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Studio album by Meaghan
Released March 15, 2010
Recorded 2009–10
Genre Pop, dance
Length 45:47
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer Childpengu1 (also exec.), Meaghan, Yusei, TrillBron, Tim and Tom
Meaghan chronology
Singles from Camouflage
  1. "Silence"
    Released: January 5, 2010
  2. "Dance or Else..."
    Released: February 5, 2010
  3. "Flipper Zone"
    Released: March 25, 2010
  4. "Ding Dong"
    Released: April 25, 2010
  5. "My Luck: Reloaded"
    Released: May 7, 2010
  6. "Snow Fairytale"
    Released: June 2, 2010

Camouflage is the first studio album by Telahphonian singer-songwriter Meaghan. The album was released on March 15, 2010 in Tel Ah Phon, UnitedTerra and several other countries by Club Penguin Music Records and Childpengu1 Record. The recording of the album look place between early 2009 and 2010 when Meaghan was invited by DJ Crow to the Night Club to sign a record deal for the album to be done. Camouflage is the introduction of Meaghan to the music industry, who was considered a ready-made pop star after creating a local buzz as a DJ. The album was set to be released in early autumn 2010, but as the songs were ready the release date was pushed up. Production was entirely handled by producer and manager Childpengu1, along with additional production by TrillBron, Yusei, new producers and friends Tim and Tom and Meaghan herself. 12 songs featured on the standard edition of Camouflage while an additional five songs were made available as bonus tracks when purchasing from iceTunes. The album contains three instrumental songs and interlude, one of which was released as a single. Camouflage is mainly a solo record but contains guest appearances from Antarctican recording artist Cadence, Terrain rapper DJ Crow and newly-emerging Telahphonian producers Tim and Tom – all of which provide vocals on the same song.

Six singles were released from the album – "Silence", "Dance or Else...", "Flipper Zone", "Ding Dong", "My Luck: Reloaded" featuring Cadence, DJ Crow and Tim and Tom, and "Snow Fairytale". From January 2010 each single was released per month, while two were released before the album and three after the release. The album had adequate success, managing to peak in the top 20 of major Antarctican charts such as the USA and UnitedTerra, but managed to enter at number 1 in her homeland Tel Ah Phon. Critics praised the pop appeal of Meaghan and her catchy melodies. The album was followed up with the sophomore album CandyLand (2011).


The album was set to release in early Autumn 2010, but as it was finished early, they released it in March, 2010. It is available to download via iceTunes and in stores. Is rumored that DJ Crow was going to be featured in one of the songs for the Deluxe Edition, but eventually only served as a feature on "My Luck: Reloaded". At the time something that has been told by Meaghan is that in one of her songs for the Deluxe Edition she will introduce 2 new singers in the music industry, but this didn't happen either. DJ Crow contacted Cadence to feature on the record as well.

"Silence" is one of the songs Meaghan likes the most. Meaghan said proudly in an interview: "I'm glad I can say that there are going to be 7 singles from my record Camouflage". The album is produced by Childpengu1. He said: "I'm producing the album for my friend Meaghan as she is starting this business right now". Meaghan said in the interview that all songs were inspired of having fun, and "Silence" was not the exception. She said that "Silence" was about being on a boring day and hearing music was the best idea in that experience.

Meaghan's parents are very proud of her effort and of what she has done, and they say that if it keeps like this, Meaghan will be a big penguin. Meaghan appeared in the Antarctic Music Awards performing 3 songs: a cover of "The Campfire Song Song", an unknown song that Meaghan said "It's an upcoming thing! Stay tuned!" and Silence.


The recording of the album was started right after Meaghan signed the record deal with DJ Crow. She started recording her remixes using the DJ3K. The recordings were made at Tel Ah Phon, at the private studio called "No Music comes out" for preventing the leakage of songs; Meaghan stated: "I wanna have this recording very exclusively as it is my first album and I wanna take it very professionally". Meaghan invited 2 of her old friends into the recordings, and she said they are gonna help her soon. The currently unknown boys told an interviewer: "We have known MJ since we were chicks! She said she wants to introduce us into the music industry".


