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Candlewick is a story about a young penguin named Georgio, or just George. George made candles, and is interested in astronomy. He decides to try to travel to a new planet, the real planet Y. This is told from George's point of view, the first person.

Chapter 1: George's life[edit]

I live in an average igloo, and have an average life. I make candles for the Lodge, and I have always had an interest in the stars and planets. I always have dreamed of a distant planet, the real planet Y, a place covered with TURKEYS!

I have always wanted to try to go there. So I used all my life's savings: 15,000 coins, and used pieces to build a shuttle. I tried to convince people I wasn't crazy, but only six people listened. Good ol' Mr. B was a listener. Also, G and M thought it was possible. Few penguins besides them believed so. They had a crew: George, M, George's friend Liza, and Bojangles*. Two others cowered out. I knew that they were risking their lives for this, and that my life was done if I was wrong. Still, we held on.

* Not to be confused with the fast food chain.

Chapter 2: Building the Rocket[edit]

I went through old pieces of wrecked mine cars, and some chains. Bojangles, being a great engineer, helped to build the ship. We all contributed. I found wheels, and M installed an engine. Bojangles made oxygen scrubbers out of hairbrushes, and a heat shield out of pizza crust and Ditto C. Liza got fuel, and pretty soon, we were ready to go! Now that the rocket was made, we just had to find the right time to leave. That was hard. We found it, though. B said the weather would be perfect for escaping the atmosphere. G said the Antarctica "had less gravity". After it was chosen, we got ready to launch. However, I couldn't leave without my favorite book, The Trees. Snagging the book and boarding the spacecraft, we told everyone we would see them later. Then, we were out.

Chapter 3: The ride[edit]

It was terrifying. I was squashed into my seat at high speeds. We were pressed in there for three minutes, but it seemed like forever.

"This is much easier in the play, George!" shouted Liza.

"I know!" I said.

Bojangles said, "This is so co-o-o-o-o-o-l!"

"I know!"

We got outside of the atmosphere.

M shouted, "DO you know what we just did? We are the first penguins in space!"

Silently, the floated along through the air.

Bojangles said, "I see a planet out there. It looks possible to live on!"

"No you NOOB! That's the earth!" I responded.


We floated around, and floated some more.

"I'm getting bored. And why does it look like we stopped?" I said.

BOOM! "LOOK OUT!" M screamed.

Chapter 4: the Explosion[edit]

We were swung about. There was a huge hole in our engine! "Who's gonna fix it?" M said. "I'll do it." I said. I got out of the shuttle, and saw what went wrong. Thankfully, the oxygen generating scrubbers were working. Since I could breathe, I went in and fixed it. When I got back in, everyone was scared, but I told them it was fine. Unfortunately, I saw something out there.

"Do you think... we may have been... you know... struck by something?" Liza said.

"Probably. I think that we were hit by a small meteor," M said. "Let me take a look," I said. And sure enough, if you looked out there, you saw an... asteroid belt... AND WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE!!!!

"AGHHHHHHH!!!!" I shouted.


"George, calm down. We are not in a asteroid belt. I think we hit a piece of a comet that passed within Earth's Roche Limit. It collided with our engines. As long as our oxygen holds up, we should be able to continue, lest our oxygen scrubbers give out."

I found Mary's nerd-talk annoying.

"In English?"

"A large dirty flying snowball got torn up by Earth's gravity. One of the pieces slammed into our ship, and it made the engine go kablooka. We can still breathe good."

"OH." Bojangles replied.

"Hey, what's wrong with the computers?" I asked.

There was a random set of numbers on there. Hmmm. What could this mean? "I got it! Binary code!" M shouted. "GOOD! Translate it!" I said. Liza, who took classes at a private university, knew how to read this exactly. "Give me a moment." She said.
The Binary read:




"That is not good!" I shouted.

"What now, M?"

"I don't know. I suggest taking a look outside. Wear a space suit, or the vacuum will kill you."

Chapter 5: Escaping Doom[edit]

As we wrecked through the broken comet, we were nailed numerously by peices of its broken comet tail. We tried to escape without damage, but the heat sheild was chipping, and the crust was flaking! We knew we had to land. So we did. We found the nearest rock with breathable air. We named it Aristo. On Aristo, we found an actual food supply, and fresh water!

"My goodness gracious! Dear Rockhopper! This is amazing!" M said. I was just thinking, told you so. We settled, and sat down and ate.

M commented: "You know, an asteroid this small can't sustain air normally. Someone... or something, had to artificially do all of this air and water stuff. In other words, they built it. It's a highly intelligent colony. Who knows what technology they might have?"

"You mean they'll abduct us and rip out our guts?" Bojangles muttered through a mouthful of corn.

"Possibly, Bojangles. Possibly. We'll have to be careful until we fix the engine. This is an iron/metal asteroid, we may be able to melt and use it if we can get something flammable from the... aliens."

Pretty soon, we heard a noise. A loud, continual noise.

"What in blue-blazes was that?" Bojangles hollered in his normal, country accent.

"I don't know," I said. We saw something brown, red, and orange streak by. Then we heard another one of those noises. It sounded like a... Gobble?

Chapter 6: Gobbling Noises[edit]

"Who's there?" Liza called.

"GOBBLE! GOBBLE! GOBBLE!" the voice responded.

"I'll decode again!" Liza said.

"Okay, they said, we come in peace. Do you speak English? If so, say chicken." Liza said.

"CHICKEN!" we all shouted.

Bojangles was confused. "What's a chicken, anyway?"

"Beats me."

"Maybe it's another word for backside!"

The turkeys started speaking in English.

