Get rid of that thing! It's gonna blow up!"

LMGT: "Does it come with food?"

Chill: "It clearly says it won't blow up for another 4 days. Calm down."

The rest of the day was uneventful. The 6 penguins toured more shops and eateries in the old Montrealm, as they walked on the old cobblestone streets.

Bro: "We could go visit this historical site that's-"

Everyone else interrupted with a blunt "NO!". None of Bro's friends were into history, and had no desire to learn anything on this trip.

Bro: "Fine, be that way."

Pheonix had landed in Creebec City, one day ahead of Bro and his friends. Pheonix was under orders from Future-Bro to get their itinerary at any cost.

Pheonix: "This should be a piece of cake."

Future-Bro had booked him a hotel room right in the core of the city. Pheonix settled into the room, and made himself at home. He ordered room service immediately, since he almost never got gourmet food while living with Bro.

Pheonix: "This is awesome!"

The next day, Bro and his friends arrived in Creebec City. Coincidentally, they stayed in the same hotel as Pheonix. Pheonix was reading a newspaper in the lobby when he saw the gang walk in.

Pheonix: "Jackpot!"

The porter walked in right behind them. Their bags were heavy. Pheonix jumped on the luggage cart.

Bro: "Trois rooms pour Bro Melnyseph Jean, merci."

Clerk: "Pourquoi?"

Bro's french wasn't the best. The clerk had trouble understanding him. This gave Pheonix valuable time to find their itinerary. Eventually he did.

"Yes!", he thought to himself. He ran out of the hotel without bringing his stuff. He was going to the outskirts of Creebec City. Meanwhile, he called Future-Bro.

Pheonix: "I got it!"

Future-Bro: "What? The itinerary?"

Pheonix: "Yeah!"

Future-Bro: "Great! I'll be there in no time flat!"

Pheonix: "How?"

Future-Bro had hung up, so he didn't hear Pheonix's question.

Pheonix: "Oh boy..."

An hour later, a helicopter with the Brohailian Army's logo showed up and landed in front of Pheonix. Future-Bro stepped out.

Future-Bro: "Now, where's the itinerary?"

Pheonix: "Here."

He handed Future-Bro the itinerary. On it was also a list of things Bro wanted to do in each place.

Future-Bro: "Look at the Edward's Bay Project... Hmmm... Pheonix, get in the copter. I'll fly you to this Edward's Bay and you can stay there until your owner and his cronies arrive. I'll have a surprise waiting for them."

Pheonix: "Ok."

Pheonix and Future-Bro stepped in the helicopter and took off, heading to Northern Creebec.

Bro and his friends walked into a sports bar. Everyone except Bro and Chill got cream soda, while they got chocolate milk. They were watching the TV above them which was on the news.

News Reporter: "A breaking report directly from Shops Island: President Lavender has announced the expansion of the nation's military! We were lucky enough to get an interview with Mr. Lavender about it."

Lavender: "Our military will get much, much bigger succeeding the attacks from the Snoss. In case something like this happens again, we'll be prepared."

Reporter: "Interesting. How much bigger will it get?"

Lavender: "We are purchasing 1 million guns, and an extremely large number of tanks and fighter jets."

Reporter: "Any idea of how many exactly?"

Lavender: "I would not like to disclose that information, sorry."

Reporter: "Oh... Well, are there any other plans you have in the future?"

Lavender: "Actually, yes I do! The SIA is planning a mission to Mars. We'll outdo the Snoss and the USA by constructing the first permanent base there, too."

Reporter: "Oh my. Very interesting indeed. Well, It's been a pleasure to have you here."

Lavender: "Yes, indeed."

Reporter: "In other news, does Waffleland really have the best waffles? A restaurant in Batavia boasts the best waffles ever made! After the break."

Everyone's jaws dropped. Chill was so surprised he dropped his glass. However, everyone else was appalled at the declaration of a mission to Mars. Chill looked truly rattled.

Chill: "Excuse me guys... But I have to take a little break..."

Chill got out of his seat, and headed towards the washroom. He was literally sickened from President Lavender's decision.

Snow: "Why is Chill so shaken?"

LMGT: "Chill is strongly against war. He never wanted Shops Island's military to be big."

Penquino: "He's just a wimp."

Mario slapped Penquino. He didn't like him badmouthing Chill, Mario's best friend.

Bro: "Anyway... Let's head to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow."

Everyone put their drinks down and headed back to the hotel. They were going to the English-speaking part of Creebec the next day.

Future-Bro and Pheonix landed in front of a giant dam that was still under construction. There were many of them in the vicinity.

Future-Bro: "You patrol these dams. Those foolish penguins should be coming anytime soon. Be ready to lead my army; They're coming over now."

Pheonix: "On it."

Future-Bro got back in the helicopter and flew off, ready to attack.

Pheonix: "Man, what I do for money..."

Before he could say anything else, a wrench that a construction worker dropped fell on him. He was knocked out cold.

Bro and his gang arrived in a small fishing village. There were no roads.

Penquino: "How do we get around?"

Bro: "By quad. There are only boardwalks here, and lots of trails in the mountains."

Chill: "SWEET!"

Chill loved racing quads with Bro. The two immediately took off on the quads waiting for them there.

LMGT: "Now what?"

Mario: "I'm gonna go rest with bombelle."

Snow: "Bombelle?"

Mario: "Yeah! That's her new name!"

Penquino: "You've got some fetish going on..."

Mario: "SHADDUP!"

Mario unloaded "Bombelle" from the trunk of their car. Then, he went into his cabin. Everyone else just stared blankly at each other.

The ground shook as Bro and Chill's quads rocketed around a corner.

Chill: "I'm gonna win!"

Bro: "No, I am!"

Chill: "Yeah right! I never los-"

Chill's sentence was cut off as he slammed into a tree. Bro followed suit.


Snow and Penquino were sitting on a fishing pier in front of their cabins. They were trying to catch some fish.

Penquino: "Got one!"

He pulled it up, only to find a novelty plastic fish toy.

Penquino: "Rats."

Snow: "I got a real one!"

Snow pulled a real fish out of the water. Penquino was jealous, so he grabbed the fish, and slapped Snow so hard he fell into the cold water.

Snow: "ACK! What's wrong with you!?!?"

A random penguin came by and pulled Snow out of the water. The penguin was a doctor.

Snow gave Penquino a dirty look. Penquino disregarded it. Their conflict was broken as they heard the sound of moaning as it grew louder. They were bleeding badly.

Penquino: "Is that Bro and Chill?"

The 3 penguins waited until they came closer, but the 2 weary penguins collapsed in pain.

Bro: "Owww... Is anyone here a doctor!?"

Doctor Penguin: "I am!"

Chill: "Well you're a NERD!"

Chill and Bro high-fived before they both fainted due to exhaustion. Mario and LMGT heard the commotion so they ran outside.

LMGT: "Are they dead? If so, let's eat them. I'm hungry."

Penquino slapped LMGT with the fish he slapped Snow with.

Doctor Penguin: "We need to get these guys bandaged up."

The penguin quickly bandaged Bro and Chill up. They awoke soon after to find themselves sitting in bed with a platter on the nightstand.

Chill: "I guess we're supposed to eat it."

The 2 penguins unveiled what was in the platter to see crab and lobster with a side of fries.

Bro: "Yay!"

The two penguins ate in their beds beside eachother while watching TV.

The other 4 penguins walked into a little restaurant on the other side of town. It was called "Flitch's Fish n' Chips".

Mario: "How are we gonna order? Nobody here speaks French?"

