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Candylandcover meaghan.png
Studio album by Meaghan
Released July 25, 2011
Recorded 2010-2011
Genre Pop, dance-pop, R&B
Length 55:56
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer Childpengu1, Meaghan, Yusei
Meaghan chronology
Woman on Fire
Singles from CandyLand
  1. "Candy Land Queen"
    Released: December 6, 2010
  2. "Candy Cane Lane"
    Released: June 6, 2011
  3. "Telahphonian Gurls"
    Released: June 27, 2011
  4. "Catastrophe (The Conclusion)"
    Released: July 18, 2011

CandyLand is the second studio album by Telephonian DJ, dancer and singer, Meaghan. The album was written and recorded between mid 2010 to early 2011. It is planned to release in mid 2011 on Club Penguin Music Records and Childpengu1 Records. The album was produced by Childpengu1, Meaghan and Yusei. The album was set to release eight singles, including collaborations with Nyninyne, Cadence, Loony Scoundrel, Katy Spitz, DJ Crow and Gary the Gaget Dude, but due to the overflow of the release schedule, Nyninyne and Cadence's collaborations were took off and saved for the next album - then two solo singles were removed from the singles list, leaving four singles.


After the cancellation of Electricity, Meaghan was lead to the creation of "Candy Land". Meaghan said: "After I scrapped Electricity, I thought of doing a completely new idea, with different songs. We had only written and produced three tracks before the album was cancelled, so only a month's work was wasted." The new album's name and some production details were announced by Meaghan on her website in July 2010. She revealed the name of the album, the cover art and said that there would be sixteen tracks with a lot of collaborations - she also said that the album would be: "Sweet and delicious, with many songs that you will like because they are catchy!"

Before she released that information, on July 5, 2010, two demos were leaked onto PengTube. One was rumored to be named "Sweet" and the other "Glitter". Meaghan had performed "Glitter" live at her birthday party in Tel Ah Phon. She had also released three promotional singles after the cancellation of Electricity: which were "Whateva!", "Almost Over" and "Color Ur World". During the next few months, the album was in the stages of being half-finished. She said: "There are fifteen sweet tracks, with a lot of collaborations! I wanted to work with every artist out there. The album's half-way done, and I'm guessing it won't be finished until next year." Later, she was asked about the leaked demos. "I can confirm that only one of those demos, "Glitter", are really gonna be on the album. It's much longer than one minute, and has vocals in it. The other one, "Sweet", was originally gonna be on the album, but we changed our mind in May."

A lot of promotion for the album was started in August 2010. A huge billboard was raised in one of Tel Ah Phon's most popular places, like in front of the Telephone Building and in front of the Telephone Arena. Meaghan also sang two songs from the album at her birthday party, which are "Glitter" and "(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds".

On November 21, 2010, Meaghan confirmed 5 songs from the album: "Telahphonian Gurls", "Glitter", "(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds", "Almost Over" and "The Candy Land". That same day, the cover art for the Deluxe Edition of the album was posted on Meaghan's website. It has a "candy monster" fighting against "The Candy Meaghan". On October 1, the promotion was raised more. Two more billboards announcing an upcoming tour by Meaghan were raised. One was put up in Neo Domino City, announcing the upcoming album. In it three songs were announced, it said: "CandyLand" by Meaghan: Coming very soon. Including the songs "Telahphonian Gurls", "The Candy Land" and "Superstar". Many people questioned if any of the songs that were announced featured anyone, Meaghan replied: "Yes, some of them. But I'm not revealing the collaborations yet. Maybe in some months."

On December 24, 2010, Meaghan decided to release the tracklist of the album on her website. The list was spread all across the Internet. Many tried interviewing Meaghan, but she only accepted one interview. She said: "I really enjoyed doing these collaborations. It was fun working with them, we had a blast! The album is so huge I cannot explain it. I'm already planning the tour and the first performance of several songs from it. Maybe you'll watch 'em at the Antarctic Music Awards." Below where she revealed the tracklist, it said which of them were becoming singles.

Writing and recording[edit]

All the songs have a metaphor involving candy. The writing process was in 2010 at the worldwide tour for Meaghan's "Camouflage", "The Camouflage Tour".

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "The Candy Land"  Meaghan PatzemoorahChildpengu1 4:12
2. "Glitter"  Meaghan PatzemoorahChildpengu1 5:14
3. "Telahphonian Gurls" (featuring DJ Crow)Meaghan Patzemoorah, Crow SmithChildpengu1 3:56
4. "Sugar Pot"  Ray Kodo, YuseiYusei 3:44
5. "Candy Monster"  Meaghan PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:36
6. "(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds"  Childonian PenguMeaghan 4:25
7. "Candy Land Queen" (featuring Katy Spitz)Meaghan Patzemoorah, Katy SpitzChildpengu1 5:04
8. "My Own Strength"  Childonian PenguChildpengu1 2:56
9. "Catastrophe (The Conclusion)"  Meaghan PatzemoorahChildpengu1 4:40
10. "Candy Mountain"  Meaghan PatzemoorahChildpengu1 4:26
11. "Milk Mustache"  YuseiMeaghan 2:49
12. "Candy Cane Lane" (featuring Loony Scoundrel)Meaghan Patzemoorah, Loony ScoundrelChildpengu1 3:28
13. "Frosting"  Childpengu1Childpengu1 4:09
14. "The Escape from CandyLand"  Childpengu1Childpengu1 3:17
Total length:
iceTunes bonus tracks
No. TitleProducer(s) Length
17. "Whateva!"  Childpengu1 2:52
18. "Almost Over"  Meaghan 4:35
19. "Color Ur World"  Childpengu1, Meaghan 3:40
Total length:

Release and promotion[edit]


There are currently 2 covers of the album. Each cover is for a different edition of the album.



Commercial performance[edit]

Critical response[edit]


Chart positions[edit]

Sales and certifications[edit]

Non-single chart positions[edit]

Year Song Chart peak positions
TAP Singles Chart CP Singles Chart UTR Singles Chart USA Hot 100
2011 "Frosting" 28 25 97 88
"(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds" 12 37 71 52
"Candy Mountain" 10 34 63 108
"The Escape from CandyLand" 1 7 27 84


  • The positions of the songs "Frosting" and (Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds" in this chart are after their release as promotional singles, if you want to se the positions while they were promotional singles, they can be found here.

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format
Tel Ah Phon TBA Club Penguin Music Records CD, digital download
Club Penguin
Freezeland TBA Club Penguin Music Records CD, digital download

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Until now there are 3 different editions for the album:

  • Basic "Peppermint" Edition
  • Deluxe "Flaming Marshmallows" Edition
  • Super Deluxe "Icecream" Edition

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