"Good. So, what are you doing here, and what are you?" The turkey called.

"I could ask you the same thing. I am a penguin, and my name is Georgio, but call me George. This is Elizabeth, but call her Liza, and this is Mary, call her M. Over there is Bojangles. NO! Not the company!" I said.

"Some weird names, eh? My name is Greg. So, where are you from?" Greg said.

"We are from The United States of Antarctica, Club Penguin Island, and we are from the Planet earth. We are penguins." I said.

"Oh. I am a turkey. We came here to escape the yearly, brutal death that awaits us every Thanksgiving.

We were all stunned.


"Well, some creatures do." Greg shivered in fear. He continued.

"We colonized this planet in the early 1990's. We call it "Plymouth". So, why did you come?"

"We came to find out if there is any life anywhere else. We also tried to find more penguins," M said.

"Really? Because I another rocket flying by, and they looked like they were searching for something too." Greg said.

"We're not alone after all, eh," I said.

Chapter 7: Unwanted Visitors[edit]

We heard a space shuttle come down. when the penguins stepped out of it, I was astounded. They came from Ban Island! It consisted of all of the greatest villains in Club Penguin history!

We saw Sanity Penguin, the famous hacking nerd that lives in his parent's cellar.

We saw Mother-Of-The-Puppets, and her evil... um, puppets!

There was Chlorine, the evil penguin with the evil powers.

Even Walrus fell out of the ship! Walrus was an actual walrus, and a really fat one at that.

"Hello, you good little crazy penguins. We have come here to make this place our new home. A place where it's a paradise for us bad ones!" shouted Mother-Of-The-Puppets.

"And a place where nerds like me can escape their mother's cellars! AND HACK STUFF!" Sanity Penguin screamed.

"And a place where I can be EVIL!" Chlorine added.

"And a place where I can knit comfy sweaters!" Walrus chimed in. Everyone looked at Walrus. The big-toothed seal blushed.

"NOT AS LONG AS I'M AROUND!" I shouted, knowing how weak I sounded.

"Ooh! A battle call! we had better look out, now shouldn't we? HAHAHAAHA!" Sanity said.

Mother-Of-The-Puppets agreed. "Yeah. He lives in his parent's basement, yet he could PWN you blindfolded."

"STOP REMINDING ME OF THAT!" Sanity shouted.

"Leave now, or I promise, you won't like what you get." I said, frightened.

"Sure.... Whatever. NEVER!" Chlorine screamed.

"You want a war, you got one!" Mother-Of-The-Puppets said. I quickly crashed their rocket into the wiki formatting.

"Try now!" I said. "My quotes will be messed up shortly, but whatever! MAN YOUR STATIONS!".

Chapter 8: Saving Private Bojangles[edit]

"HURRY! S-N-O-W-B-A-L-L!" I shouted.

BOOM! The turkeys scattered. Chlorine launched a chlorinated snowball at us. It hurt our eyes so much. I couldn't find Bojangles.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"AGHHHH! I don't know!" M shouted, suddenly becoming a warrior, oppresed by the enemies.

On and on, the snowballs were fired. (Yes there was real snow here) snowballs were launched, and walrus was down.

"Take that, dumb vandal!' I said.

"You are so going down, you called me an idiot!" MOTP shouted.

She literally threw Chlorine at me. I ran, but was nailed by him. He took his crazy chopping propeller caps, and started a storm of snowballs. Bojangles was nowhere to be found.

"Where is Bojangles?" I asked Chlorine.

"Oh, we have him," he said.

NO! They had Bojangles! I had to get him. I stuffed Chlorine's face with snow, and ran across the lines. The evil penguin struggled to get free, but my grip was too strong.

The war was fierce. I found a downed Bojangles. I dragged him back. We fought on, and on. The banished were pushing through.


Suddenly, the turkeys started running to save us!



The poultry stormed in with a battle gobble and ran the vandals over. They retreated back to their ship, and lifted off to fly away.

They were gone for now... but Bojangles had broken a webbed foot!

Chapter 9: Health of Bojangles[edit]

Bojangles was very bad in pain, and there was little we could do with him.

"Listen, there is now way Bojangles will be able to stand re-entry with that injury, and we have to come home soon," M said, setting her hair back normally.

"Just leave me. I'm sure the turkeys can fix me up and send me back next year. I trust 'em," Bojangles said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah." he said.

"Okay, well, listen, I am sorry to push it, but we need to leave, because otherwise, we will be here a year. We need to go now," M said.

Liza said: "I will miss you turkeys, and we owe our lives to you."

"No worries," Greg said.

"See ya'll later! BYE!" The turkeys shouted.

Then, we left. The trip home was silent without Bojangles. We knew they'd send him back, but it was a quiet trip. When we finally reached re-entry, we were thrown the the back, and came in for landing. We stepped out, smiled, came to the Atlantic, and began the long swim home. (We landed in the southern South America)

Chapter 10: CP[edit]

When we got here, Liza said, " I told you so! There is life besides Earth! So there! They are gonna send Bojangles back soon too!" Nobody elsde said anything. When we got back home, they threw a huge party. I've developed a fear of both Liza and M, for seeing M become the warrior she did in that battle was scary. It was a good trip, and a year later, the turkeys dropped Bojangles off. We threw a party agin, and then we slept an awesome night in our own igloos, knowing we were safe, and there were friends out there. The banished we floating in space, and all was well. Silently, I flipped through the blank pages of The Trees, and put pictures of the event. It was awesome.

'THE END!!!!!!!!!!!


In favour of George's heroric expedition, Brendan Stars created the Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency. A poster is hung on the wall to represent his herorism.

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