Snow: "I do, don't worry."

Waiter: "Hello! Welcome to Flitch's Fish n' Chips! May I take your order?"

Penquino: "Wait... you don't speak French?"

Waiter: "Aha no. This is the English-speaking part of Creebec. So, what will you be having to eat?"

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. They ordered their meals, and ate up before having a stroll around the rest of the village. They were leaving once again the next day.

Pheonix was surveying the largest dam of all. There were boat rentals at the reservoir above.

Pheonix: "Those fools are bound to rent a boat! They'll probably come right to the edge to peek over, where we can attack them!"

He was right. However, things were going to go very bad very soon.

Bro and Chill were back with their friends at the train station. They were now heading towards the Edward's Bay project. Bro looked eerily at Mario's bomb-girlfriend. He whispered something to Penquino.

Bro (whispering): "That bomb thing only has half a day until it explodes!"

Penquino (whispering): "I know!"

Without hesitation, the 6 penguins boarded the train. They spent their entire time in the dining car much to LMGT's delight before arriving at their destination.

Chill: "It's nice here."

Snow: "Yep. Now, we're gonna go to the top of the biggest dam, right Bro?"

Bro: "Uh huh. We're gonna rent a boat so we can paddle around in the reservoir."

They quickly rented a big motorboat and were on the water. Suddenly, Chill saw a gunshot fire above them.

LMGT: "This is suspicious. Get to the edge of the dam so we can see what's going on!"

The boat drove over the edge so the penguins could see what was going on. They saw many Brohailian Army troops being commanded by Future-Bro.

Bro: "AHH! It's my X-Antibody!"

Bro quickly drove the boat back from the edge.

Snow: "We need to fend them off somehow!"

Bro quickly glanced to Mario's bomb wife. Seeing that it was going to explode in less than a minute, he grabbed the big bomb, threw it overboard and secured it onto the dam using his can of Ditto. This froze the big bomb to the dam easily, even underwater.

Mario: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

Mario jumped overboard to try to save the bomb. However, it was too late.


The bomb wife exploded all at once, causing a giant gush of water to spray up. It made a deafening noise. Mario, nor blood was nowhere to be seen. It turns out the bomb that made up the head was actually a special type of deletion bomb that caused Mario to go to another dimension.

Chill: "I can sense that's he's safe. He's just in another dimension. Don't worry."

Bro: "How can you tell?!"

Chill: "I can break the Fourth Wall dummy!"

Before they could argue anymore, they heard a spraying sound. It was water spraying through to the other side of the dam. The Brohailian Army soldiers were worried. Future-Bro had already ran without the soldiers knowing. Suddenly, the crack caused by the blast extended all the way to the bottom of the dam. A giant chunk of the dam fell out and water started pouring over the other side. The soldiers ran, but then the entire dam fell apart and the whole reservoir flooded into the basin in which the soldiers were in. Bro and his friends' boat was also swept in with the debris before it capsized. The penguins were alive, but trapped in a sea of dead soldiers and concrete.

Snow: "Ugh... What happened?"

Penquino: "The dam collapsed and Mario was deleted into another dimension. My head hurts..."

The gang spotted a bunch of Aboriginal penguins in the distance.

Bro: "Oh boy... Indians."

The natives came and helped the 6 stranded penguins.

Native: "You've gotten rid of that awful dam that destroyed our land! Bless you!"

Everyone kept quiet. The natives took them to their native homes where the gang rested until they felt better. It took a couple days, but everyone had eventually recovered and were ready to move on with the next leg of their journey.

Chapter Three: East Coast Chaos[edit]

Chill was still shaken by the events that happened at Edward's Bay. He seemed strong and confident, yet he was scarred on the inside as he had just seen his best friend die in front of his very eyes.

LMGT: "Hey dood, you ok?"

Chill: "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

The 5 penguins were on a train ride to New Brunsik. They were on their way to the East Coast of Calada; the most historic part of the island. It was also a great place to trap and corner people.

Penquino: "There's the station!"

The train slowly pulled into the Frednick train station. All the penguins walked out to a pretty desolate city.

Snow: "What's there to explore here? This place seems boring."

Chill: "Only Bro would bring us somewhere like this. It's not boring, it's broring!"

Bro: "Oh har har. There's nothing worth seeing in the city. We're going to the countryside and by the ocean. There's a lot to see there."

The gang rented a car from the car rental at the station before heading to the Eastern part of the province. They were going to stay in a lush bed & breakfast in the middle of a beautiful forest to rest after their encounter up North. They arrived in no time, but were underwhelmed by the looks of the building's exterior.

Penquino: "We drove all the way out here for this piece of junk!?"

Bro: "Shaddup. It's better on the inside."

Everyone grabbed their bags and dragged them inside. Bro was right. The interior was very elegant as they approached the check-in counter.

Bro: "5 rooms under the name of Bro Melnyseph Jean."

Clerk: "Yes sir, here are your room keys. Wait a minute... It says you booked 6 rooms here."

Bro: "We had a little umm... misfortunate event happen elsewhere."

Clerk: "Very well sir. You may go to your rooms."

The penguins wasted no time heading to their rooms. They needed this alone time to recuperate after the drama from the day before.

Pheonix woke up still in a pile of dead soldiers and concrete. He was hurting severely. He then found a strip of steel jabbed into his side.

Pheonix: "This is just great."

He promptly fainted. The pain was so bad he couldn't help stay awake.

It was already next morning, and all of the 5 penguins were ready to continue their journeys. After having a nice breakfast in bed, they packed up, checked out, and made their way towards the city of Munchten to view a marvel of nature. They peacefully drove through the quaint countryside.

LMGT: "This is nice!"

Bro: "It's nice for now. It's gonna get a lot more interesting in no time though."

They soon arrived on the outskirts of Munchten at the foot of a butte.

Chill: "What are we doing here?"

Bro: "This is called Magnetic Butte."

Snow: "Why?"

Bro didn't answer. He just turned the car's engine off. The car slowly started rolling up the hill. Everyone was shocked.

Penquino: "How is that even possible?!"

Bro: "It's called magnetic for a reason, dummy."

Penquino: "Oook then..."

Magnetic Butte was marvelous, but that's just about all there was to see in Munchten. They went to a local McDoodles where they ate as a pleasant change from Caladian cuisine.

LMGT: "This is a nice change. Now please excuse me while I pig out on this food."

A helicopter buzzed over the scene of the dam wreck. Inside was Future-Bro. He was appalled by the damage caused. The dam collapse was a royal waste of 110 million dollares.

Future-Bro: "What a waste of worthless men. We could be taking over Antarctica with these guys!"

The helicopter landed. Future-Bro could see Pheonix. He picked him up. Pheonix looked dead. A Brohailian Army official checked his pulse.

Official: "He's unconscious. If we can't get this piece of steel out of him he'll bleed to death."

Future-Bro: "Ok then. Let's get him back to base. We'll fix him up there."

The penguins and half-dead puffle boarded the helicopter and took off. There wasn't much time to lose.

Bro and his friends were on the road once more. Now, they were heading to the south of the province to the Bay of Bunty. They pulled up to a beach. Bro's friends were confused.

Snow: "Umm... Isn't this Calada? The land of the cold?"

Bro: "Nope. Calada has some quite warm temperatures too, and a lot of beaches, like this one."

Chill: "Well what's so special about it?"

Bro: "It has the highest tides in all of Antarctica. Perfect for surfing."

Penquino: "YES!"

Penquino, and Chill both loved surfing. They immediately went to rent surfboards. LMGT went to get some snacks, while Bro and Snow went to do some climbing on the rock formations along the shore.

