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The once sane scientist of the KKF.
Gender Female
Race Cyborg Penguin
Faction KKF
Status Deceased
Occupation Scientist
Nationality Austiceian

Camille was one of the veteran members of the KKF at nineteen years old. She truly enjoyed working for the KKF until she realized what she was doing was wrong and was taken out by Kim Karkrashian herself after a harsh duel. Camille was very sweet, except to one of her failed experiments, AV34. She treated AV34 as her servant, test-monkey, and punching bag whenever she was angry. Camille was close friends with Tyrone before her death in which he heavily grieved for a short amount of time before Kim ordered him to stop. Camille had been meeting with the AKKF and her plans on escaping until Kim's "sources" found out and notified her immediately.


Camille's Theme

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Early Life[edit]

Like most of the earlier members of the KKF, little to nothing is known about her past. But Camille has always lived closed to the edge of good and evil. She spent most of the time with her grandmother, due to her mom and father always being out and about, more concerned with their personal lives than their daughter. That didn't matter much to young Camille though, she learned to believe they weren't worth much due to their lack of involvement in her life. Her very knowledgeable and wise grandmother, Carol Lynn, took the parental role in her life. Grandma Carol knew many things, such as Kim's evil deeds and tried to warn her carefree granddaughter of the danger in the world and the media but Camille didn't really understand. She went on with her chickhood reading comic books, making friends, getting good grades, conducting experiments. But as her average life went on, she began to think of it as mediocre. She thought of villains everyday from her comics and the fun, rampant and wild lives they had, causing mayhem all around the city. It was then when she knew she had to be one.

Soon after her grandmother passed away, she had to move back in with her parents; much to their dismay. They had grown so unaccustomed to her they paid little attention to their young daughter who was heading down a dark road.

At school, she played pretend with her friends. She was always the villain and always desired to be. Whenever someone else was the villain, she insisted to simply watch. Whenever watching hero films, a small part in her heart always pleaded that at the last battle, the line between good and evil, that the antagonist would find some way to stop the hero. Her teeth bore into her beak as she leaned forward to the television screen. Her small string of hope would always be severed as her tense expression would drop to a blank stare at the screen as the villain was destroyed, arrested, or obliterated in defeat. Camille's once dark brown eyes would bore into the hero's smug expression until she gave up, realizing the penguins on screen were just recorded. She would always realize they weren't real and sigh, filled with loss.

Camille had an array of action figures scattered or neatly placed around her room. She only bought the heroes so she could battle them with the villains, obviously relishing in their defeat. She loved to build with anything she could find. She would build castles, towers, and when she had more time; entire cities only to destroy them with her action figures. She'd take her amazing creations out of things as mundane as bottle caps stuck together with glue, masking tape and lollipop-sticks turned into a complex and fully functional vehicle and show her parents, hoping and yearning for approval. Alas, all she'd receive was a dismissing glance or the wave-off of a flipper.

The violent and destructive media she fed into and the behaviors she was already learning from them along with the neglect from her parents pushed her further and further down the dark path of crime. As you can see, Camille loved villains and wanted to be one when she grew up. She didn't realize then that she should be careful what she wished for.

Growing Up[edit]

Even as Camille aged, she always had her head stuck in a graphic novel. Majority of her friends were male as they shared the same interests with her. Camille always dominated in arguments about heroes versus villains, she knew almost every fact about each antagonist in most series. Camille didn't exactly make perfect grades since they weren't her main priority. Back then, she was focused on drawing villains, writing stories, and making comics with her friends. Most of all, she loved robotic engineering. She joined the technology club at her school and soon overtook the entire team with her raw self-taught skill and ability in building and programming. She'd slay every single competition all the way up to nationals. But her technology club friends would drift away as all the winning went to her head. She became bossy and angry and with this rejection, she felt her ability wasn't needed there. She quit the technology club.

As she became a teenager, her grades began to sink more and more as she began to skip school more and do horrid things with her new and more devious friends such as crimes, engage in very dangerous and risky activities after school, even joining in illegal robot alley-fights. Camille wasn't very bright in the lane of common sense but her technological ability made even some famous engineer's robots seem like wind-up toys in comparison. Camille was on top of her villain game. She racked in plenty of cash from her "in the cut" escapades and soon enough, she had caught someone's eye.

To the Dark Side[edit]

The Cold Betrayal[edit]

The Final Stand[edit]


Camille was always an excited young girl, ready to take on anything that lay ahead of her. As she grew older in the KKF she was overcome by bipolar depression; developing harsh and unpredictable mood-swings. She often handled her wild and random bursts of anger on poor experiments verbally or physically. Much much later after joining the KKF, she sought out to the AKKF after her change of heart, not wanting to be evil any longer. A few penguins who didn't immediately label her as scum often helped her try to control her feelings until one day, Camille stopped showing up.


  • AV34, an experiment intended to be the start of a race of mass-produced KKF soldiers but turned out to be a timid and awkward pacifist with no will to live
  • NX0, a cranky Internet-obsessed retry of AV34's purpose that knows far too much about the modern penguin-race



  • Camille has an Australian accent.
  • The concept of robot alley-fights can relate to Big Hero 6's robot alley-fights.

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