Candy Sword

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Candy Sword
Not edible, nonlethal, painful...
Type Nonlethal sword
Effects You get wacked by a candy sword.
Source Candy and Metal
Location Candy sword
Cost to buy 1000 coins
Cost to sell 1000 coins

Candy Swords are nonlethal, sharp swords tht are used in many armys. A master Candy Swordsman can send an opponent to intensive care, but even they can't kill with it.


rAs snowball guns became more expensive, armys needed a less expensive weapon. A rather smart Leoguin proposed swords made from candy. It suprisngly began beign made. It was made rfmo yellow, blue, or red rock candy. Later villains such as Darktan II learned of these and made advanced versions. There has been several diffrent versions, such as Gummy Swords, Ice Swords, and others. Chi Con soldiers also began useing these due to their homeland's low military budget and lack of supplies.


  • It's made of inedible, very hard Rock Candy.
  • They rarely break, but can melt if heated too much.
  • Xorai uses these sometimes.
  • Leoguins use them more than any other group.
  • They are inedible, but you can lick and try to eat it all the same. If chewing is attempted, the weapon tends to break teeth, if teeth are present. Those who try to eat their swords claim that they taste like stale sugar with a hint of mayonaise.