Back on Club Penguin Island, Future-Bro was standing with a bunch of surgeons while they took the piece of steel out of Pheonix. Future-Bro had never been more worried before.

Future-Bro: "Is he gonna be alright?"

Surgeon: "I only have one thing to say..."

Future-Bro grew tense and got even more worried. The surgeon showed him the piece of steel from a distance, and threw it at him. It hit Future-Bro in the head and he blacked out for a second. He then looked down on the piece of steel and grunted. Shortly after, Pheonix woke up.

Pheonix: "Ugg... What happened?"

Future-Bro: "Oh, nothing. Now, do you still have the itinerary?"

Pheonix: "Yeah, it's right here. Umm... It says they're in New Brunsik right now. We should head to New Scotia and get them there."

Future-Bro: "Very well then."

Penquino and Chill were riding the highest waves they had ever seen.

Chill: "WOO KAHUNA!"

Chill immediately wiped out right after he said that. Penquino was still grinding the wave.


Penquino also followed Chill's action and also wiped out. They both resurfaced coughing and spitting out salt water.

Bro and Snow were climbing on top of the rock formations. It was really dangerous. Suddenly, they heard cursing and Snow brought out his binoculars.

Bro: "Who's that?"

Snow: "Penquino wiped out. He ain't happy."

Bro: "So I see."

The 2 kept walking. However, Bro tripped on a little indent in the rock and fell 100 feet and faceplanted in the beach sand.

Bro: "Son of a @#&$^!"

Snow: "Ouch..."

Future-Bro was pacing in his war-room. He was stumped on what to do to Bro's clan. Pheonix was looking over the itinerary, and stopped in his tracks.

Pheonix: "Hmm. It says here they're going to Cape Kelly."

Future-Bro: "So?"

Pheonix: "There's only 2 things you can really do there. The first is tour the coastline, and the second is go into historic mines. Knowing Bro, he'd almost definitely go to the mines. We can bombard him from all different shafts and kill them all right there!"

Future-Bro: "Fine. This better work though."

Pheonix: "Oh trust me, it will."

After recovering from their wipeouts, Bro, Penquino, Chill and their friends were back on the road. Before going to New Scotia, they would make a brief stopover in King Jacob's Island.

LMGT: "Why are we going there?"

Chill: "The less time we spend in this coast, the better. I feel homesick."

Bro: "Exactly the reason why I'm taking you to King Jacob's Island! It's the potato capital of Antarctica!"

Chill: "Aaaaaand..."

Bro: "And, you can have French Fries there!"

Chill: "But you never said anything about French Fries..."

Bro facepalmed.

Bro: "The people I deal with..."

Once they arrived, they went to Charlotteville to eat some fries.

Snow: "Yay! Fries!"

Penquino: "Awesome!"

Bro: "This place is historic too! It's the birthplace of confed-"

Chill: "We didn't come here to learn about history!"

Bro groaned, and shut up to eat his fries. Once they were done, the gang left heading for New Scotia. Once they arrived, they went to a hotel in Halfafax for the night.

Future-Bro and Pheonix were walking the damp caverns in the old coal mine.

Future-Bro: "So, should we set up camp here?"

Pheonix: "No. We need to get to the very bottom of the shaft. That way there's no way they can escape."

Future-Bro: "Fine."

They kept trekking. They weren't even halfway down to the bottom of the shaft yet. Since they didn't want to be caught, they walked the whole 2 miles down the shaft.

Chill woke up in the middle of the night. He was sleepless. He saw Bro reading a book.

Chill: "Bro. Are you awake?"

Bro: "No, I'm sleep reading. What's up?"

Chill: "I'm bored. Wanna go on the town?"

Bro: "Sure, why not?"

Bro had never snuck out before, so he was feeling extra giddy. He made a high-pitched squeal out of excitement.

Chill: "Shaddup!"

Bro: "Sorry."

The two penguins walked into the middle of town and out near the harbor. They found a cream soda bar and went inside. They sat down, and waited for a waiter to come.

Chill: "I thought you didn't like cream soda."

Bro: "I gave it a second try. It's awfully addictive."

Chill: "So I see..."

Waiter: "Hello. May I take your order?"

Chill: "2 cream sodas please."

Waiter: "Aren't you a bit young to be ordering that?"

Bro pulled out a Snowbullet Gun and pointed it at the waiter.

Bro: "I believe that's not important."

Waiter: "But I-"

Bro cocked and loaded the gun.

Waiter: "Yes sir."

Chill: "Why do you carry a gun around?"

Bro: "Reasons."

Chill didn't question it. The 2 penguins received their cream sodas, and filled up immediately. After a few more, they had drunk themselves under the table, and couldn't think clearly anymore.

Bro: "Lets... Let's go to that ship over there man."

Chill: "I totally like, agree... man."

Bro emptied a good amount of money onto the table and the 2 intoxicated penguins stumbled onto the ship. They went into the captain's quarters and got some pirate hats and pretended to sail the ship before passing out. They both passed out beside the starboard rail, which was the one facing the port.

A few hours later, Penquino woke up. He woke up LMGT and Snow before realizing that Bro and Chill had left.

Penquino: "Well that's odd..."

He walked into their room and realized that they weren't there. They only saw a note. He picked it up, and started reading.

Dear stupid penguins,

Chill and I went to get some cream soda. Bye. And don't come looking after us as we'll probably be passed out at the table.

Penquino: "Oh for the love of..."

Snow: "What is it?"

Penquino: "Less talky more go-ey! We need to get the the harborfront!"

The 3 penguins summoned a taxi which took them to the port. Before they could even reach the bars. they saw Bro and Chill passed out on the deck of a ship wearing pirate hats.

LMGT: "Hey Bro! Chill! Wake up! You passed out!"

Bro: "Huh? Wuh..."

Bro was barely still awake, and he had to jab Chill with his gun so he'd wake up.

Chill: "Oh man. Oh well, let's head back to the hotel and leave."

They did so. Once the gang was packed up, they were back on the road. They settled in a quaint little inn on Cape Kelly Island.

Snow: "What's there even to do here?"

Bro: "We're gonna go explore some old coal mines."

Everyone: "AWW!"

Bro: "There's cart surfing!"

This put everyone back on Bro's side. They went to the mine which was just up the road, and bought tickets. They got in their carts, and made their way down the shaft, not knowing what they would encounter.

Once they got to the bottom, they got off their carts and walked into an open area which was the main shaft. There was 2 sides to it: The north side and the south side. Bro's gang came through the south side, while Pheonix and Future-Bro walked down the north side. They were across the shaft from each other. Bro's gang walked outside into the gallows of the main shaft, and Future-Bro and Pheonix revealed themselves. Both of them were holding guns.


Future-Bro: "So it's all out in the open now, isn't it? It's time for you lousy penguins to die!"

Everyone was panicking. However, LMGT saw a little strip of wood. He wiped away some more coal dust and saw that they were standing on a wooden plank. He jumped, and landed hard. The piece of wood cracked.

Snow: "LMGT! What are you doing!??!"

Future-Bro and Pheonix moved away from the central shaft. LMGT jumped again and the board gave way.


They fell for half a minute before they landed on the real floor with a thump and a lot of dust. They could barely see the light anymore.

Penquino: "Oh no! We're doomed! We're gonna die!"

Bro: "No we won't!"

Bro took a deep breath. Everyone was curious. Then, he screamed. He screamed so loud that the walls crumbled. It alerted the authorities to his spot. Pheonix and Future-Bro had already ran. They were eventually rescued, where they stayed a night in their B&B before they'd head back to Offario.

