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La Colonia de Caltexico
Flag of Caltexico
Location of Caltexico
(and )
Caltexico City
Official languages Spanish
Recognised regional languages Various Mayo Languages
Demonym Caltexican
Membership Castillan Colony
Government Colony of Castilla
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right

Caltexico is Castilla's most populous and famous colony. It's well known for it's unique culture and it's delicious cuisine. It orignally became independant from Castilla in the 1800's, only to have it's economy fail and was later reannexed by Castilla again. It's capital, Caltexico City, is also the capital of the Viceroyalty of Nueva Castilla.


Caltexico was inhabited around 1400 B.C. by a group called the Holemexs. They were famous for making mysterious giant puffles out of large stone boulders. Eventually, their nation died out and the famed Mayo Civilization aroze to power around 300 B.C. The Mayos were famous for creating a 365 day calender and amazing pyramids out of stone, like the ones in Chicken Pizza. Eventually, the Mayon Civilization died out as well, but many of their cultural traditions continued to effect the natives of the island. Then, in 1325, the Atztechs came to power. They built their capital in the middle of Lake Caltexico, and named thier city Tenertijuacon, which was also full of giant pyramid temples and vast large roads. The city was extremely complex in that its own markets, restaurants, barbershops, and civil courts, showing that the Atztechs were intellectuals. The Atztechs were also a powerful military empire that seemed undefeatable. However, a Castillan general named Hernando Cortáis discovered the island and found the riches of Caltexico. Cortais, after realizing the great opportunity that he had to become powerful and rich, set a campaign to overthrow the Atztech Empire, which he did in a terrible battle that destroyed the city of Tenertijuacon. The Castillan Gun outmatched the Atztech spear incredibly, and Cortais built Caltexico city over the ruins of Tenertijuacon. Cortais, after establishing his dominance over the island, named the island Caltexico after the Atztechs, who called themselves the "Caltexicas". Caltexico City became the capital for the Viceroyalty of Nueva Castilla, and Cortais was it's first Viceroy. During the colonial period, the Castillans forced the locals to become laborers, and many were forced to work on farms, mines, and textile factories. However, several Atztech nobility families avoided becoming laborers by marrying into Castilan families, creating mestizo offspring. Caltexico was used by the Castillans to mine for gold and silver while also running many ranches and farms. Caltexico then gained independence after a revolution in 1824. In the 1830's, the state of Tejas revolted after a large influx of immigrants from the HPC arrived, and it gained it's independence. Later, Penguifornia and Airesol were taken by force by the High Penguin Confederacy. However, Caltexico's failing economy, political instability in the early 20th Century, and high poverty rates led it to fall into the hands of Castilla again in 1979. In reality, Caltexico doesn't care of Castilla's rule anymore as both islands are beginning to invest in each other more.


The Geography of Caltexico varies in different regions. The southern and central region of Caltexico is full of rainforests, rivers, and lakes with some mountains. The Northern area is very mountainous and has a lot of desert...yet most of the inhabitants of the island are decendants of the original Native islanders before the Castillans came, who had already a natural adaptation to the weather.



The Cuisine of Caltexico was mainly influenced by the Mayons and the Atztechs. As a staple food on the island, Caltexicans like to eat tortillas made of grounded corn, which usually are made to make many dishes such as various types of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. Fish is also very popular there as well. The main crops of Caltexico are corn, beans, squash, pineapples, chocolate, and peppers. Some desserts include Churros (which were introduced by the Castillans), chocolate, and pan dulce (sweet rolls). Caltexico is the first country to invent Hot Chocolate, since it was once a Drink served to the Atztech aristocracy. Other famous dishes include Mole (fish with a spicy sauce that includes chocolate) and gorditas (a type of quesadilla made of thick tortillas).


Caltexico has a wide variety of music that has been inspired by the Castillans, Atztechs, and the Mayo. Some famous Caltexican music include Ranchera Music, which was invented on ranches in the 1800's. Mariachi also developed from Ranchera. Another type of music common in the north of the island is Norteño, a genre influenced by Alemanian mountain music that heavily incorperates the accordeon. Norteño music is well known for it's themes on immigration, since many poor Caltexicans often leave their country for a better life. Other popular forms of music include la Salsa, Merengue, and the modernized Reggaeton.


There are an estimated 112 million penguins and puffles on the island, making it the most largest populated colony in the Castillan Empire. Here are a list of famous penguins and puffles from Caltexico:

Poverty and Immigration[edit]

Caltexico, despite Castilla's reannexation, has a large majority of poor citizens (60%). The majority of those in poverty are penguins and puffles of complete Indigenous origin, since they have always been treated as the lower class by the Castillans and Mestizos (Mixed Castillan-Natives). Many of the poor live on the two opposite ends on the island- mainly in the North and South. Of all places, the island's northernmost city of Pengjuana has been the most infamous because of it's large illegal immigration/Doom Weed and Ditto traffiking center. Pengjuana, a place neglected by the Castillan military and corrupt police officials, has been considered by many to be one of the few "Gateways to the USA", where there are boat chartering services run by professional smugglers known as "Coyotes" that smuggle Caltexicans to the Antarctic Mainland secretly by boat. However, many Caltexicans have legally obtained legal immigration status to the USA, while few brave Caltexicans have moved to the Castillan mainland, where there is no need for any citizenship change.


The Island's capital is home to the Viceroy of Nueva Castilla, who reigns over half of the Castillan Empire's territories. Unlike in Beru, the Viceroy of Nueva Castilla is also elected as the Governor of Caltexico. Caltexico has its own provincial congress consisting of representatives from each state. Caltexico has also three representatives in the Castillan mainland Senate and three in the Castillan mainland Congress of Deputies.


  • Due to its size, the Castillan army has not patrolled the island thoroughly even though they have many bases there. It has not been until recently that the Castillan army has begun its search to hunt down Doom Weed Gangs and mafias.
  • The city of Kanacun in southern Caltexico is a popular international tourist destination for penguins and puffles from the AU and the USA due to its beautiful beaches and resorts. It is the most visited area in the country.

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