The album peaked at number 1 on the Top 10 Album Chart in Tel Ah Phon. It made 32,000,000 EpsilonO'Megas (Tel Ah Phon currency) in the first 4 days of the release. Meaghan said "I'm so glad many people liked my debut album as I know by the earnings, lol!" The first single of the album, Silence, peaked at #2 in downloads on iceTunes. It had a Double Platinum certification by the RIAAC, as it sold 2,320,142 units.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro" (instrumental)Meaghan PatzemoorahMeaghan 2:29
2. "Flipper Zone"  Childonian PenguChildpengu1 3:32
3. "Forgetful" (instrumental)PatzemoorahChildpengu1 2:50
4. "Ding Dong"  Patzemoorah, PenguChildpengu1 3:20
5. "Dance or Else..." (instrumental)Patzemoorah, PenguChildpengu1 3:57
6. "Just My Luck"  PatzemoorahTrillBron 5:11
7. "You're Only a Useless Toy"  PatzemoorahMeaghan 4:05
8. "Switch to Plan B"  PatzemoorahYusei 3:53
9. "My Luck: Reloaded" (featuring DJ Crow, Cadence and Tim and Tom)Patzemoorah, Childonian Pengu, Crow Smith, Jennette Williams, Tim Hudson, Tom HudsonChildpengu1, Tim and Tom (add.) 4:29
10. "Can You Hear Me"  Childonian PenguChildpengu1 4:38
11. "Snow Fairytale"  Patzemoorah, PenguChildpengu1 4:14
12. "Silence"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:09
Total length:

iceTunes bonus tracks
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
13. "Mega Rockstar"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:14
14. "Backwards"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 2:52
15. "Charger"  PatzemoorahMeaghan 3:20
16. "Wallet"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 2:34
17. "Something in My Name"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:49
Total length:


  • "Intro", "Forgetful" and "Dance or Else..." are instrumental tracks with no verses.

Release and promotion[edit]


According to Childpengu1, Meaghan wanted a fresh and new concept for a cover art. Meaghan stated that she didn't want herself to appear on the cover for the album, as she said it was already "repeated". She wanted a unique cover. Childpengu1 said Meaghan told him "I want to be different. I try not to be one of those pop or R&B stars that take everything too seriously. I do this because I love music, not for the money, so I don't want to appear on the cover."

There's one cover for each of the 3 different editions.


Originally, there were 7 planned singles for Camouflage. At the press conference for the last single "Snow Fairytale", it was stated that there were only 6 singles at the end. The planned 7th single was "You're Only A Useless Toy", but Meaghan's record label cancelled it for unknown reasons.

The first single "Silence" was a universal hit. Meaghan got her name on the world by releasing the song. The second single "Dance or Else..." had a bigger reception that that of Silence, as "Dance or Else..." got 4,470,895 units sold, making it a 4× Platinum single by the RIAAC.

The third single "Flipper Zone" was the least selling single, but still managed to get a Golden certification. The fourth single "Ding Dong" peaked at #1 in the Tel Ah Phon "Hot 50", followed by a previously mentioned single from Meaghan: Silence. In UnitedTerra charts it peaked #3. In Club Penguin charts it peaked at #2. The fifth single "My Luck: Reloaded" was the second most selling single from Meaghan, after "Dance or Else...". It sold 4,077,624 units. The sixth and final single from the album, "Snow Fairytale", didn't get many interest from the media and fans. Still, it managed to get a Golden certification.

Overall, critics enjoyed the singles spawned from Camouflage.


There are officially 3 different editions for Camouflage.

  • Standard Edition
    • Includes the 12 songs of Camouflage.
  • Deluxe Edition
    • Includes the 12 songs of Camouflage plus 5 bonus tracks
  • Limited Deluxe Edition
    • Included the same material as the Deluxe Edition plus the music videos of all singles and Behind the Scenes footage.


Commercial performance[edit]

Critical response[edit]

There were lots of reviews, the best was by the magazine "Penguins Right Now" as it gave a rating of 9.8/10 and the reporter said "I have never heard a fresh, cool and professional work like this, Meaghan is here to stay!". There were bad reviews too, the worst was from Mabel; "This Meaghan is totally boring, her sounds are horrible!" and gave a rating of 2/100. Meaghan answered with this: "We all know her, she's as grumpy as one of my grandpas!"


Chart positions[edit]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format
Club Penguin March 15, 2010 Club Penguin Music Records CD, digital download
Castillan Empire

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