Chapter Four: Back to Offario[edit]

Bro's gang's plane landed in Odaewa. They were immediately driven to their hotel where they ran into their suite and locked the door behind them.

Penquino: "That was scary."

LMGT: "There's something going on here. First the Brohailian Army attacks us at the dam, then we almost get killed at the coal mine."

Snow: "It's not the location that matters. It's the fact that they're following us."

Bro: "I remember seeing a black puffle run out of the hotel with a piece of paper that looked like our itinerary when we were checking in to our hotel in Creebec City. That puffle must be working for Future-Bro."

Chill: "That means... They know where we're going!"

Bro: "Ok, we have to skip to-"

Penquino cut Bro off. He had a better idea.

Penquino: "How about we delay ourselves and stay here longer? They'll be one step ahead of us. They'll never think of retracing their steps."

Bro: "That's so stupid it just may work!"

Penquino slapped Bro, and hard. There was blood running down his beak, and he ran into the washroom, crying.

Snow: "Umm... ok? Anyway, if anything, they'd only go farther ahead."

Penquino: "Exactly! It can't fail!"

The plan would work in the meantime. But, Pheonix and Future-Bro would eventually catch onto their trail.

Chill: "If we're staying longer, I gotta make a phone call."

Chill picked up his phone. He dialed Lavender's number, and waited.

Lavender: "Hi Chill. Wassup?"

Chill: "I'm going to be staying in Calada a bit longer, so yeah."

Chill hung up before Lavender had a chance to respond.

Lavender: "Ooook then..."

LMGT: "That was just weird."

Bro came out of the washroom and immediately punched Penquino in the beak and sat down. He told everyone to get out as he wanted to go to sleep. Everyone left, with Penquino crawling behind them.

Bro: "Now that they're gone, I can finally get some rest."

He jumped on the bed and fell asleep the second he landed. He was too tired and stressed to bother taking off his clothes.

Bro woke up with a start. He was soaking wet and he saw Snow holding an empty pail of water.

Snow: "Rise and shine!"

Bro: "Oy."

Bro threw his wet clothes in his suitcase and put on casual stuff. He wasn't a fan of it. Soon after, everyone was ready to hit the town and see what there was to offer.

Chill: "So, what's there to do here?"

Bro: "This is the capital of Calada. We could go visit the parlin-"


Bro: "How about the museum of-"


Bro: "What about the-"


Bro: "Fine, be that way."

Everyone walked back to the room. Apparently they didn't think there was anything to do here so the gang just stayed in their rooms and watched TV for the next couple days. Eventually, they got word from the news that Shops Island had landed a manned probe on the moon. This was an indication that they were missing a major turning point in Shops' history.

Future-Bro and Pheonix landed in Lightning Harbor. Once they left the airport, they looked at Bro's itinerary. However, there was no hotel booked for this destination.

Pheonix: "That's odd. They must've forgotten to book a room."

The duo went downtown and booked a suite in the small hotel district. It wasn't comfortable, but it worked.

After spending a few days resting, the gang was refreshed from the pain, and were ready to go to Lightning Harbor. They were sure Future-Bro had left by now. However, they hadn't. As they boarded their plane, Chill got a bad feeling about going.

Chill: "I don't have a good feeling about going today..."

LMGT: "There's nothing to worry about. I think Penquino's method will work perfectly!"

Penquino: "Because it will!"

Bro had the same feeling as Chill. He knew the plan would backfire eventually. But everyone swallowed their worries and boarded the plane. Bro purposely got them 1st-class seats.

Snow: "Why'd you get us 1st-class seats?"

Bro: "I'm still in the state of calming down. The last thing I need is a chick screaming in my ear."

Snow: "Not gonna argue with that. I'll take some cream soda!"

Pheonix and Future-Bro were waiting in the security line at the airport. Suddenly, people started getting off of the plane Bro and his friends were on. They disregarded this though. Bro and his friends walked calmly out, then Chill spotted Future-Bro.

Chill: "RUN!"

They all ran as fast as they could and went out of sight.

Pheonix: "What was that?"

Future-Bro: "Beats me."

LMGT: "Man, that was close!"

Penquino: "Let's just get our bags and get outta here."

So they did. They got in a taxi and went out into the countryside, to Bro's second house. It was just as big as Bro Mansion.

Snow: "How many of these do you have?"

Bro: "Just this one and the one at home. Make yourself at home."

Chill and LMGT saw that as an indication to be able to play video games. They grabbed all their video games and ran downstairs to play on that console.

Penquino: "Well, I'm gonna go get something to eat."

Snow: "I'm gonna go watch TV."

The 2 left. Bro was left behind, so he just decided to go the garage and take a sleep in his convertible he kept there.

It turns out that everyone had made themselves at home, and stayed up all night. Chill and LMGT fell asleep at their consoles, Penquino fell asleep at the table, and Snow fell asleep watching TV. Bro abruptly woke up to the doorbell, and went to answer it. It was a courier with a message.

Courier: "Message for Bro Jean."

Bro: "Thanks."

Bro closed the door and read the message.

"Meet me at Hilltop Park. Bring your friends.

-Your Friend"

He was confused. But, he decided to wait until everybody got up. Then, they hopped in his convertible and drove up to Hilltop Park, overlooking the lake. When they arrived, Bro saw who it was. He was shocked.


It was Yoshi! He was Bro's best friend, and they hadn't saw each other for a long time.

Bro: "Yoshi!"

Yoshi: "Hey Bro! Long time no see!"

Bro: "I thought you lived in Las Puffles."

Yoshi: "I know. But I saw you on the news after you blew down that dam. I thought you'd come through here so I came to see you!"

Yoshi formally introduced himself to the rest of the gang. They were pleased.

Snow: "Wanna come with us on the rest of the trip?"

Chill: "Yeah! You'll make it a whole lot less broring!"

Yoshi: "Ok, I'm in."

Everyone cheered. They all drove back to Bro's house where they partied the rest of the day before collapsing and falling asleep. They spent another day doing absolutely nothing before heading to Ranitoba the next day.

Chapter Five: The Prairies[edit]

The next day, Bro and his friends landed in Winapeg and went downtown. There wasn't much to see there. However, they decided to to go The Trident to walk along the piers.

Snow: "So Yoshi, what've you done with your life so far?"

Yoshi: "I work at one of Las Puffles' best casinos. It's great money. I was also one of Club Penguin's flagship tour guides before I retired."

Chill: "Is that why you wear the hat?"

Yoshi: "Yep. It means a lot to me."

Penquino was feeling vengeful after Bro punched him in the beak back in Odaewa. So, Penquino shoved Bro into the canal when nobody expected it.


Penquino: "That's for punching me!"

Bro: "Yeah! But you don't throw someone into a river!"

Yoshi helped Bro back on solid ground.

Yoshi: "You're ok. I'm also a certified EMT."

After walking down the rest of the Trident, they went to what seemed like a regular busy street corner. However, it was very windy.

LMGT: "What's so special about here?"

Bro: "This is the windiest corner in Antarctica!"

Chill: "So?"

Snow: "If we're in Calada, we should go watch a hockey game!"

Bro: "Fine. Here's 500 bucks. I'm gonna go to the room and rest."

Future-Bro and Pheonix were in a restaurant in Reina, Bro's gang's next stop.

Future-Bro: "Any sign of them?"

Pheonix: "Nope. We should get some spies to look for them."

Future-Bro: "Ok. I'll send some spies to go ahead."

The duo was oblivious to the fact that their targets were lagging behind them. Penquino's plan was working brilliantly.

Bro waddled into his room and flopped into his bed. He was exhausted, and soaking wet. Once he got his clothes off and got into his pajamas, he was happy to fall asleep in his nice, warm bed. Suddenly, someone banged on his door.

Bro: "How ironic is it that everywhere I go someone knocks on my door!?!..."

He opened the door with ruffled hair and little patience. LMGT was there.

Bro: "What do you want?"

LMGT: "There wasn't enough money for me to go."

LMGT slammed the door behind him and took out a blueprint and laid it on Bro's bed.

Bro: "What's this about?"

LMGT: "We received intelligence that the Snoss are assisting the Brohailian Army. They've sent undercover agents to Shops Island to steal designs of our ballistic missiles."

Bro: "Hence the blueprints?"

LMGT: "Pretty much. Our base and all manufacturing plants are on lockdown until further notice. I'm pretty sure they'll be on us too. I've sent SIA reinforcements to bring us special and classified weapons, so be on a lookout. Ok?"

Bro: "Ok."

LMGT: "Also, I have one thing."

Bro: "What's that?"

LMGT: "Nobody, not even our friends, must know about this."

Bro: "Alrighty then."

LMGT exited the room. Soon after, everyone else came back. They had all eaten at the rink, so LMGT and Bro just ordered in room service before heading off to sleep. They were heading to Reina the next day.

Bro and his friends had just landed in Reina. They were only now starting to notice just how flat the land is.

Chill: "Is there even anything to do here?"

Bro: "Not much. But, we're just supposed to stay here today. Albirda is much better."

Pheonix and Future-Bro had practically skipped Albirda. They were now in Puffish Vascania.

Future-Bro: "Haven't found them yet?"

Pheonix: "Nope. Still not. We even skipped somewhere."

Future-Bro: "I'm not gonna give up! We will find them!"

Bro and his friends were sitting high up on a set of bleachers. They were watching a Royal Caladian Mounted Police rally. They had also just seen a Snowhawks airshow.

Chill: "Boo! This is boring!"

Chill took a rock out of his pocket and threw it at one of the officers. The officer immediately noticed it was Chill who did it and fired at him. He missed, so he loaded again, but the gang was already gone. They had jumped off and were now behind the set of bleachers.


Penquino: "Guys, no talking. Let's just find a car and get outta here."

Bro: "Ok. I still have my gun. I was planning on driving to our next destination anyway."

Bro pulled out his gun and smashed open a car window with a young penguin not much older than Bro or Chill sleeping in it. The teenage penguin screamed and cowered.

Bro: "GET OUT OF THE @^%#^@ CAR! GET OUT OF THE ^#^$%@%@$% CAR, MAN!"

Bro instinctively shot out the adjacent window and the teenage penguin ran for his life. Everyone got in and they drove off before they could be arrested. As they were leaving, Yoshi grabbed Bro's gun and shot the teenage penguin for good measure.

LMGT: "Did we just carjack someone?"

Penquino: "We sure did, buddy. We sure did."

The car drove along the lonely and barren plains for hours. Eventually, at around 9:00 PM, they crossed into Albirda.

Chill: "I don't see what's so different about this province..."

Bro: "You'll see. You'll see very soon."

2 hours later, they drove into Edwardton. They saw a bunch of oil wells and lots of pipeline being laid. Yoshi was driving now and almost everyone except Bro and Chill were sleeping. Bro had his face pressed against the window as he watched all the heavy equipment roll by.

Bro: "I could make a fortune here!"

Chill slapped him before he could get any ideas. A few minutes later, they drove into a plaza where they just slept in the car for the night. While everyone else was asleep, Yoshi went to buy new windows to replace the broken ones and to swap license plates with another car that looked almost identical to theirs. Once they woke up, they went to a restaurant and were back on the road. Now they were heading south to Calvarie.

Snow looked at the road map and realized that Yoshi was driving them east.

Snow: "Uh, Yoshi? You know we're going east, right?"

Yoshi: "Yeah, I know. I'm just gonna show you guys something."

Not soon afterwards, the prairie landscape turned into a desert-like landscape with weird rock formations. Soon, they saw fossils sticking out of the rock that archaeologists were digging out.

Bro: "Dinosaurs used to roam this area!"

Penquino: "Good for you."

After they got out of the badlands, the gang arrived in Calvarie. They weren't even staying for the whole day; Just a stopover. They went into a tower that eerily resembled the CN Tower back in Torona, up top was a revolving restaurant. LMGT, however, saw something in the corner of his eye. He was sitting beside Bro so he pulled out Bro's shotgun and shot the suspicious victim.

Bro: "What's wrong with you!?!?"

LMGT yanked Bro out of his seat and they ran into a bathroom stall.

LMGT: "That was a Snoss spy. I told you to keep a lookout for them!"

Bro: "Ok..."

The duo came out of the washroom to find their food there. Since the penguin was Snoss, nobody cared about it. Everyone ate, and they were eventually back on the road and heading towards Calada's most famous national park, Beef National Park.

Chapter Six: The Wild West Coast[edit]

Future-Bro and Pheonix were waiting in a restaurant for important news. They were getting impatient. Suddenly, a messenger for the Brohailian Army came in.

Messenger: "We've found them."

Future-Bro: "WHERE!?"

Messenger: "They supposedly killed our spy at their location. All we know is that they're east of here."

Pheonix: "What!?"

Messenger: "They're going on the offensive. I suggest you do the same."

The messenger left. Future-Bro was furious.

Future-Bro: "THEY'RE GONNA GET IT! Come on Pheonix, we're going to get some revenge!"

Bro's gang had just arrived at Beef National Park. This was the first time all of his friends were actually awe-struck at the scenery. There were majestic sparkling blue lakes bordered by the white rocky mountains.

Snow: "This is beautiful!"

Bro: "Yep. There's a lot to do here. But I'm going skiing."

Snow: "I'll come."

The 2 penguins went to get skiing supplies.

Chill: "I'm gonna go sledding. Anyone wanna come?"


LMGT tagged along and they left. Penquino and Yoshi just went into the chalet to drink hot chocolate.

Future-Bro and Pheonix just arrived in Bro Town back on Shops Island.

Pheonix: "What're we doing here?"

Future-Bro: "Getting our artillery."

The duo walked into Bro Mansion. Future-Bro had a master's key so he could get in without trouble. They went to Bro's toy room.

Pheonix: "His toy room? Why would you put your weapons in his toy room?"

Future-Bro: "The only time he ever comes in here is to play with Leegos. Now just watch me work my magic."

Future-Bro walked over to a toy chest full of baby toys. He grabbed a rubber baseball bat and pulled it back as if it were a lever. The wall retracted and showed 2 titanium doors. They immediately opened as well to show a giant artillery storage area.

After Bro and Snow got their gear, they were ready to go to the top of the hill. They got on the gondola and started ascending the mountain. 10 minutes later, they were at the summit. They couldn't see the bottom of the mountain because they were above the clouds.

Snow: "Ready? Let's roll!"

They took off and started racing down the mountain. They were on a racing strip. They rocketed down the hill side-by-side and easily approached about 50 miles an hour. After they got through the clouds they saw they were nearing the bottom fast. Snow did the brake maneuver, but ended up losing one of his skis and wiping out in the process.


Bro, scared to do the same thing, tried to stop further down the hill but he had gained too much momentum. He was now over 70 miles an hour.

Bro: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Penquino and Yoshi were on the ground level standing in line waiting for hot chocolate. Bro came into sight and another second later, he smashed through the pane of glass that acted as a wall and slid all the way to the other side of the building.

Yoshi: "Bro!"

Yoshi ran over to him to see that he was still ok. Bro was, but he was in pain.

Yoshi: "You can stay with us for the rest of the day."

Bro: "Ok... Oww..."

A few minutes later, Snow waddled in, obviously disgruntled. He had dropped his supplies off at the rental shop and was also ready to retire for the day. As they rested in a comfortable lounge upstairs, they watched the news on a TV close to their seats. Suddenly, a report about Shops Island came on, and how it had just annexed Love Island, and how it had just developed its first intercontinental ballistic missile that could be mass-produced.

Snow: "Shops is getting all the headlines these days."

Bro: "Fine by me. More power for the country we live in."

Pheonix just stood at the opening of the artillery bay. His jaw was open wide.

Pheonix: "Where did you get all of this? This is awesome!"

Future-Bro: "I know."

Pheonix: "Why is it here though?"

Future-Bro: "My advisers insisted it'd be the last place anyone would look."

Pheonix: "Oh."

Future-Bro: "Anyway, gear up. Get your weapon of choice; we're gonna take down those kids, one way or another!"

Pheonix disappeared into the vast room and came back with a wagon full of guns and grenades.

Future-Bro: "I meant something you could carry..."

Pheonix: "That's what Hammerspace is for!"

Future-Bro: "Whatever."

Chill and LMGT still hadn't come in from sledding, while Bro and his friends were getting impatient.

Snow: "I'm bored."

Yoshi: "Poker, anyone?"

Yoshi pulled out a deck of cards and dealt some cards to everyone.

Yoshi: "Now, we just need some chips..."

Bro: "We just all have Dollares on us right? Let's just use the Dollare coins as our chips. Winner takes all."

Yoshi: "Ok. Place your bets, guys!"

Everyone stuck some of their coins on the table. Bro was feeling overconfident so he put all his bets on the table.

Bro: "I'm gonna win this one!"

Penquino: "You sure about that?"

15 minutes later, it was down to Yoshi and Penquino.

Yoshi: "Agh, I fold!"

Yoshi slammed his cards down on the table which made Penquino the default winner.

Penquino: "Woo! Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about!"

Suddenly, a penguin holding a gun came up to the table. He pointed it at Bro who just stared down the barrel.

Penguin: "Gimme your money or the prep gets it!"

Bro handed the money over reluctantly. The masked penguin ran off, out of sight.

Penquino: "Aww rats."

At the same time, Chill and LMGT waddled in.

Chill: "Hi."

LMGT: "What did we miss?"

Snow: "More than I wanna talk about..."

Bro: "Come on guys. I have enough money in the car to get us a motel for the night. Let's head back to Calvarie."

Everyone went back to the car and they headed east toward Calvarie. Once they arrived there, they got a room where Chill and LMGT collapsed in exhaustion.

Yoshi: "I'm thirsty."

Bro: "We still have a bit of money on us. We can just go to some tavern."

Soon after, the 4 penguins walked into a cream soda bar and took a seat. They spent their last money on the drinks.

Penquino: "Aww man, we're outta money now."

Suddenly, they heard an announcer from a small stage in the back of the room.

Announcer: "Anyone else that wants to go into the Jazz contest? Anyone? We only have 1 submission! It's a chance for 10,000 Dollares!"

That caught Bro's attention. None of the barflies were listening, but he was. He ran up to the stage and entered the competition. There was only 1 other penguin, and that other penguin seemed to match Bro's ego.

Other Penguin: "It's on, you little teen!"

The penguin took the stage and started singing. After he was done, he received a mild applause."

Penguin: "Now it's your turn, stud!"

Bro: "Let's do this."

Bro yanked the microphone from the other penguin and danced his way onto the stage. The lights dimmed, the music turned on, and he was off.


Bro finished his song and the music faded. The crowd gave a much bigger applause than last time. Bro had won by a landslide.

Announcer: "Nice job! Here's your cash!"

The announcer handed Bro a bag full of Caladian Dollares. He and his friends waddled out the tavern and headed back to motel. They were in the black oncemore, and could continue their journey.

Future-Bro and Pheonix made no haste returning to Calada. They went right to Vancooler, where they were planning on striking Bro's gang down.

Phenoix: "I hope this works. I'm getting sick of this place."

Future-Bro: "Me too."

Suddenly, a spy came up. He held a bag of Dollares and handed it to Future-Bro.

Penguin: "Compliments of the prep and his goons."

Future-Bro: "Excellent. There's still hope for us. Where were they?"

Penguin: "Beef National Park. It's between Vancooler and Calvarie."

Future-Bro: "Ok. We'll be expecting them soon then."

As they pulled over the last mountain. They saw Vancooler and the coast in front of them. Bro's gang had finally made it; They had swept from coast to coast. However, they weren't done, not anywhere near. After settling into a hotel room, they were ready to explore. They went to Vancooler's biggest park and arrived at a lookout. To their right was a suspension bridge, and in front of them was a canal that lead to the ocean.

Snow: "This is beautiful, don't you think?"

Chill: "You said it."

LMGT: "Can we go over to that bridge?"

Yoshi: "I wanna to. Let's blow this popcorn stand!"

The gang headed back to the parking lot and started getting in the car before Penquino noticed Future-Bro and Pheonix. Future-Bro opened fire while Pheonix started throwing grenades. This sparked Bro, and he took off before Penquino could even close his door.

Chill: "Where are we going!?"

Bro: "You'll see!"

Bro turned on to the suspension bridge cutting off 4 cars in the process. He drove to the very right, grinding against the sides of the bridge. Sparks flew everywhere. Snow looked back as Pheonix pulled out a rocket launcher. Just as he was about to launch, Snow took the wheel and swerved at the giant tower in the middle of the bridge. Pheonix fired at the car which was in the same place as the tower, but Bro's car swerved out of the way. The rocket hit the tower, and the deck started to collapse. The wires behind them started to give way and the bridge started collapsing. Eventually, both gangs were racing for their lives as the bridge collapsed behind them. They both got back in the firefight.

Bro: "Here! LMGT! Take this gun and fire at will!"

LMGT: "Will do!"

LMGT opened fire at the car pursuing them. However, Pheonix got lucky and hit one rear of the other gang's tires. It popped immediately. To keep the car from going off kilter, LMGT instinctively shot the tire adjacent to it.

Bro: "Watch out! It's gonna get rough!"

The tires practically dissolved off the rims and sparks started flying everywhere. LMGT kept firing at Future-Bro and Pheonix. Suddenly, there was a huge jolt and the incline had changed. They were climbing a 35 degree steep street. Future-Bro and Pheonix were catching up.

LMGT: "I'll finish him off!"

Chill: "Go LMGT!"

LMGT shot at the engine of the other car and it ignited. Their car slowed down, but both cars were still in a high-speed chase. Both cars turned onto the next highway which was elevated in the mountains. They both turned right, and then took an exit off the highway and up a paved mountain road. They were going up the Snowprus Mountains.

Penquino: "What are you doing!? This is a dead end!"

Yoshi: "I think I know what he's doing. Trust him."

As they raced up the mountain and around many corners, the fire on Future-Bro and Pheonix's hood only got worse. Future-Bro grabbed a fire extinguisher from the back seat and put it out. But that didn't make him any faster. Chill noticed that the piles of snow got higher as they climbed. Eventually, there was a ski hill and a dead end up ahead. However, Bro saw a place where there was a place where there was minimal snow between the snowbank and the mountain face. He swerved for it and crashed in.


Everyone bailed as Future-Bro's car smashed into the gang's. The gang's car got shot out of the snowbank, but Future-Bro and Pheonix were stuck in the snowbank. It worked out perfectly.

Snow: "What now?"

Bro: "To the ski hill! We'll hijack some snowmobiles and ride our way down!"

They ran to the ski hill which was only a couple hundred yards away. They hijacked some snowmobiles and rode their way down to the bottom. The gang decided to spend their night in a hotel to wind down. They were just going to skip Vancooler and head North next.

Chapter Seven: The Frozen North[edit]

The plane landed. Yoshi stepped out of the plane followed by the rest of the gang. They were in White Puffle. As they got to the baggage claim, LMGT excused himself.

LMGT: "I gotta go to the washroom, be right back..."

As he left, he yanked Bro and took him to the washroom also. LMGT sealed them off in a bathroom stall.

LMGT: "That attack was because of spies, Bro."

Bro: "I know..."

LMGT: "We shouldn't keep this a secret anymore. We gotta tell our friends."

Bro: "I don't trust Chill. Remember that time he leaked the-"

LMGT: "Yep."

Bro: "Or that time he accidentally spilled the beans on the-"

LMGT: "Yep."

Bro: "Or the time he-"

LMGT: "YES! I get it! Ok... scrap that idea."

Bro: "Snow and Penquino are both SIA agents. I think we can trust them."

LMGT: "But Chill is too. What about him?"

Bro: "Snow and Penquino can easily swear on secrecy. There's nothing to worry about."

LMGT: "Fine. We'll do it your way... Just because I'm nice."

The two walked out of the washroom and regrouped with the gang who had already grabbed the luggage. They called a taxi, and went to their motel. Bro went out to get more money wired to him while everyone else went to eat. LMGT pulled Snow and Penquino outside to give them the word.

Penquino: "What's this about?"

LMGT: "It's about time I let you in on the word. Those attacks in Creebec, New Scotia, and Vancooler were all organized by Future-Bro, an unidentified black puffle, and the rest of the Brohailian Army. Bro and I have known about this for a good portion of the trip now, and it's time for you to help us, since you're both SIA agents."

Snow: "Isn't Chill an agent too?"

LMGT: "Yes. But..."

Penquino: "Why isn't he on board?"

LMGT: "Trust issues. Anyway, I have some gifts for you."

LMGT handed Snow and Penquino a weird-looking gun. It had a very small barrel and something big at the back end of the gun, right above the trigger.

Snow: "What exactly is this?"

LMGT: "It's a lazer gun. It's like a keysaber and a gun combined. It shoots bolts of uranium coated with sulfuric acid. It can go through 10 penguins in 1 shot. I trust you guys to use these wisely."

Penquino: "We will... But, who do we know is an enemy?"

LMGT: "Good question."

LMGT held up a photo of the spies, then put it away before anyone else could see.

LMGT: "Look out for people that look like that. Shoot quickly, and don't draw attention to yourself while shooting them."

Both: "Ok..."

The trio walked back inside the restaurant and sat down. Everyone had a great meal before returning to the motel to sleep for the night.

Future-Bro was laying in his bed. He was back on Club Penguin Island, and had gotten a cold from being trapped in the snow for so many hours back in Vancooler. He was reading up a manuscript about what was happening on Club Penguin Island itself as well. He was outraged.

Future-Bro: "We're falling apart. Herbert was defeated again, in this Operation: Hot Sauce thing, and Bro and his cronies evaded us again."

Pheonix: "Cheer up. I got the perfect person to help us get them once and for all. You can come in, Travis!"

A bad-looking penguin walked in. It was Travis Wolfe, Shops Island's most wanted criminal, and a diabolical mastermind.

Travis: "It's good to see you. So, we're gonna get rid of Bro and those other pigs? I've never had a liking for any of them."

Future-Bro: "Err... yes. You seem enthusiastic."

Travis: "Mhm. So, I know exactly where they should strike. Judging by Calada's geography, we should trap them at the very northern tip of the country. That way there's no escape."

Pheonix: "Sounds good to me. I have their itinerary still."

Travis: "Interesting. Their guide say's they're taking a private plane to the very north anyway. It's perfect!"

Future-Bro: "You guys are pretty convincing. This might actually work! I'll rally up the troops for another push."

Pheonix: "Aren't we really down on soldiers since that Creebec incident?"

Future-Bro: "Yes, but who cares? They're just penguins, nothing special about them. They're completely disposable."

Travis: "Agreed."

Future-Bro: "Then it's on! We WILL prevail!"

Bro's gang was packed up and ready to go on the run again. This time they were going up to Dayton City, infamous for its rich gold fields. Bro was excited.

Chill: "I have a feeling this is gonna be boring."

Yoshi: "Me too."

Bro: "No it won't! I'll let you guys try running heavy equipment, I promise!"

Penquino: "Still boring."

Bro: "Did I mention it's BIG?"

This perked everyone up. They stopped whining. The gang soon arrived at a mine and let everyone choose a machine to operate. Bro just sat on a big pile of gravel far off from the machinery where he could still watch them. He turned on his icePhone, and listened to music and played games for the rest of the day. The sun soon went down, but nobody wanted to stop. They were having too much fun.

Bro: "Man, I'm surprised a couple of them aren't dead by now, I better go check on them..."

Bro walked down into the pit. He was motioned over, unknowingly, under the bucket of an excavator under LMGT's control. Bro began talking to Chill, then LMGT opened the bucket and a huge gush of water hammered down on Bro. Everyone laughed so hard, they could hardly control their bowels. Bro, however, wasn't amused. He knew the dangers of that and could very well be killed. He climbed into the cab of LMGT's machine and punched him square in the face.


Bro: "Don't ever do that again. You could've killed me!"

At the same time, Snow got off his machine and walked over to where Bro was.

Snow: "It's getting late. I think we should call it a night, don't you guys?"

Bro: "Yep. Ok guys, shut everything off and let's get outta here! I'm hoping to finish off this trip in the next 3 days, so we're hitting the next territory tomorrow."

The gang left and went back to their motel in Dayton City. They got their rest, and were ready the next morning to move onto the Northeast Territories.

Future-Bro was rallying a large number of soldiers for the next big push. They were all determined to go after the 6 "rogue" penguins and squash them. It seemed as if Bro's gang was no match for the brunt of the Brohailian Army.

Future-Bro: "Alright men, your objective is to kill all of these penguins at any cost. Got it?"

Soldiers: "YES SIR!"

Future-Bro: "Excellent. I'd like you to meet your new adviser, Mr. Travis Wolfe."

Future-Bro walked away and Travis took the podium.

Travis: "Hit your hardest! You may die, but you'll die for the best cause there is! Are you ready to kick some butt?!"

Soldiers: "YEAH!"

Travis: "Are you ready to die for this great cause?!"

Soldiers: "YEAH!"

Travis: "Are you ready to taste VICTORY!?"

Soldiers: "YEAH!"

Travis: "Let's do this thing!"

Before they knew it, Bro's gang was in Knicicle White. They dismounted the plane, and went hastily to a restaurant. Suddenly, Snow saw one of the Brohailian Army's spies in the corner of his eye. Without drawing attention to himself, he pulled out his lazer gun and shot the spy square in the heart, and again in the face. The spy fell to the ground immediately, and Snow was able to hide the gun without suspicion.

LMGT: "Nice one!"

Snow: "No problem."

After they were done eating, they headed back to the hotel. While they were walking, Chill looked curious.

Chill: "Is there really anything to do here?"

Bro: "Nope. We're just gonna ride out our time here. Enjoy."

That night, the gang went back out to another restaurant. This time, they found yet another spy, But, both Penquino and Snow shot the spy. This caught Chill's attention. He gave Snow a little tap.

Chill: "Uhh... can we talk in private?"

Snow: "Sure..."

Chill brought Snow outside the restaurant, and they began talking.

Chill: "What's with the guns? Is there something I'm not being let in on?"

Snow: "It's just some sort of SIA operation..."

Chill: "I'M an SIA agent! Why wasn't I told!?"

Snow sighed. He knew he would finally have to break the truth to Chill and risk a leak of secret information.

Snow: "It's about the Brohailian Army. They were directly responsible for the attacks in Creebec, New Scotia, and Vancooler. You weren't told because we were afraid you'd leak it..."

Chill: "So you don't trust me? Is that what it is?"

Chill was clearly mad. Snow was hesitant to answer, but he did.

Snow: "Yes. That pretty much is. Just promise you won't tell anyone, please!"

Chill: "Oh, I won't."

Chill went back indoors without saying another word to Snow. Chill had personally decided to ignore everyone else in the group except Yoshi for the rest of the trip. The rest of the night went by uneventfully, but they were about to reach the most treacherous part of their trip yet tomorrow.

Chapter Eight: Showdown on Ice[edit]

Future-Bro was sitting with Pheonix in his bed. He was feeling a lot better, and was ready for the big attack the next day.

Pheonix: "Are you exactly sure how we're even gonna GET there?"

Future-Bro: "What do you mean?"

Pheonix: "This place is really remote. How do you suggest we'll even GET there?"

Future-Bro: "Good question.... Hey, I have an idea! How about you and Travis go into one of Yow's military bases and steal some of their cargo planes?"

Pheonix: "Ooo I like that! But why Yow?"

Future-Bro: "I'm not too fond of them. Anyway, you two can go now. I need to get over this cold."

Future-Bro promptly sneezed and coughed hoarsely as a sign that this conversation was over. Pheonix left and went to get Travis.

The gang had just landed in Noneavaulte. They were staying in a remote village for the night before going to the very northern tip of Calada the next day as special tourists. Chill still was ignoring most of the gang members.

Yoshi: "Cheer up, Chill! It's nothing to be upset about!"

Chill: "Shut up."

Bro: "So... uhh... do we just wanna call it a night, and we can just be lazy?"

LMGT: "Sounds good to me!"

Snow: "Be lazy if you want, but I'm going snowshoeing. Bye!"

Snow went off to snowshoe across the frozen tundra. The place was practically a desert, no water, no snow, nothing. Just white as far as the eye could see.

Later that day, Pheonix and Travis reached Yow with some Brohailian Army soldiers on a boat. They were ready to infiltrate the Yowien military base and steal some cargo planes. All the soldiers accompanying them had been briefed on how to fly planes. They were all excellent shooters as well.

Pheonix: "Ok, men! We're ready to storm this place and get what we came for!"

Pheonix and Travis were armed with grenades. They blew off the door to one of the hangars where they saw 10 gigantic cargo planes. However, opening the door triggered an alarm. Pheonix, Travis, and a couple soldiers jumped individually into the planes and smashed their way through the hangar doors. The remaining soldiers stayed back to fend off the Yowiens.

Pheonix: "Get to the runways, guys! Take anyone you can get and ignore air traffic control."

And with that, all the runways were occupied. It took less than 2 minutes before all 10 airplanes were airborne and heading back to Club Penguin Island. Suddenly, Future-Bro radioed in to Travis.

Future-Bro: "Change of plan. Land in some open prairie in Calada instead. More space. Enough soldiers are already stationed there. We'll be ready to attack tomorrow."

Travis: "Roger that."

The squadron of planes changed course and headed for the open prairies near Reina. Enough soldiers were already there to attack the gang with ease.

Bro and Penquino were eating pancakes and eggnog. Bro normally didn't use organic maple syrup, but considering they were in Calada, he supposed it was only right.

Penquino: "Why didn't we go to one of those maple syrup farms in Creebec?"

Bro: "Meh, never thought about it."

Bro finished eating his pancakes, and Penquino finished his eggnog. They went outside the little cafe and saw Snow in the distance, they ran over to him but collapsed in the snow. Snow didn't see them, though. He was too busy taking pictures. They were stuck.


Future-Bro regrouped with Pheonix and Travis in the prairies. They were going to head out very soon.

Future-Bro: "Alright men, we need to push hard! If we succeed, there's gonna be a big party for everyone!"

All the soldiers cheered. They didn't realize that Future-Bro was obviously lying.

Travis: "You heard him! Let's do this! For the Brohailian Army!"

Soldiers: "HURRAH!"

Everyone got in their planes. The engines roared, and they took off, heading north.

After running out of storage space on his camera, Snow finally noticed Bro and Penquino and came to help them out of the snow.

Penquino: "About time."

Bro: "Yeah. We were freezing our 2013-style butts off, idiot!"

Snow: "Sorry... Jeez."

After that, the whole gang regrouped and packed up. They got on a small charter plane which took them to the very northern tip of Calada, in Aleut. When they landed, they didn't have much time to get comfortable before they heard the roaring of much louder engines. They looked up and saw the 10 hijacked Yowien aircraft. Bro, LMGT, Penquino, and Snow pulled out their lazer guns and shot all the planes down. They plummeted into the frigid ocean in a ball of fire, and big explosions occurred.

Chill: "What's happening!?!"

Yoshi: "I agree. What's happening?!"

Bro: "Just stand clear! Hide! Do whatever you gotta do!"

Chill and Yoshi ran for their lives. All the soldiers, along with Future-Bro, Pheonix, and Travis had ejected. The 4 remaining penguins spotted them, and were terrified. The Brohailian Army landed on the frozen ground, and pointed their guns at Bro, LMGT, Penquino and Snow.

Future-Bro: "It's the end of the line, you scum!"

All the soldiers loaded their guns, but then they heard an explosion. Everyone watched as the area around them was bombarded by missiles. Everyone was scared, because neither parties knew which side was responsible. Suddenly, 3 SIA fighter jets appeared over the horizon and wooshed by. Then, the ice on the water nearby started cracking. Over 100 SIA tanks emerged from the water. The lead tank's hatch opened to reveal Lavender. He pointed the tank's gun at Future-Bro, and the Brohailian Army. They surrendered, and Lavender jumped out of the tank.

Lavender: "Compliments of Shops Island."

Lavender pulled out a pistol and shot Future-Bro and Travis in the flipper. He then pulled out a ditto gun and shot Pheonix in the side. Chill and Yoshi ran back and rejoined the group.

Chill: "Yay! We're saved!"

Lavender: "You're welcome! Let's go guys, let's get outta here!"

A helicopter came and picked up everyone, as they took off, they looked upon the wreckage they left in their wake. Exploded missile shells and small craters caused by them were everywhere. Debris from the Yowien cargo planes littered the sea. That concluded their trip to Calada. After they left, Future-Bro's eye popped open. He was still alive to fight another day.


The gang promptly arrived back on Shops Island, and were extremely happy to be home. It was nice to travel, but all of Bro's friends agreed it was good to be home. Yoshi stayed a day at Bro's place before returning to Las Puffles. Bro never noticed that Pheonix was gone, but oh well. Everyone enjoyed the trip, and they all learned what it was like to experience, Calada... Eh?

The End!